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Compiled by Pat M. Mahan

NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The original owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 13 Apr 1838, p. 3
Taken up by Mr. Ormby, on big Rock Creek, one bay Horse Poney, two years old, a star in his forehead, right hind foot white, a scar on the hind part of the left thigh, very much marked with saddle four feet 5 inches high.—appraised to $10,10.
            By Joseph Jones, on Cedar Creek, one bl’k. Mare fifteen or twenty years old, has a fifty cent bell on with some white hairs in her forehead, brand C D about 12 hands two inches high—appraised to $12,50.
            By Thompson Moore, on big Rock Creek 4 miles above the mouth, one dark Iron Gray Poney Horse, 4 years old next spring a small white spot in his forehead, about 13 ˝ hands high branded on the left thigh P W ---appraised to $20,00
            By Willis Chandler, at Iron Works, one white horse Mule, very old, branded on the right thigh N, blind in the right eye soar [sic] back, legs scared with hobbles –appraised to $15,60
            By Sam’l. Martin, 9 miles west of Russellville, one bright sorrel horse colt, with the left hind foot white, about 12 hands high appraised to $20,00.
            By Wm. Duboise one sorrel Mare, a star in her forehead, and one spot on her nose, and a few white hairs on her right thigh, also a scar, on her right thigh and ancle [sic], some white on her left hind foot, 4 years old, 5 feet high –appraised to $65,60. Also, one Gray filly, with a white streak in her face, 3 years old, 4 feet 4? Inches high –appraised to $40,00.
            By James Williams, on Buzzard Roost Creek, one Gray Mare, 12 years old 15 hands high some blue spots on her left side, near the flank, some marks of the gear, 3 shoes on, two before and one behind –appraised to $25,60. Also one Iron Gray Filly 3 years old this spring, left hind foot white, and one small white spot on her right thigh, forehead whiter than the other parts of her –appraised to $50,00.
            By Thos. Moss, 7 miles S. E. of Russelville one Iron Gray Mare, 10 years old 15 hands high –appraised to $65,00.
            By Wm. Prat, on little Bear Creek, 10 miles south of Russelville, one brown bay Horse, 8 years old, 15 ˝ hands high, a saddle spot and a blaze face –appraised to $80,60.
            By Asa Gouple, one bay Horse with, a bald face, 9 years old, 14 ˝ hands high –appraised to $70,00.
A Copy - - Teste
March 27, 1838.

The North Alabamian, Saturday, 16 Jun 1838, p. 3
STRAYED from the subscriber living 2 miles east of South Florence, on Monday 7th of April, a sorrel Mare, 4 years old this fall, about fifteen hands high; has a star in her forehead, and a small white spot on the left eye, and a small scare [sic] on the left hip, no other marks recollected. Any person who may return said mare, or give such information as will enable me to find her, shall be handsomely rewarded.
May 26 1838 45-3t JAMES BOWMAN.

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