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NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The original owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian
22 Sep 1837, p. 3
[NOTE: Russellville and pony are consistently spelled Russelville and poney in the following article.]

Taken Up, by John Autry, one bay Mare Poney, 7 or 8 years old, no brands--appraised to $12.  March 6, 1837.

By Thomas Russell, ten miles south of Russelville,  one black Mare Poney, 12 hands high, left hind foot white, four years old, no brands---appraised to $15.  March 29, 1837.

By William Cooper, eleven miles south of Russelville, one sorrel Mare, three years old, a small star in her forehead, fourteen hands high, a small scar on the right arm---appraised to $35. April 15, 1837.

By Alex'r Nelson, on Buzzard Roost Creek, one bay Mare and Colt, fourteen hands high, nine or ten years old---appraised to $8. April 4, 1837.

By Drury Wade, one clay-blank colored Mare, with three white feet and blaze in her face, nine years old, four feet high---appraised to $10. Also, one sorrel Mare, with three white feet and blaze face, four years old, three feet ten inches high---appraised to 10 dollars. March 20, 1837.

By Hugh Maloy, a bay Indian Poney Mare, fourteen hands high, with four white feet, and branded with something like a deer foot, fifteen or sixteen years old---appraised to $15. April 20, 1837.

By Squire Hall, a sorrel Poney Mare, with flax mane and tail, left hind foot white, blaze face, seven years old---appraised to 30 dollars. April 27, 1837.

By Allen Evans, in Tuscumbia, one grey Mare seven years old, fourteen and one-half hands high, near hind foot white, with long heavy tail and mane, on the left side some saddle spots---appraised to $45. March 30, 1837.

By Elisha Garner, eight miles southwest of Tuscumbia, one clay-bank colored Mare, four years old, dark mane and tail, poney size---appraised to $8. March 30, 1837.

By James Johnson, on Little Bear Creek, six miles southwest of Tuscumbia, one white Mare, three years old, left hip somewhat injured, thirteen and one-half hands high---appraised to $37.  March 30, 1837.

By James Frost, on Spring Creek, a brown Poney Mare, twelve or thirteen hands high, age unknown, roached mane and tail, and no brands---appraised to $10. May 3, 1837.

By Richard James, Town of Chickasaw, a sorrel Mare, three years old, thirteen and a half hands high, a small blaze in her face, some white on her near hind pastern---appraised to $25.  April 8, 1837.

By Thomas Hamilton, seven miles southwest of Russelville, one strawberry roan Poney Mare, ten or twelve years old, thirteen or fourteen hands high, branded on the near shoulder 9, and on the right hip H. C.---appraised to $20. May 13, 1837.

By Ambrose G. Lewis, one bay Poney Mare, four or five years old, switch tail and sorrel mane, with a small bell---appraised to $10.  May 10, 1837

By Chambers Reynolds, a dark bay Horse, fifteen hands high, with blaze face, a small white spot on the left hind foot, some marks of gear, eleven or twelve years old---appraised to 440.  May 25, 1837.

By Wilson white, in Tuscumbia, one bay Horse, eight years old, blind in the right eye, marks of gear and saddle, fifteen and a half hands high---appraised to $50.  July 12, 1837.

By Jesse Green, twelve miles west of Russelville, one brown Filly, about two years old, twelve hands one inch high, has a few white hairs in her forehead, branded on the left hip T---appraised to $22 50.  Jun 9, 1837.

By John C. Brown, at York Bluff, one sorrel Mare, about fifteen hands one inch high, a small star in her forehead; a shoe on the right fore foot, long mane and tail---appraised to $50.   Also, one bay Mare, thirteen and a half hands high, seven years old, a small star in her forehead, the right hind foot white above the pastern joint, long mane and tail----appraised to $35.   August 18, 1837.

By Amos A. Johnston, in Tuscumbia, one bright sorrel Colt, two years old, and small, both hind feet white, a star in his forehead, with flax mane and tail---appraised to $12.   August 10, 1837.

By Joseph B. Potts, one and one-half miles northeast of Buzzard Roost Stand, one bay Horse, fifteen hands high, 6 years old, a small white spot on his right thigh---appraised to 50 dollars.  August 9, 1837.

Russelville, September 8, 1837.

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