The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 4 Jun 1915, p. 1
The election to determine whether or not to enlarge the corporation lines another 1-2 mile and make the corporation 1 mile square was held at the public school building Tuesday. There were twelve votes cast, eleven for enlargement of the corporation and one against.
The purpose of this election was to take in some 49 or 50 families living just beyond the old corporation line, who wanted to come in so as to increase city taxable property enough to enable the city to float a bond issue for the purpose of building a modern up-to-date brick school building.
     Cherokee has been in need of such a building for years, as there are some 200 school children who attend this school regularly. The old building that we have been using for 30 ears has room to accommodate comfortably about 50 to 75 pupils and is utterely [sic] inadequate to accommodate those who wish to attend. They are crowded to such an extent that there is not seating capacity, causing some times 3 pupils to one single desk and some 60 to 75 pupils to one small, stuffy little school room. These conditions should not exist.      There can be no sanitary rules enforced as long as we have this old rat’s next of a school house.
     The above is the reason our school has not been what we have expected of it. We can not expect the advancement until we remedy these deplorable conditions. The children want it. The town needs it. Now let’s everybody pull together and say WE WILL HAVE IT!

The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 4 Jun 1915, p. 1
Cherokee can gladly be proud of the above named Club for they certainly do stick close to the name and many improvements of the town are largely due to their united efforts. The next meeting of the Club will be held this (Friday) evening. All the members are urged to be present, as it is not so much the names of the public that are needed in such an organization as it is their presence. Show your interest in Cherokee and its advancement by attending the meetings; they are held for the sole purpose of advancing the best interests of Cherokee; there are no axes to grind, no ambitions to advance, no favors to be shown; instead this organization exists solely for the purpose of furnishing Cherokee citizens an opportunity of uniting in the interest of Cherokee and Cherokee people and to develop a more wholesome spirit of brotherly love, and to extend a helpful influence in every department of life, to those who compose its membership. Much good can be accomplished if those interested in these matters attend the meetings. The following are the officers and members of this splendid organization:
H. C. Harris, President
J. B. Pride, Vice President
P. E. Patterson, Secretary
A. R. Carter, Treasurer
M. E. Wilson, Chairman Program Committee
O. R. Hanson, Chairman Membership Committee
W. W. Carter, Chairman Finance Committee
Roll of Members

Dr. W. S. Adams,

     J. O. Miller

T. A. Adams,

    J. C. Patterson

C. E. Alexander,

  J. C. Patterson, Jr.

J. C. Benson,

  W. J. Pounders

A. E. Barton,

 H. T. Patterson

B. Brenneman,

 L. B. Borex [Rorex?]

R. A. Crosthwait,

 J. W. Rutland

J. J. Challen,

 G. H. Ross

W. W. Carter,

 T. J. Redwine

T. A. Dickey,

 H. Sherrod

J. E. Daniel,

 Hoge Sherrod

J. L. Goyer,

 H. S. Sargeant

John Gilbert,

 J. V. Tolen

J. E. Gibbs,

 C. Troutman

O. R. Hanson,

 C. F. Turner

J. F. Harris,

 J. H. Turner

W. C. Holesapple,

 J. A. Taylor

G. T. Horton,

 Rev. M. E. Wilson

A. H. Horton,

 White Weaver

O. H. Harris,

 Dan White

Rev. J. W. Jones,

 Ernest Yarbrough

R. N. Keeton,

 G. W. Lair











The West Colbert News, Cherokee, Friday, 18 Jun 1915, p. 3
Notice is hereby given that an election will be held at the store house of the Cherokee Cash Store, in the town of Cherokee, Alabama, on the 12th day of July, 1915, to determine whether or not the town of Cherokee shall issue bonds to the amount of Seven Thousand Dollars, which bonds shall bear interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum and shall run for a period of ten years, the proceeds from the sale of said bonds to be used to build a Public School Building for the Town of Cherokee. J. F. Harris
Mayor of Cherokee, Alabama
Advt. 1 2 3 t

The West Colbert News, Cherokee, 25 June 1915, p. 4
Rev. M. E. Wilson, Pastor
Morning services 11 a.m.
Evening services 8 p.m.
Junior League 2 p.m.
Sunday School 10 a.m.
Prayer service Wednesday evening 8 p.m.
Rev. James W. Jones, Pastor.
Regular services on the second and fourth Sundays.
Sunday School 10 a.m. every Sunday
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Evening Service 8 p.m.
Prayer Service on Thursday evenings 8 p.m.
The public is cordially invited to attend these services.
Mayor‑‑‑J. F. Harris
Aldermen‑‑‑W. C. Holesapple
     J. E. Daniels
     J. H. Turner
     J. C. Patterson, Jr.
     T. J. Redwine
Marshall‑‑‑‑R. W. Weaver
Clerk and Treasurer‑‑‑‑‑F. S. Monk
Health Officer‑‑‑‑‑Dr. W. S. Adams
     J. E. Dean, Postmaster.
Mails arrive and depart as follows:

Arrive East

 Depart East

6 a.m.  6.52 a.m.
8:54 a.m.  1:40 p.m.
1:28 p.m.  6 p.m.

Arrive West

 Depart West

6:52 a.m.

 8:54 a.m.

1:40 p.m.

 2.18 p.m.

10.18 p.m.

 6 p.m.

H. C. Harris, President.
J. B. Pride, Vice-President
P. E. Patterson, Secretary
A. R. Carter, Treasurer
M. E. Wilson, Chairman Program Committee
O. R. Hanson, Chairman Membership Committee
W. W. Carter, Chairman Finance Committee

meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights. Visiting members welcome.
J. C. Gilbert, C C J. E. Daniel, Clerk
CHEROKEE CAMP, M. W. A., No. 16389
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday night in W. O. W. Hall.
P. E. Patterson, Consul. O. R. Hanson, Clerk.

The West Colbert News, Friday, 25 Jun 1915, p. 1
CHEROKEE, 1880 – 1915.
By request of the Editor, I write this brief notice. It was my good fortune to have been a citizen of the prosperous little city of Cherokee from 1880 to 1888, during which time I served the people to the best of my ability as their chief executive officer. Now inasmuch as I was in the good old town last week for the first time in the past several years, Mr. Harris thinks I should give them a write up, and as yet he has failed to mail me a sample copy of the paper. I could fill the paper with this article but do no deem it necessary. I wish to say right here that the Cherokee of 1915‑‑‑does not resemble the old town of 1880. I recall with sorrow the days gone by when Dean, Lindsey, Hunt, Malone and Patterson were the leading commercial spirits of the town. Where are they to-day? All have passed over to that great divide from whence no one can return. We find new faces filling their places; the business men of 1915 were the town kids of 1880 and instead of occupying the old frame buildings of that day and time, are now substantially housed in modern brick structures; the energy and pluck of the present generation are to be commended for what they have accomplished and The West Colbert News has my best wishes for its future success and continued prosperity. With a dollar enclosed for one year’s subscription to same
Yours truly,
A. J. Gilbert.

The West Colbert News, Friday, 25 Jun 1915, p. 3
The City Court convened Monday morning with Mayor J. F. Harris on the bench. The following cases were on the docket:
Robert Martin, (col.) charged with disorderly conduct. Case submitted. Fine $14.00.
Ben Fields. (col.) same charge, case submitted. Fine $14.00
Dave Hobbs, (col.) same charge, found guildty. Fine $17.00.
Ira Thompson, (col.) same charge. Case to be continued, Monday, June 28.

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