Dale County Alabama
Dothan was in Henry County until 1903;
earlier it was known as Poplar Head


Dale County CSA Records
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Dothan was in Henry County until 1903;
earlier it was known as Poplar Head.

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Many thanks to Homer Jones for submitting the information to the Dale Co. mail list. CWBSLocator@webtv.net

Henry J. Carter: Pvt, Co C, 4th Bn, Ala
Cav/Pvt, Co K, Jeff Davis Miss Legion;
Sep 26, 1826-Dec 11, 1930; Bethel
Church, S of Newton.

Shedrick Lee: Pvt, Cose's Co, County
Jan 9, 1811-Sep 6, 1897; m. Rachel
Thomas, 1814-1899; Bethel.

Nathan K. Mims: Pvt, Fealds' Co, County
Reserves/Pvt, Co F, 1st Fla Cav Rgt (US)
Nov 2, 1846-May 11, 1923; m. Judath
Parmer, 1841-1920; New Hope Church
at Bertha.

James F. Pouncey: Pvt, Co A, 6th Ala
Cav Rgt;
Feb 7, 1847-Dec 15, 1920; Providence
Cemetery at Clayhatchie.

Jesse Pouncey: Pvt, Reams' Co, County
Sep 7, 1807-Jul 3, 1886; m. Margaret
Donnell, 1818-1902; Providence

J.W. Stuckey: Pvt, Bell's Co, County
Reserves; Sep 2, 1814-Jan 10, 1894; m. Elizabeth,
1814-1900; Echo Cemetery.

Nelson Stuckey: Sgt, Co E, 59th Ala Inf Rgt;
Jan 22, 1832-Oct 15, 1915; Echo.

William G. Peacock: Pvt, Vaughn's Co,
County Reserves; Feb 22, 1848-Feb 17, 1888; Mt Carmel Cemetery.

Homer, this William Green Peacock was the son of John Thomas Peacock and
Julia Ann Lewis.  His wife was Martha Victoria Benefield b.9/23/1867 and
d.12/17/1909.  See Dale County Kin, page 152.

John Sketo: Pvt, Vaughn's Co County Reserves; Jan 4, 1812-Jul 17, 1896; bro of Bill Sketo, hanged by members of Breare's Mtd Co, Dec 3, 1864; Mt Carmel.

General George Washington Grice: Pvt, Co F, 15th Ala Inf Rgt;
Jul 7, 1843-Apr 27, 1894; Wiggins Church Cemetery, near the Dothan

John W. Woodham: Pvt, Co H, 53d Ala Cav Rgt;
memorial marker at Wiggins, buried Hickory Grove Church Cemetery,
at Opp, Covimgton County.

Thomas C. Mims: Pvt, Barnes' Co, County Reserves;
Jun 12, 1846-May13, 1929; m. (1) Sarah Anderson, 1843-1896 (2) Samantha Covington, 1862-1918; New Hope Church

John G. Bethune: Pvt, Bell's Co, County Reserves;
Aug 7, 1810-Aug 18, 1884; s/o Laughlin and Alatha Greer Bethune; m. Patience, 1811-1884; Clopton Church Cemetery.

William W. McDaniel: Maj, Co B, Cobb's Ga Legion; Jun 7, 1838-Jul 10, 1892; m. Frances
M. Horne, d. Santa Rosa County, Fla 1895; Clopton.

Reason B. Arnold: Pvt, Co G, 57th Ala Inf Rgt/Pvt, Co H, 27th Ala Inf Rgt;
Sep 6, 1846-Oct 24, 1924; m. (1) Martha E. Mizell (2) Lorna F. Mizell, sister of Martha; Penile Church.

Alfred Mizell: Pvt, Bell's Co, County
Apr 2, 1810-Jul 31, 1900; m. Martha,
1821-1885; Penile.

Noah Fountain: Pvt, Breare's Mounted
Militia Co;
Oct 12, 1806-d. at his home Oct 11,
1864 followng a shoot-out with
"Speckled" John Ward; m. Emile, 1816-
1875; Asbury Church Cemetery.

Kinion Peacock: Pvt, Jeter's Co, County
Oct 10, 1807-Oct 28, 1887; Asbury.

Guilford Cotton: Pvt, Co D, 53d Partisan
Sep 11, 1823-Nov 12, 1907; m. Nancy
Thompson, 1828-1895.

Seth A. Cotton: Pvt, Co D, 53d Partisan Rangers; m. Emily Brunson.
 sons of Seth and Mary King Cotton; buried Providence at Clayhatchie.

Mathias Brackin served as 1st Sgt, Co I, 57th Ala Inf Rgt; Co I was made-up mostly of those from Dale
and Coffee; mustered at Troy Mar 21, 1863 under the command of Capt Mordecai White of Westville;
would not bet my whole farm on it, but I think Mathias had previously in the 6th Ala Cav Rgt.

Who was William H. Stuckey and where did he get off to? served in the war as Lt, Co B, 4th Arty Bn, Hilliard's Legion and later as Capt, Co E, 59th Ala Inf; had been badly wounded at Chickamauga in Sept 1863 and was retired to the Invalid Corps Apr 30, 1864.

A bit more on the McDaniel's from
what is now Houston County:

John G. McDaniel, Pvt, Co B, Cobb's Ga Legion; Feb 22, 1844-k. Chancellorsville, Va May 3, 1863; most likely a memorial marker.

Phillip A. McDaniel, Pvt, Grace's Co,
Henry County Reserves;
Feb 13, 1813-Mar 30, 1888.

The above at Columbia City Cemetery, Houston County.

Suspect that Alpheus Brooks is buried in Va; the rgt would have been in the trenches at Petersburg at about the
time of his execution, early 1865; I don't know a great deal about him other than one writer referred to him
as "a very weak-minded man, and scarcely responsible for what he did" I feel if his remains had been returned,
he would be in the Brooks plot with his parents at Daleville, but I find nothing to indicate that he is there;
its shameful that no one has seen fit to place a Confederate marker for Capt Brooks; he was obviously
too old to go to war, but he did go, and gave it his best shot.

Esaw Brooks: Capt, Co E, ("Dale
Beauregards") 15th Ala Inf Rgt;
Oct 23, 1807-Jan 18, 1884.

Alexander G. McLeod, Jr.: Co G, 6th
Fla Inf Rgt;
Aug 13, 1833-Jan 10, 1898.

Old City Cemetery, Daleville.

G.W. May, Pvt, Co G, 46th Ala Inf Rgt and a Pvt George W.
May, Co I, 17th Ala inf Rgt; don't know where Co G of the 46th was from, but Co I of the 17th, almost
pure Pike County; I know that he must have enlisted in the 17th in Pike, but can find nothing on him;
don't even find him listed on the "Copper Plates" at Troy, nor on
the Murphree Pike List.

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