submitted by: Candace Gravelle

military bounty land file of  Wilson ASHLEY who lived in Conecuh County, Alabama:
The following is a transcription of the  bounty land warrant application file of Wilson Ashley, who served in the War of 1812 In Capt. Stephen Robert's Company, South Carolina Militia, enlisting in Barnwell County, South Carolina.
After the war, and sometime around 1819/1820,   Wilson Ashley moved to Conecuh County, Alabama.  The interesting thing about bounty land from Rev. War and War of 1812 service, is that under certain conditions, HEIRS of these soldiers could apply for the bounty land, if the soldier had not already obtained all of the bounty land that he was entitled to prior to his death.
 This particular file has some interesting affadavits from the youngest daughter of  Wilson Ashley, who applied for the bounty land as late as 1902. In the affadavits, the daughter refers to a family bible and provides the names  and dates of birth of all of  the children of
Wilson Ashley and his wife Mary Ann McCreary, as well as their marriage date.  The file has affadavits in it from Wilson Ashley who applied for bounty land in 1857 while residing in Conecuh County, Alabama and ends with the affadavit of his daughter Mary Ann Ashley Taliaferro in 1902 , when she applies for bounty land  as a legal heir of  Wilson Ashley:
Unindexed Bounty Land Warrant Application file of Wilson Ashley
Source:  National Archives, Washington, D.C.
Wilson Ashley, Lieutenant, Capt. Stephen Roberts' Company, South
Carolina Militia,  War of 1812
Bounty Land Warrant # 338557
March 1857
State of Alabama, Conecuh County
On this 17th day of March 1857, personally appeared,  Wilson Ashley, aged 64 years, a resident of the County and State aforesaid, who being duly sworn, according to law, deposes and says;  that during the War of 1812 between the Unite d States and Great Britain, there was a company of volunteers organized in Barnwell District, South Carolina whose service as minute men was rendered and accepted by the Governor of South Carolina; that said company was commanded by Capt. Stephen Roberts; that he the said deponent was first Lieutenant and that one William Green ?  was Ensign.
That said company was independent and had no superior officers.  That about the first of January 1815, the said company was ordered to march to Savannah, Georgia which it did and remained at the Barracks near the city of Savannah until peace was ordered and there marched back into Barnwell District when the company was discharged.  The distance going and returning was about two hundred and forty miles and the time of actual service was from four to five weeks.
 That he the said deponent rendered the service aforesaid and was honorably discharged as aforesaid.
He further states that a Roll of said company was made out and given to some officer at Savannah, and that they were referred to the State of South Carolina for pay;  that he was afterwards informed that application for pay was made to the South Carolina legislature, which referred the matter to the State of Georgia who refused to pay them because they were South Carolina troops.
 He further states that in addition to the officers before mentioned, he recollects and testifies to the actual service in said company and the honorable discharge of the following persons:  Reuben Weath ??, a private;  Edward Ross of Conecuch County, Ala;  John Wheeler, late of Butler County, Ala, and whom he has reason to believe it now dead; Samuel Red and two other Red's whose full names he does not now recollect;  William Summerford now of Covington County, Ala;  Joshua Ashley now or late of Barnwell, South Carolina;  Jesse Ashley late of Wilkerson ? County, Geo;  John Halford of Coosa, Ala.
He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the Act of March 3rd, 1855 and also for the purpose of aiding such others as may be interested.  He further states that he has never received any bounty land under this or any other Act of Congress, nor made any other application therefor; and he hereby constitutes and appoints A.F. Posey of Greenville, Alabama to attend this claim and receive his warrant.   Wilson Ashley
We,  Kindred Page and John L. Shaw, residents of Conecuh County, Alabama, upon our oaths, declare that the foregoing affadavit and declaration was sworn to and subscribed by Wilson Ashley in our presence, that they are well and personally acquainted with the said Wilson Ashley and that full faith and credit are due his statements. Kinchen Page,  John L. Shaw
NOTE:  various memos were exchanged between A.F. Posey and the War Dept. disputing the number of weeks/days that Wilson Ashley served during the War of 1812, with Wilson Ashley's initial application for bounty land rejected for lack of proof of how long he served, etc.  The next affadavit is ten years later  (after Wilson Ashley's initial application for bounty land):
August 1867
State of South Carolina, Barnwell District
Personally appeared, H.D. Duncan, who being duly sworn and saith that some time during the month of February in the year 1815, he was stationed at Listers ?  Ferry in charge of a company  which was attached to a Battalion of Major Felder; that while stationed there, Capt. Stephen Roberts arrived there in charge of a detached company on his way to the City of Savannah;  that said Company was
raised in Barnwell District immediately around the Court House; that the said Court House is about 90 or 95 miles from the said City of
Savannah;  that he spoke with Capt. Roberts as he passed the Ferry and that Wilson Ashley was in Capt. Roberts' Co. in the capacity of 1st Lieutenant.       H.D. Duncan
Sworn to before me this 20th day of August 1867.  A.V. Eaves ?? C.C.P.
