Joseph Epperson
Born 1793 in Hawkins County Tennessee
Died 1880 in Shelby County, Alabama

Wife Mary, last name unknown – There is a theory that Mary’s last name was Gulledge but I have not been able to connect her with the Gulledge family using the date of birth we have…..some say because of daughter Harriet Rebecca Gulledge Epperson having 4 names is unusual and many times the mother would use her maiden name with a child, I am still working on this theory. Makes sense just trying to prove it is a different story. Also am working on the premises she could have been a Blankenship.
Born 1791 in Tennessee
Died 1860 in Coosa County, Alabama

Joseph and Mary were married 1814

Joseph and Mary moved to Coosa County Alabama in the 1840’s
Living in Hatchet Creek, Coosa County, Alabama Joseph age 55 and Mary age 57

Living in Columbiana, Shelby County, Alabama - Source 1880 Census
Listed Joseph at age 87 to be in good health
Occupation Blacksmith

Joseph father was born in Virginia
Joseph mother was born in Tennessee

1) Nancy born April 7, 1815
2) Hulda born November 21, 1816
3) Elsey/ Alsey Eliot born May 1818
4) John Jackson March 15, 1820
5) James Harrison March 6, 1822
6) Rutha Jane born January 3, 1825 in Tennessee
7) Mary born May 10, 1827 in Tennessee
8) Martha Ann November 9, 1828 in Tennessee
9) Jessie Martin born  August 8, 1830 in Tennessee
10) Elizabeth October 7,1833 in Tennessee
11) Harriet Rebecca Gulledge March 3,1835 in Tennessee

I noticed you have John Jackson Epperson as the son of Jesse. I am looking for any and all information on the Epperson's in Coosa County, and Shelby County Alabama.

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