MAUD NEWS [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 18 Jun 1915, p. 4]

Editor West Colbert News:‑‑‑‑‑I feel so much revived since the fine rain of yesterday, I think I will report our prospects for a crop; they are sure fine, more especially the corn crop. Cotton is usually small, but in good shape now to grow. The oat crop is all harvested and not so good, from dry weather.
          Heath never better than at present. Dr. W. A. Finley has a big circle of practice but nothing to do now.
          Mr. J. W. Quillen says he aims to get done work in his corn by the 4th of July.
          Mr. T. R. Burns has been very busy for some time running his mower and rake.
          Mr. and Mrs. Auburn Burns visited Mr. J. A. Denton and family last Friday and Saturday.
          Old Uncle Tim Quillen (as he is familliary known) is still able to work some on the farm.
          Mr. R. F. Tood [sic – Todd] of Mynott, was with Maud friends last Saturday.
          Henry Allen, colored, caught the best fish of the season last week, weighing 25 pounds.
          Dr. Finley’s new residence has a very attractive appearance; it will be completed soon. Look out! Some man will lose his hoecake baker if he don’t watch.
          Mr. Manuel Taylor cut a fine bee tree, a few days since, that was fully enjoyed by a lot of the boys.
          Not withstanding the financial panic they failed to bluff the Maud boys; three weddings since Christmas.
          J. C. Brown says he will have a ripe melon by the 4th of July. Come over and help him.
          The young folks met at Mr. Jake Booker’s last Sunday evening and enjoyed fine singing. Maud has a fine singing class.
          Mrs. Tom Burns of Iuka, Miss., and Mr. Will Hearn, of Sheffield, visited their father, Mr. W. L. Hearn this week.
          I will close by saying that the West End of Colbert County is surely proud of our new paper‑‑‑‑‑The West Colbert News.
                                                                                            A Maud Hummer

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