Sheffield, Alabama


Contributed by Bob Torbert

     NAME                             DATE         ACTIVITY
THOMSON, Louisa                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
OHLMAN, Catharina                   08Aug1880    Confirmation
GATTMANN, Maria                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
SEGER, Bernhardar                   08Aug1880    Confirmation
MORELAGE, Maria                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
MORIALTY, Edwardus                  08Aug1880    Confirmation
HARTING, Tara Cus                   08Aug1880    Confirmation
BOIKE, Johanner                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
McKENNY, Bernhardus                 08Aug1880    Confirmation
HASTING, Carolur                    08Aug1880    Confirmation
SIEGER, Lorence                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
GOIKE, Augustus                     08Aug1880    Confirmation
MORIALTY, Tarabus                   08Aug1880    Confirmation
GREGOR, Franciscus                  08Aug1880    Confirmation
HASTING, Margaretha                 08Aug1880    Confirmation
SEVIER, William A.R.                17Oct1886    Confirmation
NIEMAN, Joseph                      17Oct1886    Confirmation
RNIDELE, Adam                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
GOIKE, Antonius                     17Oct1886    Confirmation
GATTMAN, Henrisus                   17Oct1886    Confirmation
GASS, J? Jr.                        17Oct1886    Confirmation
BENNET, Jacobus W.                  17Oct1886    Confirmation
REHN, Edwardus                      17Oct1886    Confirmation
NIEMAN, Herman                      17Oct1886    Confirmation
ZEHNDER, Joannes                    17Oct1886    Confirmation
BOWSER, Jacobus Guliel?             17Oct1886    Confirmation
SEVIER, Henry Samuel                17Oct1886    Confirmation
STUMPE, Cath. M.                    17Oct1886    Confirmation
SEVIER, Susana D.                   17Oct1886    Confirmation
SEVIER, Joanna D..                  17Oct1886    Confirmation
CLOUD, Susana                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
CLOUD, Lilia V.W.                   17Oct1886    Confirmation
DESPREZ, Susana (Mrs)               17Oct1886    Confirmation
LONG, Mary (Mrs)                    17Oct1886    Confirmation
GATTMAN, Lilia                      17Oct1886    Confirmation
BOWSER, Margarita B.                17Oct1886    Confirmation
NIEMAN, Maria                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
KEMPER, Maria                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
CARLS, Margarita                    17Oct1886    Confirmation
FOSSICK, Julia Ida (Mrs G           17Oct1886    Confirmation
KEHN, Lilia V.                      17Oct1886    Confirmation
URBAN, Amalia                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
GASS, Aloysia Pauline               17Oct1886    Confirmation
BENNET, Maria                       17Oct1886    Confirmation
CARTER, Daniel                      04Nov1888    Confirmation
STORRY, Alexander                   04Nov1888    Confirmation
AMBROSE, William                    04Nov1888    Confirmation
BRASSHAM?, Thomas                   04Nov1888    Confirmation
GASS, Paul                          04Nov1888    Confirmation
GASS, Alphons                       04Nov1888    Confirmation
GASS, Adolph                        04Nov1888    Confirmation
GASS, Henry                         04Nov1888    Confirmation
GASS, Leo                           04Nov1888    Confirmation
GOIKE, Johannes                     04Nov1888    Confirmation
CONRADI?, Johannes                  04Nov1888    Confirmation
O'REILY, James Philip               04Nov1888    Confirmation
HASTINGS, George                    04Nov1888    Confirmation
HARRIS, Johannes                    04Nov1888    Confirmation
KARLS, Henry                        04Nov1888    Confirmation
MORRIATY, Henry                     04Nov1888    Confirmation
CARTER, Gertrude                    04Nov1888    Confirmation
MORSLAGE, Catharine                 04Nov1888    Confirmation
CLOUD, Robert Emmet                 19Oct1890    Confirmation
GATTMAN, Bernard Joseph             19Oct1890    Confirmation
NIEMAN, George Theodore             19Oct1890    Confirmation
DENNIS, Henry Otto                  19Oct1890    Confirmation
DENNIS, William Thomas              19Oct1890    Confirmation
