Springhill Cemetery
Repton AL (partial listing)
submitted by: Guy Johnson<guyjohn868@msn.com>

Double headstone

Bartlette Archie H. (H.A.) b.10 Mar.1920 d. 9 Nov.1989 Inez B.-living I'll fly away

John Elwood Pitts Jr. b. 5 Apr.1963 D. 9 Sept.1993

Johnnie Elwood Pitts b.21 Mar 1941 d. 21 Apr. 1971

John Gustus Pitts b. 8 Aug.1912 d. 28 Feb 1948

Infant son of R.L. & Evie Brantley 27 Oct 1931 A Rosebud

Double head stone

Brantley Robert L. b. 11 Nov. 1906 d. 19 July197 Evie L. - living

Side by side stones

Winnie Baggett b.17 Oct 1890 d. 22 Mar.1977 Precious Memories

George M. Baggett b. 23 July 1877 d. 29 May 1951 In My Father's House Is Many Mansions

side by side stones

Martha A. Baggett b. 7 Oct 1850 d. 25 Jan 1925 Mother

W.M. Baggett b.22 Feb 1842 d. 16 Dec. 1920 His tolls are past, his work is done, He fouht the

fight the victory won.

Double head stone

Lane - Fannie 1873-1961 Oscar H.1860-1934

Lonnie C. Baggett b. 19 Dec. 1906 d. 22 June 1966