Bellville Baptist Church Minutes
Submitted by: Bill King 

Some From the Minutes of Bellville Baptist Church, Conecuh County, AL

To Conecuh County, AL Researchers......

Below is some Conecuh info I got at Clayton Library (Houston)last week.
This includes some data from the Minutes Books of the Belleville Baptist Church (originally
Murder Creek Baptist Church), in Conecuh which were photocopied by Sanford University Library.
The older of the two volumes, was in really poor shape.... and the handwriting was very
difficult to read.  I browsed as best that I could searching for familiar names, picking up
what I felt to be of help in my King-Witherington-Ellis-Coleman-Lee searches. Hope some of this
will help your searches, as well !!!!

Bill King of Houston


1830-1840 Alabama Census Index

     ELLIS Head of Households:

                                1830                1840
     Josiah             Conecuh            Butler
     Kinchin           Conecuh            Butler
     Martha            Conecuh               ---
     Rhoda             Conecuh               ---
     William            Conecuh            Butler
    William E.        Conecuh            Conecuh
     William (Jr)         --                   Conecuh
    Graves            Butler                   ---
    Joel                 Butler                Conecuh
    John                Baldwin                ---

Maybe we should also be checking Butler County?

Here's an interesting one:

1820 Dallas County, AL Census
  William R. King   over 21/male  living alone      80 Slaves

Note:  A quick look thru Dallas County showed no other persons with 80 slaves. ???
Wonder how much land he held?  This got my attention, as he has 'my exact name'!
This could have been William Rufus King who later served as vice-president of the US.

1820 Conecuh Census shows:
Ebenezer ELLIS   1-3-2-2-9-0-4   =  13 Total
(1)William ELLIS   1-1-0-0-2-0-0   =   2
(2)William Ellis      1-2-1-2-6-0-0   =   6
Joel Ellis               1-3-1-2-7-0-0   =   7
Rolley Ellis            1-1-1-1-4-0-0   =   4
Total Population Conecuh County = 5549
     White      3615      Of Color  1919

Also appearing (1820 Census) were Mark Travis and John Travis, thought to be relatives of the
Rev. Alexander Travis, pastor of the Murder Creek Baptist Church (@1818), later renamed the
Belleville Baptist Church.  They are also likely to be related to the William Barrett Travis of
'THE ALAMO' fame. This Mark Travis was a Lt. in Army during Mexican-American War (served with
Lt. William R. King, who was killed in Mexico in 1848 and is buried at Belleville Cem.).  Mark
Travis was later an officer of the Conecuh Militia, and then later served as an officer in the
Confederacy. Mark Travis also served as the County Clerk of Conecuh County for a period prior
to the Civil War.


1830 Alabama Census Index
Daniel        Conecuh County
James        Conecuh
John          Butler
William       Conecuh
Saunders   Montgomery
A.D.           Dallas            (spelled Wethington)
Benjamin    Jefferson       (spelled Worthington)

1840 Conecuh Co Census Index

WORTHINGTON  -  All in Conecuh County (1840)
(These are all Witherington Names, just mis-spelled) _____________________________________

>From minutes of the Murder Creed Baptist Church (now Belleville Baptist) for the period
(film obtained on Inter-Library loan from the Sanford  University Library in Birmingham).

Original name of church - Murder Creek Baptist Church  (Conecuh County, AL)
April 1820  -  Church Conference Met to Call Brother Travis to the Pastorial Care of the Murder
Creek Baptist Church. Brother Scoggin appointed to write the letter and be the Bearer.
Early Membership list (undated)  Murder Creek Baptist Church included:
Rachal King, John Norred, Sarah Norred, Will Andrews, Elizabeth Andrews, James T. Andrews,
Henry Stanley, Sarah Stanley and more.           James Straughn, Church Clerk.

1824   Received by letter, the following:
John Ellis and Catherine Ellis, wife
James Coleman and Claressa Coleman, wife
Catherine King
John King and Elizabeth King, wife; Sarah King, daughter

Another Membership List  (Undated)  Murder Creek Baptist Church
    (Some with 'members since' notations)
Nathaniel Hawthorn (1824), Holly Hawthorne (1825), Rev. John Ellis, Catherine Ellis, James
Coleman, Claresa Coleman, Katherine King, Elizabeth King, Sarah King, Martha Coleman, Elizabeth
King, Jospeh R. Hawthorn, (??) Kolb, Frances Kolb, Martha King, Rebecca King, Chandler King,
William King.

1838 List   Elizabeth Coleman, Mary Witherington, Rachael King, Sarah Ann Coleman, Catherine
Nored, Mary Lewis

1843 List   J.K. Hawthorn, Elizabeth Hawthorn, Elizabeth King and
E. King's "Dicey", a woman of color.
Refers to 'Brother Travis' - Minutes Jan 25, 1850  (Alexander Travis, Pastor)
Mentions Mrs. Chesley Crosby - Jul 22, 1851

March 24, 1827   Brother John King chosen to replace Brother Davis as "Church Cleark"  (sic)

May 1828     Brother Jno. Ellis delivered Sermon

(Date Not Readable)  Martha King came forward and on her Experience was
received as a candidate for Baptism.  "Milly", the property of Sister King
who was a (??) member from Mechanicsville Church in South Carolina came forward and offered her
Recantation (?) which was received.  Brother John King was appointed to write to that church
for her letter.
October 1829     Brother J.R. (?) Hawthorn was appointed Church Clerk to fill the vacancy of
Bro. John King, 'late clerk'.
This date would tend to confirm that this is the same John King (1782-1829) & Elizabeth Coleman
King (1782-1844) buried in Belleville Cem.

1832   Sister Rebecca King came forward with a letter and was received.

Nov 25, 1837   Rachael King came forward and applied on experience and was
received as a candidate for Baptism.

1844     Brother Travis still preaching.  Brother H. Lee also mentioned.

Nov 23, 1852   Brother Travis prevented by High Water to attend church conference.

By Dec 1862   a Brother Jay was mentioned as preaching.

Nov 23, 1863   Brother John M. Nored elected Clerk, to replace Brother Robbins.

NOTE:  1850 Minutes Refers to "Brother Travis" on several dates, this is Alexander Travis,
Pastor of Murder Creek Baptist Church, Conecuh County, Alabama. We feel certain that he is
somehow related to the Mark Travis and John Travis that appear on census of Conecuh.   He is
also very ikely to be have been related to the Col. William Barrett Travis who was killed at
the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.