ROUTE NO. 1 [The West Colbert News, Friday, 9 Jul 1915, p. 3]
Mr. Editor.‑‑‑‑ May I have space in your valuable paper for just a few words.
     The rain has ceased again and all the farmers are pushing on with their work.
     Everyone trying to get through laying by this week.
There was an ice cream supper at Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Cockranís Wednesday
     night, it was given in honor of their son, Thomas, it being his 20th birthday.
     There was a large crowd present and everyone reported a nice time.
Mr. E. M. Yarbrough is working witF [sic] the Government now. We miss him
     from our midst.
Messrs. G. L. Yarbrough, Edgar Yarborough; Thomas Cochran and several
     other boys were at Mr. B. Thomasonís Saturday night.
Misses Lizzie Berryman and Hattie Dubois attended services in the
     East Grove Sunday.

ROUTE NO. 1 [The West Colbert News, Friday, 6 Aug 1915, p. 3]
Allow me a little space in your grand paper, from this part of the country.
     We like the West Colbert News, it is a fine little paper, itís always a welcome
     visitor in our home every Friday.
Mr. J. H. Thompson and family, of Tuscumbia, spent the latter part of
     last week with his brother Mr. Ike Thomas.
Messrs. Lester Yarbrough and Edward Thompson are the champion croquet
     players of this part of the country, they beat every one that comes in
     the croquet yard.
Mr. and Mrs. J W. Cochran and little daughter, Stella, spent the latter part
     of last week with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Thomason.
Mrs. Ike Thompson was the guest of Mrs. B. Thomason last week.
Miss Mattie Thomason spent part of last week with her cousin, Miss Lonnie
     Mae Thompson.
Mr. Dan Basden was again in our midst Sunday.
Mr. Edgar Yarbrough was the pleasant guest of Mr. E. L.
      Thomason Sunday night.

ROUTE NO. 1 [The West Colbert News, Friday, 13 Aug 1915, p. 3]
Peaches and watermelons six days in the week.
Lots of old plow tools out in the rain rusting to ruin.
Farmers are all feeling a little better since the rain.
Health seems to be good in the section at present.
Mr. P. Inman of Tuscumbia spent part of last week with Messr B and E. L.
Mrs. T. L. Yarbrough is spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Douthit,
     who lives in Rockwell, Texas. [Should be Rockwall, Texas?]
Mr. E. L. Thomason spent Sunday in Barton.
Mr. W. J. Underwosd [sic Ė Underwood] and son William, and daughter
     Stella from Isbell are visiting relatives on Route 1.
Mr. E. M. Yarbrough who is working on the U S Tuscumbia dredge spent
     several days at home last week.
Misses Ruth and Mattie Thomason and Connie Mae Thompson were
     visiting Misses Ella Mae and Lucile Yarbrough last week.

Route No. 1. [The West Colbert News, Friday, 3 Sep 1915, p. 1]
This beautiful happy spent sunshine summer is almost gone. we will be so
     sorry, for all the big days will be over and no more big revivals to go to.
     Cotton picking time will be here and everybody will be busy hurrying up to
     get done.
Mr. Thomas Cochran is visiting at Isbel this week.
Misses Edna and Martie Gilbert and Lillian and Willie Dubois visited Barton this week.
                                                                       The Lanely Darling

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