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NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian
Friday, 16 Dec 1836
FRANKLIN Female Institute
The First Session of this Institution will terminate next wee. Those having particular business with the Treasurer, can find him, at all times, in the Counting-Rooms of J. F. Abernathy & Co., Tuscumbia, Ala.

The Franklin Female Institute of Tuscumia [sic] Ala.,
Will commence its Second Session on Monday the 16th of January, 1837, in that spacious and elegant building now known as the Mansion House Hotel. The lot contains two acres of ground, well supplied with fine shade trees, furnishing ample pleasuregrounds, an excellent well of Water, and a Garden which is adapted both for culinary and Botanical purposes.
          The Trustees have ordered a complete Philosophical, Astronomical, and Chemical Apparatus, and they have resolved to spare no plains or expenses to render the Institute one of the highest character.
          The Boarding House will be occupied, and under the immediate care of the Principal, who will be responsible for the good order, neatness, and the comfort of the whole establishment. The assembly room for the Pupils is large and well ventilated, and the recitation rooms well arranged. The bedrooms are very comfortable and airy, each opening upon a beautiful Portico.
Rev. James Weatherby, A. M., Principal;
Miss N. C. Ripley    }
Miss R. R. Landon, }   Teachers

Arrangements have been made to secure the services of an accomplished Teacher of Music.

Terms for a Session of Five Months:
Primary department - - - - - - - - - -

$ 10 00

Advanced Departments - - - - - - -

15 00

Instruction on Piano Forte- - - - - -

25 00

Painting and Drawing - - - - - - - - -

15 00

French or Latin Languages - - - - -

15 00

Incidental Expenses - - - - - - - - - -

 1 50

Boarding, lodging, washing, &c. per ses

 60 00

    Half the amount to be paid in advance  
Peter Walker John Hogun
John Bradley Jacob Haigh
Chas. Cooper Isaac Winston
Burt Harrington C. T. Barton
M. Tarver A. S. Christian
G. W. Carroll N. J. Huston
Dec. 16, 1836. Trustees.

The North Alabamian
Friday, 16 Dec 1836.
Lafayette Female Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace respectfully inform the public that the next session of this institution will commence on the first Monday in January next. The Course of study designed in the Academy embraces those Sciences which form a useful and accomplished Female Education, and is, therefore, very comprehensive, and intended to impart to Young Ladies a thorough acquaintance with modern Languages and Mathematics, (as far as taught in the most distinguished Female Seminaries in the United States,) and the usual and higher branches of a complete English Education. It is deemed unnecessary to mention those branches;--suffice it to say, they will be as general in this as in any other similar institution, and that the most approved Text Books will be adopted. The object of the Teachers will be, to make the Academy worthy of public patronage, by the closest application of their time to the mental culture of their pupils, and the most sedulous attention to their morals and deportment.
          The Lafayette Academy is beautifully situated on an elevated mountain, commanding an extensive view of the valley below, and the surrounding country, and is proverbial for health. Parents and guardians who send their sons and ward to the LaGrange College, can conveniently send their daughters to the Lafayette Female Academy.
          Board can be obtained in genteel private families in the village.
LaGrange, Dec. 16, 1836. ---3t

The North Alabamian
Friday, 6 Jan 1837
Miss M. MacLaurin
informs her friends and the public that the next Session of her School will commence on Monday the 16th of January. Terms for tuition, $10 per Session, payable in advance.
Tuscumbia, December 28, 1836. --3t

The North Alabamian
Friday, 6 Jan 1837
Tuscumbia Female Seminary
The Tenth Session of this Institution will commence on Monday, the 16th day of January, 1837.
     The Seminary possesses ample accommodations for a large number of Students. The Building is new, highly convenient in its arrangement, and pleasantly situated. It is surrounded by a large yard, well enclosed.---There are six rooms in all one of which is a large assembly-hall, furnished with desks and seats for the accommodation of the whole School. The other rooms are devoted to recitations and calisthenics.
      The Seminary is furnished with a new and excellent Philosophical, Astronomical, and chemical Apparatus. It is also supplied with two Pianos of superior tone.
      A cabinet of Minerals will soon be obtained. About two hundred Mineralogical and Geological Specimens have been ordered.
      A spacious and convenient Boarding-House is beautifully situated near the Seminary, furnished with ample accommodations, where the young Ladies will be under the immediate care of the Principal and Teachers. Parents and Guardians may feel assured that no pains will be spared to render the boarding-House a pleasant and healthful residence for their daughters and wards.
Rev'd. C. Richardson, Principal;
Mrs. M. G. Richardson, Governess;
Mrs. M. G. Ireson, Primary Department;
MIsses A. and E. Pelton, Assistants in the Higher Departments;
Miss Emily L. Nutting, Ornamental Dep't.;
Miss Ann G. Gibbs, Musical Department.
       Terms per Session of 20 weeks:

{ 1st class      

$   8 50
Primary Department   { 2d class    10 50
Higher Departments    15 00
Languages each    15 00
Drawing & Painting in water-cols.    10 00
Painting in oil colors    15 00
Ornamental Needle-Work      5 00
Projection of Maps      5 00
Music, including the use of Pianos    25 00
Vocal Music, gratis.  
Incidental expenses      1 50
Boarding washing lodging &c.    60 00
     One-half to be paid in advance.  
J. B. Lockhart John. L. McRae
B. Merrill Jacob Haigh
A. G. Goodloe J. W. Hodges
M. Tarver A. Messenger
Wm. Cooper I. H. Walker
J. E. Saunders P. H. Prout
R. A. Baker A. Barton
J. Cockrill J. Haynie
James Conner W. H. Wharton

Dec. 23, 1836.      Trustees

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