This page last updated 20 Aug 2005

The web sites listed here are about families in Colbert County, Alabama. The most recent link will be at the top of the list. If you maintain a web site about Colbert County, Alabama families and would like a link on this page, please e-mail me. Pat M. Mahan

Daniel Olive's Website Families of interest include but are not limited to: Olive, Hartsfield, Massey, Spires, Penick, Hendon, Ham, Hayes, and Reynolds.

Chuck's Pack Rat Files The web site of Chuck Landers covers the Landers, Guyton, Willis, Kimbrough, Posey and several other related Colbert Families.

Kerry's Genealogy Website  Kerry A. Kelley's Colbert County family is the Lindsay family of Tuscumbia.

Glenda (George) Soto Knowlton's Web Site. Colbert County Alabama families of George, Carmack, Woodall, and Dowdy.

Amanda Baltz 's Web Site includes the Colbert County, Alabama families of Dhority, Jenkins, Lygon, Sanderson and Waldrep.

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