August 1867
State of South Carolina, Barnwell District
Personally appeared,  B.H. Brown, who being duly sworn saith that he knew Capt. Stephen Roberts and believes from general report that he commanded a Company in the War of 1812 but knows not how long said Company was in service, nor when it was discharged.  The distance from this place Barnwell Co., SC is about 90 or 95 miles to Savannah, Georgia.   B.H. Brown
Sworn to before me this 31st Aug 1867.  A.V. Eavrs? , C.C.P.
Dec 1867
Additional Evidence
Bounty Land Warrant of Winneford, widow of John Wheeler, deceased. For further evidence of service of John Wheeler, see appl's of Wilson Ashley, Edward Ross, Levi Red, John G. Halford.  Wilson Ashley was 1st Lt. of Capt. Roberts' Co. S.W. Williams, Attorney at Law and Solicitor of Claims and Patents, Washington City, D.C.
NOTE:  The next affadavit is from Mary Ann Taliaferro, who is claiming bounty land as a legal child/heir of  Wilson Ashley, in September 1902, who resides in Conecuh County, Alabama:
State of Alabama, County of Conecuh
Personally appeared on this 2nd day of September 1902,  Mrs. Mary Ann Taliaferro, who being sworn, says: "  I am a legal child of Wilson Ashley and his wife Mary Ann whose maiden name was McCreary, and who were marrried in Conecuh Co., Ala on the 11th day of March 1819, the ceremony performed by a  ______(left blank).  Neither of said parties had been married before.  The said Mary Ann Ashley died April 9, 1860 and the said Wilson Ashley died April 1, 1866, leaving no surviving wife, having not again married.  The following is a true and correct list of children born to the said parents:
James Wilson Ashley was born Feb 5, 1820
William A. Ashley was born Feb , 1828
Caroline E. Ashley was born March 26, 1825
Susannah J. Ashley was born Nov 14, 1827
Nathaniel Ashley was born July 30, 1830
Wilson Ashley Jr. was born March 13, 1833
Mary Ann Ashley (myself) was born Oct 9, 1843.
I make this statement to obtain the benefit of the Act of March 3, 1855 including me as a "minor" (in 1855)  and third class claimant, having been born since March 3, 1834 and the only child so born. The basis of this claim for bounty land under said Act is for service
rendered by my father the said Wilson Ashley as First Lt. in a company commanded by Capt. Stephen Roberts  from Barnwell Dist., SC to Savannah, Georgia, War of 1812. I have reason to believe that said service was the only service rendered by father in the War of 1812 or any other War.
I constitute and appoint A.F. Posey, Esq. of Greenville, Ala with full powers of addition and substitution to prosecute this claim.  And when my claim is allowed and the warrant issued I desire that it be sent at once to my said attorney without the unnecesary delay of inquiry of me of to whom I desire the warrant sent.  Said father died April 1, 1866 and said mother died April 9, 1860.   Mary Ann Taliaferro Attest:  P.D. Bowles,  M.W. Etheridge
Also at the same time, personally came, P.D. Bowles aged 66 years and P.O. address, Evergreen, Alabama, and M.W. Etheridge, aged 58 years and P.O. address, Evergreen, Ala; and said parties being duly sworn declare that the foregoing declaration of Mrs. Mary A. Taliaferro was signed by her in their presence;  that they knew her as the daughter of Wilson Ashley Sr. prior to her marriage to Dr. C.L. Taliaferro;  that from personal knowledge  as neighbors and acquaintances with her father the late Wilson Ashley Senior, and family, that they have reason to believe and do believe all the facts stated in said declaration are entitled to full faith and credence also and further we have no interest direct or indirect in making these statements.  P.D. Bowles,  M.W. Etheridge.
The foregoing declaration of Mrs. Mary A. Taliaferro and accompanying affidavits of P.D. Bowles and M.W. Etheridge were sworn and subscribed to after the contents had been explained to each before swearing.  I certify to the identity and credibility of said affiants and that I am not concerned in the prosecution of this claim.
The said claimant also places before me what purports to be and which she declares is the family record of her father Wilson Ashley Sr.  It is a Holy Bible published at Hartford, Conn. in the year 1784 by Reed and Barker?.  I have made comparison of the facts stated in the foregoing declaration and this record and find to agree. Said record has the appearance of age and genuineness and as I believe is entitled to acceptance as evidence of the facts therein recorded.  I am not concerned with the prosecution of this claim.  Witness my hand and official seal this 2nd day of September 1902.  A Cunningham, NP
June 15, 1903
Letters of Rejection to Clmt and atty. Based on letter from Records & Pension office and 3 auditor's reports that soldier served as 1st Lieut. Capt Stephen Roberts' Co. SC Militia from Feby 8 to 18, 1815.  Rejectedon grounds that  soldier did not render 14 days service nor was he engaged in battle.
Transcribed by Candace Teal Gravelle
Jan 2004