MARGERUM, DOTS. [The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 25 Jun 1915, p. 4]

As I haven’t seen anything from our burg thought I would give you a few items.
Everything is progressing nicely; farmers are working everyday possible and
     the rains lately were worth thousands of dollars.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Mason gave a party one night last week in honor of Mrs.
     Mason’s brother who is visiting them. There was a large crowd present.
     Several games were played and then refreshments were served to which
     all did full justice. Several fine pieces were rendered by Misses Bessie
     and Ruth Hastings, of Riverton Junction and Miss Dorothy Allsbrooks.
Mr. Joe Payne was in our midst last Sunday.
Mr. Riley Abel was in town Saturday.
Mr. Lawrence Payne was in our midst last Tuesday.
Messrs. Mack Hurd, Bill Hays, Newt Hays, Felix Ham, Hollis Gaisser and
     Misses Ruby and Blanche Gaisser, Annie Franklin and Alice Davis were
     visitors at Mr. and Mrs. James Willis’ last Sunday.
Mr. George Mason and son, William, made a trip to Tuscumbia Monday
     returning Tuesday.
Mr. Ed Hudson who has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Aker for
     a few days returned to Memphis last Tuesday.
Mr. Paul Watkins, our excellent section foreman, is improving the looks of
     the railway here fast.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Wallace were pleasant visitors at Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
     Woodfin’s last Sunday.
Mr. Roy Blackburn was at Mr. J. A. Harris’ Monday.
Mr. Will Ham was in town Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Willis, of Russellville, are spending a few days with Mr.
     and Mrs. James Willis.
Mr. T. C. Walker is a visitor at Mr. R. H. Wallace’s this week.
Mr. George Hurd attended the W. O. W. meeting at Cherokee last Tuesday night.
With many good wishes for the “news” and its readers I will ring off.
Remember me as                                                     Crawfish.

MARGERUM, DOTS. [The West Colbert News, Friday, 2 Jul 1915, p. 2]
Messrs. Austin Woodfin and Ed Crowell were in town Saturday.
Messrs. Chas. Thomay [sic – Thomas?], Ed Allsbrooks and Armistead Allsbrooks
     motored down here Sunday.
Mr. John Clark was in town Sunday, he is from near Columbus. Miss.
     He left for Sheffield Monday.
Messrs. Lonnie Berryman, Robert Woodfin and Felix Ham were were [sic]
     at Riverton Junction last Sunday.
Misses Maggie Willis, Alice Davis, Annie Franklin, Carrie Willis, Delia Willis,
     May Davis, and Messrs. Jim Hard and Austin Woodfin were visitors at
     Mr. W. J. Arnett’s Sunday.
Messrs. Alva Taylor and brother Luther, made a visit to Tuscumbia last Saturday.
Mr. W. J. Arnett went to Cherokee last Sunday.
Mr. L. T. Hardcastle, our depot agent at Riverton Junction, returned Sunday
     from Limrock where he has been visiting friends.

MARGERUM, DOTS [Friday, 9 Jul 1915, p. 3]
News scarce now.
Mr. M. T. Roberts spent Sunday in Cherokee.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Roberts and family were visitors at Mr. R. H. Wallace’s
     last Sunday.
Mr. Elma Arnett made a flying trip down the road Sunday.
Mrs. M. T. Roberts and son Claude went to Cherokee Saturday to spend
     a few days with relatives.
Mr. Thomas Roberts was a visitor at Mr. Jim Willis’s last Sunday.
Mr. W. R. Clark was in town Saturday.
Mr. Hodge Wallace and family, were the guests of B. W. McVay Saturday.
Mr. Roy Gaisser has returned from a pleasure trip to Big Bend.

MARGERUM, DOTS. [Friday 16 Jul 1915, ]
One night last week Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hastings entertained the country
    side with a cream supper and an old fashioned ball. Everyone had a nice
     time and enjoyed themselves till the “wee sma” hours.
Mr. Houston Elledge, of Tuscumbia was at Riverton Junction, last Saturday.
Mr. John H. Harris was in town Saturday. Among other visitors were:
     Messrs, Frank Campbell Joe Payne, James M. Weaver, Tom Letchworth,
     John C. Geise and Will Clark.
We are having so much rain it is causing damage to the crops.
Mr. Jerry Clark spent last Saturday night with Henry Roberts.
Mr. Denton McVay was in town Saturday.
Mr. Roy Gaisser is absent from our midst now. He is at Big Bend working
    for the government.
Some unknown person blew up a dipping vat at Mr. Jim Hurd’s one
     night last week.
Mr. Lawrence Payne was in town Sunday.
Mr. Will Clark was the guest of Thomas Roberts Saturday and Sunday.
There was a large crowd at the ball ground last Saturday evening. They
     came to so [sic] see a game between Margerum and Snowdown,
     but Snowdown didn’t come.
The weather man is making good at last.
Mr. Henry Roberts was a visitor at Mr. B. W. McVay’s last Sunday evening.

MARGERUM, DOTS. [Friday, 6 Aug 1915, p. 3]
Health is very good in the community at present.
The writer has been attending the big meeting at Union Grove, it was a
     fine meeting. Closed last Sunday night with about nine conversions,
     it was conducted by Rev. Maples and Tomberlin.
Old Sol has certainly been putting in lost time shining the last week.
Mr. Mack Hurd attended baptizing at Union Grove last Sunday six were baptized.
Well, as news is scarce will ask to be remembered as Grawfish [sic – Crawfish]

MARGERUM, DOTS [Friday, 20 Aug 1915, p. 3]
Mrs. J. H. Webb, from Corinth, Miss., is visiting at the home of G. G.
     Mason of this place.
A crowd of young people attended the revival at Cherokee Friday night.
     They went in a hay wagon and were chaperoned by Mrs. W. T. Aker
     and Mrs.J. A. Hasting.
Mrs. Charlie Farris and Miss Clara Woodfin of Margerum, entertained one
     night last week in honor of the Misses Parris of Florence. A jolly crowd of
     youngsters enjoyed the evening.
An interesting ball game was played between Margerum and Barton
     Saturday afternoon. The latter winning.
The revival began Sunday. It promises to be a good one. Rev. S. E. Maples
     has able preachers to aid him.
A negro, Joe Ford, of East Margerum, was arrested on charge of forgery.
     It is thought however that he is innocent, and evidence points toward another
     nigger of this place.
Miss Bessie Beard, of Baldwyn, Miss., is teaching music in the home of
     Mr. L. T. Hardcastle, of Margerum.
Elmer Geise, of Chisca, visited here Friday and Saturday.

MARGERUM, DOTS. [Friday, 27 Aug 1915, p. 3]
Miss Susie Henson and brother, of Sheffield, spent last week visiting relatives
     and friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Weaver had Mrs. Harvey, of Iuka, for their guests
     several days last week.
Misses Kate Tuberville and Annie Franklin were pleasant visitors at
     Miss Sallie Roberts last week.
Mrs. And Mrs. R. L. Blackburn and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Denton were
     visitors at Mr. J. A. Harris’ one day last week.
Mr. R. H. Wallace was a visitor at Mr. Porter McVay’s last Sunday.
Mr. Kay McVay and family were visitors at Mr. B. W. McVay’s Sunday.
Messrs. Newt Hays, Robert Woodfin and Miss Maggie Willis were social
     visitors at Mr. T. B. Gaisser’s last Sunday.
Misses Blanche Gaisser and Annie Franklin were at B. W. McVay’s last Sunday.

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