Land Records

The links below are to images of land record copies on the Bureau of Land Management Land Patent website. A link to the website can be found on the links webpage accessed at the top of this page and at the bottom of this page as being the source. If you would like to contribute any land records. Please contact me by the clicking on the above contact tab.

David F. Adams - 1858
Julian S. Devereux - 1824
Julian S. Devereux
- 1832
Julian S. Devereux
- 1835
Alfred Holley - 1834
John Holley - 1837
Josiah Jones - 1824
Evan Robbins - 1892
John H. Robbins -
Thomas Robbins -
Bird (Byrd) Sasser -
Elizabeth Sasser - 1858
Howell Sasser - 1824
John B. Sasser - 1837
George A. Snowden - 1833
Edward Mancill Jr. - 1824

This is just a small sample of the vast records the BLM has on their website. They have all the states except the original colonies.

USGenWeb Archives - Covington County Land Records