[2 Mar 1894]


A List of Merchants Who Have Done
Business in Leighton in the Past
Twenty-five Years.


A. & H. C. Leckey R. E. Petty Col. S. J. Leggett
Tom Alexander John F. Alexander S. J. Murphy
Capt. J. A. Madding T. L. Hall Mrs. H. C. Leckey
App Little Kumpe & Young C. H. Robinson
R. K. Goodwin W. F. Bell Robert Cleere


Carter, Alexander & Co. J. W. Carter & Co. King Bros.
Carter & McGwire P. S. King McGwire & Goodwin
J. C. Shaw Sadler & Alexander John Moore
H. W. Warren Moore & Horn John Galbraith
Watson & Gordon McCormack & Pasly John Wallace
Jas. P. Hennigan Z. T. Higdon T. M. McMichael
R. P. Morrison R. W. Hennigan Falk Brothers
Alexander & Looney H. P. Loony Wm. Joiner
Rand & Kumpe Aycock & Galbraith Lou Little
Oswald King, Jr. J. M. McGehee Robt. McGwier
Spangler & Bro. Spragins & Hopkins W. D. Allen
John D. Vinson J. R. Spragins Spragins & Higdon
J. B. Spragins E. C. Spragins Alexander Bros.
Slaughter & Carter Rufe Nichols Dr. G. R. Sullivan
Saint Bros. Greenspan & Wiseman J. H. Hall
McCormack & King H. Hurley Higdon & King
C. N. Sanderson Hurley & McClung L. A. Carter
W. F. McGwier T. L. Hall & Bro. D. G. Mitchel & Co.
Wiseman & Rosenberg Wm. McCormack Krisman & Perry
  W. P. Little & Bro.  

     About sixteen percent would be an average of this living list who have been and are now tolerable successful.

[SOURCE: The Leighton News, Friday, 2 Mar 1894]

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