MANUSH, George Francis              19Oct1890    Confirmation
WORD, Charles Edwin                 19Oct1890    Confirmation
McMAHON, Martha Mary                19Oct1890    Confirmation
WARNER, Mary Anne                   19Oct1890    Confirmation
WAGNER, Jon Henry                   05Apr1891   1st Communion
GATTMANN, Anthony                   05Apr1891   1st Communion
GOIKE, Bernard                      05Apr1891   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, Charles                   05Apr1891   1st Communion
FUNKE, Henry                        05Apr1891   1st Communion
FUNKE, John                         05Apr1891   1st Communion
MACHTOLFF, Albert George            05Apr1891   1st Communion
FOSSICK, Clara Teresa               05Apr1891   1st Communion
HARRIS, Clara Carolina              05Apr1891   1st Communion
CASEY, Elisabeth Agnes              05Apr1891   1st Communion
GOIKE, Benjamin Joannes             18Sep1892    Confirmation
KARLS, John William                 18Sep1892    Confirmation
FUNKE, John William                 18Sep1892    Confirmation
FUNKE, Henry Joseph                 18Sep1892    Confirmation
MACHTOLFF, Albert George            18Sep1892    Confirmation
GATTMANN, Anthony Joseph            18Sep1892    Confirmation
HYDE, Isaac Joseph                  18Sep1892    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Charles James             18Sep1892    Confirmation
WILLIAMSON, Catharina Jul           18Sep1892    Confirmation
NIEMAN, Sophia Gertrude             18Sep1892    Confirmation
MOSELAGE, Catharina Anna            18Sep1892    Confirmation
WILLIAMSON, Minnie Caecil           18Sep1892    Confirmation
HYDE, Robert Joseph                 18Sep1892    Confirmation
LAURENZI, Maria Antonia             23Apr1893   1st Communion
GOIKE, Paulina Maria                23Apr1893   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Sarah Alice               23Apr1893   1st Communion
WAGNON, Catharina Maria             23Apr1893   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, William                   23Apr1893   1st Communion
HYDE, Mary                          06May1894   1st Communion
NIEMAN, Frances                     06May1894   1st Communion
COOK, Anna                          06May1894   1st Communion
COOK, John                          06May1894   1st Communion
WAGNE, Anna                         11Nov1894    Confirmation
COOK, Anna                          11Nov1894    Confirmation
HASTINGS, Sarah                     11Nov1894    Confirmation
NIEMAN, Francisca                   11Nov1894    Confirmation
HYDE, Maria                         11Nov1894    Confirmation
GOIKE, Paulina                      11Nov1894    Confirmation
WANER, Emma                         11Nov1894    Confirmation
COOK, John                          11Nov1894    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, William                   11Nov1894    Confirmation
GILBERT, Alice                      11Nov1894    Confirmation
HYDE, John  (died 1896)             12May1895   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, Frank                     12May1895   1st Communion
GUSMUS, William                     12May1895   1st Communion
McLOFF, Harry                       12May1895   1st Communion
CLOUD, Fannie                       12May1895   1st Communion
FOSSICK, Marie                      12May1895   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, ?                         12May1895   1st Communion
LARGONIARSINO, Anne                 12May1895   1st Communion
SCHELL, Anne                        12May1895   1st Communion
McLOFF, Anne                        12May1895   1st Communion
McLOFF, Mary                        12May1895   1st Communion
DAY or LAY, Edward                  24May1896   1st Communion
MANUSH, Francis                     24May1896   1st Communion
MARICHAL, Alice Caralee             24May1896   1st Communion
ISBELL, Julia Catharine             24May1896   1st Communion
COOK, Catharine                     24May1896   1st Communion
BAKER, Gertrude                     24May1896   1st Communion
WHALEN, Sabina                      23May1897   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Mary                      23May1897   1st Communion
FUNKE, Mary                         23May1897   1st Communion
MALESPINI, Mary                     23May1897   1st Communion
HYDE, Nona                          23May1897   1st Communion
