ROUTE NO. 2 [The West Colbert News, Friday, 9 Jul 1915, p. 3]
Mr. Editor:‑‑‑‑I thought I would write a few words to our new paper. I think it is
     the grandest thing to have a paper like the News. It is always welcome every
     Friday in our home.
Mrs. A. H. Blankenship is visiting friends in Tuscumbia.
Mr. F. H. Rikard is building a vat on his farm. It will be ready for dipping
     August 1st. Ticks are getting bad in his section of the country. He said he
     found his cow and she was dead. The ticks had done eat her up and was
     ringing the bell for the calf.
                                                                           An Old Sunflower.
- - - - -
Crops are looking fine and farmers are nearly all through work.
Mrs. Will Wallace was called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Bud Dowdy,
     who is very ill. We hope she will soon recover.
Mrs. Beulah Borden and children spent the day with Mrs. Geo. Holt.
Mrs. Beckie Jones and children spent Saturday night and Sunday at the
     home of Mr. Joe Williams
The young people enjoyed a musical entertainment at the home of Mrs.
     Sarah Wallace Saturday night. All report a nice time.
Mrs. Abb Borden is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Jim Singleton,
     at Cherokee.
Mr. Perry Holt and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. Sarah Wallace.
Mr. and Mrs. George Borden and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
     Abb Borden.
                                                                               Speckled Bird.
ROUTE NO. 2. [Friday, 28 Jul 1915, p. 2]
Farmers are about through laying by there [sic] crops and they are wearing
     smiles for the crops are looking fine. We will have the hominy this winter
     but I do not know so much about the hog if they continue to die.
The school here is progressing nicely with Miss Redwine as teacher.
Mr. McWilliams and family were the guest of Mr. D. L. Paden last Sunday.
Mr. J. C. Denton and family were visitors at Mr. Henry McVays last Sunday.
Well, as news is scarce and the weather is warm, I close with best wishes to all.
                                                                              From the country,


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