News items abstracted from the Leighton News
concerning the Rand and Delony families.

Bits and Pieces Taken from
The Leighton News

October 1, 1890

Page 1 – “ ‘Parker Rand, Jr. of Leighton was here visiting some of our pretty girls Sunday’
                    – Tuscumbia Dispatch
                  Why, Parker! Are there no pretty girls in Leighton?”
Page 3 – “H. O. Rand and wife of Holly Springs, Miss., who have been visiting relatives in
                 Tennessee, have stopped over for a few days visit to Dr. Edgar Rand and family.
                 They will proceed from here to Bailey Springs, Alabama.”

November 1, 1890

Page 2 – Account of ARP’ Lectures – Introduction given by P. N. G. Rand
               (Photocopied and Inserted.)

Page 4 – (Personal Column) “We regret to hear of the serious illness of Mr. H. O. Rand of Holly
                Springs, Miss. Dr. Edgar Rand and wife have been in almost constant attendance upon
                him for some weeks past. We are glad to state that from latest accounts Mr. Rand is

January 1, 1891

Page 4 – “Jno. B. Rand came over from Florence on X’mas Eve.”
               “Frank Rand of Holly Springs, Miss. is visiting his sister, Mrs. Dr. E. Rand. From here, he
               will go to Bell Buckle, Tennessee, to study under the well known Webb Brothers.”

Page 6 – “Dr. Ned Rand and wife of Tuscumbia were up on a visit to Dr. Edgar Rand and family
               last week.”

June 15, 1891

Page 2 – “Miss Mary Rand and Emma King returned on 5th from college in Huntsville.”

Page 3 – “Mr. Henry Rand’s valuable buggy mare accidentally broke her leg on Saturday and had
                to be shot. Mr. Rand is very unfortunate in losing stock in this way.”

July 15, 1891

Page 3 – “Mr. Henry Kumpe’s baby, we are glad to hear, is recovering from a tedious spell of sickness.”
                “Mr. Henry Rand, who had a slight bilious spell last week, we are pleased to see is up again.”

August 1, 1891

Page 3 – “The ice cream supper on the 16th for the benefit of the Pres. Church was a decided
                success, taking into consideration the hard times and scarcity of money. The gross sales
                amounted to a little over thirty dollars, including a donation of two dollars from Mr. Frank
                Hall and two dollars and fifty cents from Mr. Parker Rand…”

September 1, 1891

Page 3 – “Dr. Edgar Rand left Friday for New York. He went on behalf of his father-in-law.”
                “Mssrs. F. R. King and Henry Rand have lately purchased a hay press which does good work.”
                “Miss Mary Sue Rand leaves today for Huntsville, to attend H. F. C. this session.
                Leightonians are sorry to see her leave.”

September 15, 1891

Page 2 – “Dr. Rand has returned from his trip to New York.”
                “Mrs. Henry Rand has been visiting relatives near Columbus, Miss.”

Page 3 – “Our friend, Angelo Delony, is a fine singer. Ask him to sing ‘Jonah and the Whale’.”

November 2, 1891

Page 1 – Saturday, October 17th – “A crowd of merry makers spent a delightful day visiting the
               springs and pleasant sights of old LaGrange…” (Hal Rand in group - Photocopied and inserted.)

Page 2 – Wedding of Philemon King and Clara Lee Delony (Photocopied and Inserted.)

Page 4 – “Miss Helen Rand of Holley Springs, Miss., after spending a few days with her sister,
               Mrs. Dr. Rand, left yesterday for her home, to the regret friends and relations.”

December 19, 1891

Page 3 – “Hal Rand is clerking for F. R. King and Co.”

February 14, 1896

Page 3 – “(John Boose) Rand – (Lena) Burton Nuptials” (Wedding took place February 12th.)
               (Printed and Inserted.)

April 24, 1896

Page 3 – “Parker Rand, Jr., from this place delegate to Montgomery, returned yesterday.”
               “Dr. Edgar Rand left Tuesday night for New York and will probably remain in the great
               city for a month or more. His chief object in making this visit is to get the best treatment
               for his little son Fred, who has been a sufferer for some years with spinal disease. He
               will also attend a course of lectures while there. His many friends here wish him a
               successful trip.” (Trip took place April 21st.)

June 26, 1896

Page 2 – “A Day’s Outing: The Big Four Immortalize Themselves by Their Exploits on the Creek.”
               (Messrs. D. L. Spangler, R. P. Karsner, Woody Delony, and Thomas L. Felton)
               (Print from Microfilm and Insert.)

Page 3 – “Mrs. A. D. Coffee and daughter Miss. Eliza of Florence, and Mrs. Jno. E. Deloney are
               attending the funeral of Mr. Silas J. King today.”

September 2, 1896

Page 4 – “Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Rand called to see the sick on the hill last week.” [The hill refers
               to LaGrange Mountain.]
               “Quite a crowd of young folks attended the entertainment at Mr. Henry Rand’s Monday
               eve from this place. I will not attempt to say anything about the entertainment as I can
               not do it justice. Suffice it to say it was greatly enjoyed by all present – about 75.”

September 8, 1896

Page 1 – Mary Vinson’s account of being shipwrecked off the California coast.
                (Print from Microfilm and Insert.)

Page 4 – (Correspondence – Tuscumbia) “Misses Helen Rand and Mary B. Abernathy were
               here shopping Tuesday.”
Page 4 – (Correspondence – LaGrange) “Mr. Hal Rand and ‘our folk’ attended divine services
               in Tuscumbia Sunday evening.”
               Mr. Frank Rand, of Holly Springs, Miss., was on the mountain Monday.”

September 14, 1896

Page 1 – “Misses Burton and Mary Sue Rand were horseback riding on the mountain Tuesday.”
               “ ‘Dr. Edgar Rand, of Leighton, was in the city Saturday on crutches from scitia (sic), which
               has interfered greatly with his practice for several weeks.’ – North Alabamian”

Page 4 – (Correspondence – Tuscumbia) “On Wednesday evening a young horse belonging to
               Dr. Rand ran away with a buggy and as it could not navigate through the street it took to
               the sidewalk on Main. Fortunately no harm was done.”

September 19, 1896

Page 1 – “Mrs. H. O. Rand, Mrs. Jack Rand, and Miss Helen Rand, who have been visiting the family
               of Dr. Edgar Rand for some time, left for their Home Tuesday in Holly Springs, Miss.”

September 26, 1896

Page 1 – “Miss Mamie Burton, and amiable and accomplished young lady of Madison, who has been
               spending some time with her sister, Mrs. J. B. Rand, returned home Wednesday,
               accompanied by Miss Mary Sue Rand, who will be her guest for a few days.”

Page 4 – “Mr. Henry Rand, our newly elected tax collector, and others, spent Saturday hunting
               squirrels on our mountains, hillsides, and creek bottoms, but owing to the wind being
               so high did not meet with much success.”

October 10, 1896

Page 1 – “Parker Rand, Jr. made a business trip to Memphis this week.”
               “Galbraith and Delony is the name of a new firm opened in the Rand building for business this week.
                Messrs. Jno. A. Galbraith and Woody DeLony are the principals. Family groceries, fresh and cheap,
               can be had at their store.”
               “John E. DeLony, the faithful assistant and chief clerk of the Probate Judge of this county, was in
               town on Monday.”
               “In Memoriam: A Tribute to the Memory of John B. Rand” (John Boose Rand died September 30th)
              (Printed from Microfilm and Inserted)

October 17, 1896

Page,1 – “John B. Rand: Tributes of Respect from Loving Friends.” (Printed from Microfilm and Inserted)

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