MYNOT NEWS [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 11 Jun 1915, p. 1]
Dear Editor:‑‑‑‑‑We are very proud of our new paper but do not like the name
     so well, as every one calls it the Cherokee paper. Think it ought to have
     been named for the town, instead of the county.
We are having another dry year.
A crowd of us Mynot people went to Russellís school house Sunday to a
     Childrenís Day or Sunday School celebration. Had a nice time; it was a
     grand success; everything went off according to order. The pieces recited
     by the children were splendid, the singing fine and the dinner plentiful; the
     crowd was large and all seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the noon
     hour when the dinner was spread and served by all and the people talked
     and laughed with old friends and acquaintances that they had not met in
     quite a while. They were people there from miles around. Those from this
     place present were: T. A. Thorn and family, D. L. Paden and family,
     George Hodge and family, Edgar Williams and wife and Miss Tinie Moore.
     We saw lots of cotton and corn growing, most all of which was worked nice
     and clean, just ready for a nice rain which is badly needed.
We have two meeting houses at this place‑‑‑Baptist and Christian and have
     Sabbath school at both churches most every Sunday with very good attendance.
We mountain people are very sorry that the tick law passed as we have none
     of the ticks that kill cattle, as there are at some places and it will be a great
     loss of time as well as labor to have to dip our cattle as they range on
     hundreds of acres of free range. It will take some time to herd the cattle
     perhaps a whole week for one man to get up his cattle ready to dip besides
     they have to drive to a vat which might be several miles away and all this to
     do every two weeks for something we do not need.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Todd visited their children at Maud Sunday, also went
     to church at Good Springs. Bro. Maples preached. They brought their little
     grandson, Kenneth Todd home with them.
Well, as this is my first letter I will not make it too long. Wishing our paper great success.
                                                                                                              P V M

MYNOT DOTS [Friday, 9 Jul 1915, p. 1]
Farmers are laying by corn which is very fine.
Hogs are dying with cholera in this section.
Mrs. R. F. Todd has been on the sick list for the past 3 weeks, but is some better at this writing.
Mr. J. E. Dentonís baby is very sick.
Dr. A. Williams was in our burg last week visiting the sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch McKeg visited Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Todd last week.
Mr. Jim Elliott and family visited Mr. Clarence Denton Saturday night.
Mr. Edgar Williams and wife spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Thorn.
Mr. D. L. Paden hauled out a nice lot of fruit cans last week, which he contemplates on filling with fruits and vegetables. He is also doing a nice business with sheep and goats. He killed a sheep last week that netted 76 pounds. How is that for a sheep?
Our distinguished Rural Mail Carrier, Mr. F. W. Benson continues to make his daily round, everyone is glad to see him every day. He is a jolly fellow as well as a good mail carrier.
Mrs. Bessie Burns, of Maud, is spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. J. A. Denton, of Buzzard Roost, who is sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dean, of Tishomingo, Miss., visited Mrs. Deanít [sic] father, Mr. George Hamilton, last week.
Well, I hope the recent showers will help the blackberry crop as well as everything else. Good wishes to all, I close.
From the Country

MYNOT DOTS [The West Colbert News, Friday, 27 Aug 1915, p. 3]
There was preaching here yesterday at both the Christian and Baptist
     churches. Large crowds at both places, Bro. Walker preached at the
     Ghristian [sic] church and Bro. Vaughn at the Baptist church.
Mr. Ben Ogletree and Miss Lillie Croweel [sic Ė Crowel?] were married
     August 15th at the home of the brides uncle, Mr. Henry McVay.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. McVay, on July 19th, a fine girl.
Mrs. J. C. Denton has returned home from a visit to her motherís in
     Nashville. She reported a nice time, her brother, Mr. Boss Herod
     came home with her to spend a few weeks in old Alabama.
The road hands did some nice work on the road last week, which was needed.
Mr. D. W. Paden and wife, Miss Buchanan and Mr John Paden and little
     Miss Walker came over in Mr. Padenís car Sunday from Tishomingo.
     Thar [sic] attended church services and were pleasant callers at Mr. D. L.
     Padenís in the afternoon.
Mr. D. Starkey visited his uncle, Mr. R. F. Tood [sid Ė Todd?] Saturday
     evening and spent the night.
Mr. Calvin Crosby and family of Booneville, Miss., are the guests of his
     brother. Mr. Henry Crosby.
Mr. Bob Malone and family spent Saturday night with Mr. T. A.
      Thurn,s. [sic Ė Thornís]

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