Daniel Family Civil War Letters
submitted by Gene Lessley


I have keyed the following from an original Civil War letter of my great grandfather, J. K. T. Daniel who was stationed in Wilsonville, Ala. to his wife Margaret Jane Shaw Daniel on their farm in Marble Valley, Coosa County Ala.  on 3-10-1965.  I have several more to key in.    Gene Lessley

Wilsonville               March 10
                                       Dear wife & children

I am in common health    I hope these lines may find you quite well      I do not know how long we will stay hear nor I cannot tell when I can come home     I waunt you to go ahead and plant your corn as soon as you can    (?) brake your land again and fix your fence at times when you cannot plow      I waunt to come before we go away from this place
If I do not come home  (to back side of letter) you must do as I have told you to do    You be saving with every thing
I hope we will out live the war and we must all do the best we can and I think we will come out all write    Rial you & Tom and Eason must go ahead and help make corn     I have made $25 Dollars in (?) money since I left home     My mule is fat     I have a good place for her to stay

                           J. K. T. Daniel