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Contributed Nov 2005
by Howard Bryant

I transcribed this letter from my aunt Ella Mae Bryant to Pat Harris about some of her memories of her
childhood in Hog Hollow, just outside Riverton.  This is one of the two I found in Ella Mae’s picture box.
[See Dovie Lena (Bryant) Beavers to Pat Harris letter.]

Letter from Ella Mae Bryant Herron to Pat Harris
Transcribed by Howard Bryant

               My grandfather’s name was John Carrithers.  He reared eight children in Hog Hollow.  Ida, the oldest, was my mother.  Deanie, Minnie, Sally, Lettie, then Robert (Bob), Eva, and John (Buddy.)  Uncle Bob was the last of the family to pass away.  He was about 90 and died in Oct. of ’72.  He lived with his daughter, Ruth, in Dudley, MO.  He is buried there.
               The log school in Hog Hollow closed before I was school age but Dovie attended there.  Aunt Eva Carrithers learned to play the organ by going to the log house church and school.  Later Grandpa bought her an organ.  It was the ‘untouchable’ by children.
               Aunt Deanie married Bub Gibson and reared her family of 9 in Hog Hollow.  Four of her children have passed away.  The others live in AR and MO.
               Aunt Lettie married Thaddus Hayes and lived in Hog Hollow.  They had about four children.  One of her girls is an RN and lives in New Orleans, LA.  Lillian lives in Riverton.  About all I remember about uncle Thad was he didn’t like to work too well, but loved the old banjo.  He always played at all the parties in the neighborhood.  Often being the only musical instrument at the party.  So we loved him for that.”

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