Marriage Announcements
From Colbert County, Alabama Newspapers

Compiled by Pat M. Mahan

These marriages will be added to as more are located in the Colbert County, AL newspapers.

NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The original owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 27 Jan 1837, p. 3
, by the Rev. James Smith, on the 22d instant, Mr. Robert C. Matlock to Miss Martha Ann Jones, daughter of Mr. John Jones.
J. M.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 3 Feb 1837, p. 3
MARRIED, in this Town, on the 29th January, by the Rev. James Weatherby, Mr. Wm. Cunningham to Mrs. Eveline Park.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 24 Feb 1837, p. 4
, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. James Smith, Mr. William Howard to Miss Polly Minerva, daughter of Jas. Strickland----all of the vicinity of Newburg.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 10 Mar 1837, p. 4
MARRIED, on the 2d instant, at Oakville, Lawrence County, by the Rev'd. Mr. Morris, the Rev. Madison Anderson, of that place, to Miss Emily T. Killam, late of Ennfield, Connecticut.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 24 Mar 1837, p. 3
MARRIED, on Thursday evening the 9th instant, by Leroy Kennedy Esq., Mr. James G. Bankhead to Miss Susan F., second daughter of Col. John Hollis--all of Moscow, Marion County.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 21 Apr 1837, p. 3
In this town on the 4th inst., by the Rev. James Weatherby, Mr. Benjamin Hu--rt, to Miss Anna M., daughter of the late Walter Simpson, of Baltimore.
In this town, on the same evening, by the same, John J. Pettus, Esq., of Gainesville, Alabama, to Miss Pamelia V., daughter of William Winston, Esq.
In this town, on th 6th inst., by the same, Captain Jonas J. bell, to Mrs. Harriet H. Carter---all of this place.
On the 5th instant, at the house of Major Fenner, near Courtland, Mr. Thos. B. Ta--, of Mississippi, to Miss Laura B. Taylor, of Courtland.
On the 12th instant, by the Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Joshua Hill, of Newburg, to Miss Cormelia [sic] Gates, daughter of Mrs. Susan Hughs--all of Franklin County.

The North Alabamian, Friday 26 May 1837, p. 3
MARRIED, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. J. B. McFarrin, Maj. J. w. Vinson, of this county, to Miss s. A. Goode, of Giles county Tennesse. {sic]

The North Alabamian, Friday, 16 Jun 1837, p. 3
MARRIED---On the 8th inst., by the Rev. John Haynie, Mr. Thompson Penick, to Miss Mary D. M. Allen.
Also---At the same time and place, Mr. J. L. Donley, to Miss Pamela A. Penick, all of this county.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 28 Jul 1837, p. 3
MARRIED---In Newburg, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Jas. smith, Mr. --------- [sic] Light, to Miss Polly Ann, daughter of Samuel Young, Esq., all of that vicinity.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 11 Aug 1837, p. 3
MARRIED---On the evening of the 8th inst., by the Rev. C. Richardson, Mr. Geo. W. Saunders to Miss Cynthia Evans, ---all of this place.
------------On the 23d June, in London, Edwin Forrest, Esq., the celebrated American Tragedian, to Catharine, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of John Sinclar, [sic] Esq. or the theatres Royal, Drury Lane, and Covent Garden.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 25 Aug 1837, p. 3
---On the 6th inst., by the Rev. A. Crockett, Mr. Steward H. Strickland, to Miss Ann, daughter o Zechariah Tungett, Esq., all of the vicinity of Newburg.
------------On the 6thinst.,by Philip Gates Esq., Mr. Jackson Lusk, of Walker county, to Miss Emiline daughter of Mrs. Susan Hooker, of New Boston.
------------On the 8th inst., Mr. Jacob Duboise, to Miss Lucinda, daughter of Mrs. Bratton, all of the vicinity of New Boston.

