Pond Family History
submitted by: Jack Prather

My mother was Madeline Pond Prather and the daughter of Henry Wilson Pond. The book COOSA I wrote was based on true facts or as told to me by my grandfather,
Henry Wilson Pond. Since much of the book was about the life of Black Cloud, Dogwood Bud and their tribe and I could not prove it, so I called it historical American Fiction.
The Pond's were referred to as Pounds in the book COOSA . Please note the confusion in the Pond History about when Ebenezer Pond died and I thought he must have had an older
brother that I called John Pounds but rather than go back and change the story, I let him die out of the story in 1828 once I realized he never existed.

Ebenezer Pond, born May 3, 1799 in Vermont and he died June 3, *1828 in Rockford, Alabama. He Married Caroline Cleveland April 27, 1826 from Montgomery County Ala.  Ebenezer is included only to show there was another generation of Ponds in Rockford, Alabama before the birth of Henry Wright Pond, my great, grandfather.  They most likely came to Rockford from Vermont with Ebenezer.  Ebenezer could have been an older brother to Henry Wright Pond, Mother’s Grandfather, and there was a Cynthia Ann Pond born April 21, 1842 in Rockford who Married James E. Mclane June?, 1858 of Talladega, Alabama. She was most likely Henry Wright Pond’s sister.  They were born only 3 years apart.  When I was growing up I never herd any one talk about a Cynthia Ann Pond.
 * Insert- Added 1-21-02.   I found other records under Alabama Archives and (AlgenWeb Archives) that says Ebenezer Pond died in 1878, which would be a reasonable mistake to make a 2 for a 7.  Then Henry Wright Pond and Cynthia would have been Ebenezer’s children.  The census that was taken in1850 in the Hatchet Creek area proves this to be true and that Ebenezer age 51 and Caroline age 41 children were:  William age 19, Joseph E. age 16, Henry age 10, Cynthia age 7 and George age 5 according to the 1850 census.  Other information also says Ebenezer was the earliest settler of the area and was at one time judge of probate and later a state legislator.  The Coosa County Archives show Ebenezer married a second time Aug., 1856 to Violet Horton age 28.  Mnnnn might  young.  Wonder what went on there?

“Henry Wright Pond born 1839, Died? And Married Martha Ann Wilson in 1867. She  was born? And died? It is known they had 5 boys and 3 girls.

They were the father and mother of Henry Wilson Pond born 1872 that married Ola Smith?  (My Grandfather’s first wife).  They were the father and mother of Madeline Pond( my mother) and her sister Lucille.

When I get the time I will run down the lost generation. Mother I am sure had all the information because she ran her family back when joining the Daughters of The American Revolution (DAR’S). She was a member.  I feel this information is in the house in Birmingham with Eddie Johnson the adopted son of my late sister Henri’cille Johnson.
* Added 01/21/02- I don’t  have to look farther to clear it up.  I think the * insert Added 1-21-02 above clears it up but I won’t change it because I could be wrong but I don’t think so.  Ebenezer was the first Pond in Coosa County and I now believe he came alone from Vermont not Massachusetts as the 1850 census mentioned.

Jack Prather July 8, 2001 Added to as noted 1/21/02.

October5, 2002, Notes by Jack Prather. I got Madeline Pond’s records  from the DAR’s and it substantiates my Addition of 1/21/02 above that Ebenezer Pond died in 1878.

January 4, 2003 I just read in the AlGenWeb project website that Rockford, Alabama was originally called Pondalassa. To find this site I just typed Coosa in Google and there it was under ALGenWeb: Coosa County.