GUSMUS, Louis                       23May1897   1st Communion
GUSMUS, John                        23May1897   1st Communion
WHALEN, Thomas                      23May1897   1st Communion
WANNER, Lafayette                   23May1897   1st Communion
DAY, Joseph                         24Apr1898   1st Communion
MANUSH, George                      24Apr1898   1st Communion
MACHTOLFF, Clifford                 24Apr1898   1st Communion
ARNDT, Joseph                       24Apr1898   1st Communion
MAPLES, William                     24Apr1898   1st Communion
STORK?, Mary                        24Apr1898   1st Communion
ROGGENBUCK, Cecilia                 24Apr1898   1st Communion
ARNDT, Annie                        24Apr1898   1st Communion
KINNEY, Margaret                    24Apr1898   1st Communion
FOSSICK, Marcella                   24Apr1898   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, Katie?                    24Apr1898   1st Communion
MILLER, Ida                         24Apr1898   1st Communion
GUSMUS, William Indor?              21May1898    Confirmation
GUSMUS, Joannes Alexander           21May1898    Confirmation
GUSMUS, Louis Edwardusr             21May1898    Confirmation
MANUSH, Franciscus Peter            21May1898    Confirmation
MANUSH, George Joseph               21May1898    Confirmation
DAY, Edward Edmund                  21May1898    Confirmation
DAY, Joseph Joannes                 21May1898    Confirmation
MACHTOLFF, Clifford Josep           21May1898    Confirmation
MACHTOLFF, Michael Harry            21May1898    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Francis Victor            21May1898    Confirmation
ARNDT, Joseph Jacob                 21May1898    Confirmation
SHARNAGL, Christian Alex.           21May1898    Confirmation
WAGNER, Lafayette Joannes           21May1898    Confirmation
MARTIN, Arrie Maria                 21May1898    Confirmation
HASTING, Maria Josephina            21May1898    Confirmation
FUNKE, Maria Anna                   21May1898    Confirmation
KENNEY, Margareta Bennet            21May1898    Confirmation
CLOUD, Francisca Josephin           21May1898    Confirmation
SHALL, Anna Elisabetha              21May1898    Confirmation
MILLER, Ida Edith                   21May1898    Confirmation
MACHTOLFF, Rosa Maria               21May1898    Confirmation
MARSHALL, Alicia Col.               21May1898    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Theresia Cath.            21May1898    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Maria Ottilia             21May1898    Confirmation
ARNDT, Anna Catharina               21May1898    Confirmation
COOK, Catharina Maria               21May1898    Confirmation
FOSSICK, Marcella Agnes             21May1898    Confirmation
LEE, Anna Maria                     21May1898    Confirmation
LARGOMASINO, Anna Agnes             21May1898    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Cacilia Franc           21May1898    Confirmation
STORRY, Maria Catharina             21May1898    Confirmation
HYDE, Nona Anna                     21May1898    Confirmation
SCHAUT, Louis                       11Jun1899   1st Communion
HYDE, Robert                        11Jun1899   1st Communion
MARICHAL, Francis                   11Jun1899   1st Communion
STORK, Anna                         11Jun1899   1st Communion
WILBERDING, Tillie                  11Jun1899   1st Communion
GUSMUS, Leo                         20May1900   1st Communion
FOSSICK, Thomas Henry               20May1900   1st Communion
GUSMUS, Clara Elenora               20May1900   1st Communion
WILLIAMS, Margaret                  20May1900   1st Communion
O'BRIEN, Mary Florentina            20May1900   1st Communion
PROSCH, Anna Mary                   20May1900   1st Communion
MANUSCH, Mary Catharine             20May1900   1st Communion
HYDE, John Robert                   27May1900    Confirmation
FOSSICK, Thomas Henry               27May1900    Confirmation
O'BRIEN, Mary Florentina            27May1900    Confirmation
PROSCH, Anna Mary                   27May1900    Confirmation
MANUSCH, Mary Catharine             27May1900    Confirmation
WILLIAMS, Margaret Mary             27May1900    Confirmation
MARICHAL, Francis Mary              27May1900    Confirmation
STORK, Anna Amelia                  27May1900    Confirmation
FOSSICK, Elisabeth Mary             27May1900    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, John Bernard              02Jun1901   1st Communion