The North Alabamian, Friday 29 Sep 1837, p. 3
MARRIED, in Florence, on Sunday evening the 17th instant, by G. W. Sneed, Esq., Mr. William A. Verell, of Columbus, Miss., to Miss Mary A. McKinney, of Tuscumbia.
MARRIED, at Norfolk, Minheer Ollenbockenoffengraphcusteiner, Dutch Consul to the United States, to the Widow Mary Slausslcute.
MARRIED, in New Orleans, Mr. Alexander Philip Socrates Emilius Casar Hanibal Marcellus George Washington Treadwell, to Miss Carolina Sophia Maria Julianne Wortley Montague Joan of Arc Pope, both of that city.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 17 Sep 1837, p. 3
MARRIED---At the residence of Maj. John L. McRae in this county, on the evening of Thursday the 9th last., by the Rev. James G. Stedman, Mr. L. D. Alsobrook, late Merchant of this place, to Miss Dorothea, eldest daughter of John H. Stone, Esq. of Dickson county, Tennessee.

The cynosure of midnight skies,
Appears but one to seamen's eyes,
Yet twain there are,
And each a star---
Perhaps a sun.

May you, my friends, reverse the view,
And while on earth you look like two,
From Heaven be seen as one;
And like that polar symbol to
A double star of constancy.

From the Manchester (Mi.) Whig.
MARRIED---On Wednesday the 4th instant, in Benton, by Judge Campbell, Mr. Robert Craig, of Franklin, to Miss Martha, daughter of Ozins? Taylor Esq. all of Holmes county.
"She is thine, the word is spoken,
Hand to hand and heart to heart,
Though all other ties be broken,
Time these bonds will never part,
Thou hast taken her in gladness
From the alters holy shrine,
Oh! remember in her sadness
She is thine and only thine

In so fair a temple never
Aught of ill can hope to come.
Good will strive, and striving ever,
Make so pure a shrine -- home;
Each the other's love possessing,
May that care should cloud that brow;
She will be to thee a blessing,
And a shield to her be thou."

The North Alabamian, Friday, 5 Jan 1838, p. 3
MARRIED—In Limestone County, on the 2d instant, by C. Richardson, Mr. Charles W. A. Cordle, to Miss Caroline J., daughter of Col. Benjamin Harrison.

The North Alabamian, Friday, 11 Mar 1838, p. 3
MARRIED, On the 1st instant by Elder Wm. H. Wharton, Mr. G. L. Cockburn, to Miss Frances Pope, daughter of Maj. T. S. Pope, all of this vicinity.

The North Alabamian, Saturday, 26 May 1838, p. 3
MARRIED in Springfield Mass, 29th ult, Mr. A. S. W. Goodwin, of Charleston Ill., to Miss Sophia C. Tobey, daughter of Elisha Tobey.
MARRIED, on Tuesday evening the 15th instant by Elder Wm. H. Wharton, Mr. Geo. K. Barnett to Miss Amanda, daughter o the late Col. T. Cockburn, all of this place.

The North Alabamian, Saturday, 2 Jun 1838, p. 3
MARRIED on the 27th ult, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, in this place, by Rev. Chauncey Richardson, Rev. John C. Burkuse, of Louisiana, to Miss Emily L. Nuttino? of Boston, Massachusetts.
MARRIED by Elder Wm. W. Wharton, on the 22d ult., Mr. C. M. Waddill, of Pickens Co. to Miss Ada [Anna?] Waddill, daughter of the late Noel Waddill of this vicinity.

The North Alabamian, Saturday, 9 Jun 1838, p. 3
MARRIED on the 6th instant, by Rev. C. Richardson, Mr. William C. Francis to Miss Maria B. Moule, daughter of Capt. Charles Moule.

The North Alabamian, Saturday, 16 Jun 1838, p. 3
MARRIED, on Thursday 7th inst., by Elder Wm. H. Wharton, Mr. James M. Mitchell to Miss Prudence Jane, daughter of Mr. J. Foster, all of this place.
--------------on Sunday 10th inst. By the same, Mr. Jno. Kumpe, to Miss Lucinda Jennins, all of this place.
--------------on Sunday evening 10th inst. By the same, Mr. Wm. Ledbetter, to Miss Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. Ultimon Juggins all of this place.

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