ROUTE NO. 3 [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 11 Jun 1915, p. 4]

The people are glad about the new paper and are especially interested in it
     because it is from the West end of the county.
Mr. Hugh Hester, who has been attending school at the Florence Normal,
     spent a few days with home folk He left for Geneva, Texas on the 27th.
Our noted mail carrier, Mr. Wat. Carter is taking a vacation.
Misses Ellen and Ida Foster have returned from Florence where they have
     been attending school.
Miss Kate Cook is at home from a monthís visit with friends and relatives in
     Tuscumbia and Sheffield.
Mr. Chas. Chambers leaves on the 6th to attend the summer course at the
     State University.
Mr. Joe Cooke was in Tuscumbia on business Saturday.
Mr. Tom Pounders, one of our hustling boys, spent Sunday with home folks
     near Cherokee.
Miss Ella Cooke entertained the sewing circle Tuesday afternoon. Delicious
     refreshments were served. After all had grown tired from sewing the
     remainder of the afternoon was spent in kodaking. [Kodaking - taking
     pictures with a Kodak camera.]
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ROUTE NO. 3 [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 18 Jun 1915, p. 1]
The farmers are very much pleased with the nice shower we had Sunday. Crops
     were suffering very much for want of rain.
Mrs. Mack Johnsonís little son, Morris, is very sick this week.
Mr. J. H. Cooke and wife, of Barton, spent Sunday with his mother,
     Mrs. Christeen Cooke.
Miss Sallie Woodfin and granddaughter, Miss Addie Hester, are visiting
     Mrs. J. F. Hester.
Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Dean have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
     John Rutland.
Mr. Owen Foster is attending the summer school at Florence.
Misses Kate and Ella Cooke were in Tuscumbia shopping Wednesday.
                                                                                                  Ignorant Bliss.

ROUTE NO. 3 [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 25 Jun 1915, p. 4]
The farmers are quite busy this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rutland spent some little time with their brother
     Mr. Harvey Rutland.
Misses Emma and Addie Hester were in Tuscumbia shopping Monday.
Mr. Tom Pounders spent Sunday with home folks near Cherokee.
Mr. Andy McWilliams, of Sheffield, is visiting friends and relatives.
Misses Emma and Addie Hester, Mrs. Christen Cooke and daughters
     attended services in Barton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Dean are visiting the laters [sic Ė latter's] parents this week.
Mr. Clarence Hester and brother were in Tuscumbia on business Tuesday.
Mrs. Mack Johnson is visiting her mother, Mrs. N. P. Keeton at Barton.
A number of the girls are learning to swim. Itís fine sport.
                                                                                            Ignorant Bliss

ROUTE NO. 3 [The West Colbert News, Friday, 2 Jul 1915, p 2]
Mrs. H. P. Dover and children, of Barton, spent the week end with
     Mrs. Christeen Cooke.
Mr. Freddie Thomason has returned from Columbus, Miss., where he
     visited his father who has been quite ill with typhoid fever.
Miss Kate Cooke visited friends in Barton Thursday.
Messrs. Clarance Hester and Joe Cooke were in Tuscumbia on business
Miss Ellen Foster entertained a number of her friends Friday afternoon.
     Rook and story telling were the leading features. Delicious refreshments
     were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hester, from near Russellville, are spending a few days
     with Mr. J. F. Hester.
                                                                                               Ignorant Bliss


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