FOLEY, John Leo                     02Jun1901   1st Communion
SCHWAGER, Mary Augusta              02Jun1901   1st Communion
VEID, Ella Catharine                02Jun1901   1st Communion
STARK, John                         04May1902   1st Communion
KIRCHER, Leonard                    04May1902   1st Communion
FUNKE, George                       04May1902   1st Communion
MITCHELL, Margareth                 04May1902   1st Communion
ROGGENBUCK, Martha                  04May1902   1st Communion
TIGG, Enia? (Mrs.)colored           20May1902   1st Communion
KIRCHER, Leonard Gulielmu           08Jun1902    Confirmation
DiRUGO, Joseph James                08Jun1902    Confirmation
STARK, John Louis                   08Jun1902    Confirmation
FUNKE, George Thomas                08Jun1902    Confirmation
FOLEY, Leo Thomas                   08Jun1902    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Bernard Adam              08Jun1902    Confirmation
McNALLY, T. Robert                  08Jun1902    Confirmation
FOSSICK, Florence Elisab.           08Jun1902    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Martha Mart.            08Jun1902    Confirmation
MITCHELL, Margareth Mary            08Jun1902    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Mary Elisabeth            08Jun1902    Confirmation
McNALLY, Francisca?                 08Jun1902    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Bernard Aloysin?        19Jun1904    Confirmation
MANUSH, William Joseph              19Jun1904    Confirmation
MANUSH, Charles James               19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOLLEHAN, Emmet Joseph              19Jun1904    Confirmation
McNALLY, Thomas John                19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOLLEHAN, John Francis              19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOLLEHAN, John                      19Jun1904    Confirmation
McNALLY, Annie Mary                 19Jun1904    Confirmation
HENKE, Elizabeth Mary Josephine     19Jun1904    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Lizetta Mary Josephine    19Jun1904    Confirmation
MOORE, Catherine Elizabeth          19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOLLEHAN, Mary Josephine            19Jun1904    Confirmation
BOWSER, Mary Assumpta?              19Jun1904    Confirmation
LITTLE, Stonewall                   08Nov1905    Confirmation
LITTLE, Raphael                     19Jun1904    Confirmation
FLOYD, William D.                   19Jun1904    Confirmation
FLOYD, Al?                          19Jun1904    Confirmation
FLOYD, Vance                        19Jun1904    Confirmation
BROWN, J.B.                         19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOWARD, J.B.                        19Jun1904    Confirmation
LEWIS, Will (colored)               19Jun1904    Confirmation
LITTLE, Agnes                       19Jun1904    Confirmation
CRITTENDEN, Wylene                  19Jun1904    Confirmation
FLOYD, William                      19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOWARD, Mrs.                        19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOWARD, Cynthia                     19Jun1904    Confirmation
HOWARD, Mary                        19Jun1904    Confirmation
UNDERWOOD, Mrs.                     19Jun1904    Confirmation
BROWN, J.B. (Mrs)                   19Jun1904    Confirmation
KEE?, Agatha Corrie (colored)       19Jun1904    Confirmation
CROWELL, Jane                       19Jun1904    Confirmation
NOBLE, Walter Stanisles?            14Jun1908    Confirmation
LUCAS, Louis Victor                 14Jun1908    Confirmation
NAILEN, Michael Joseph              14Jun1908    Confirmation
NAILEN, Francis Vincent             14Jun1908    Confirmation
ENGELS, Joseph Edward               14Jun1908    Confirmation
BROWN, Cewall? George               14Jun1908    Confirmation
RADFORD, Fridolin Joseph            14Jun1908    Confirmation
MANUSH, Ernest Francis              14Jun1908    Confirmation
REBMAN, Francis Michael             14Jun1908    Confirmation
BOWSER, James Clarence              14Jun1908    Confirmation
ROVING?, Anthony John               14Jun1908    Confirmation
MORAN, Anna M.Lionard Josephine     14Jun1908    Confirmation
WAGNON, Catharine Mary              14Jun1908    Confirmation
SCHWAGER, Emilia Mary Louise        14Jun1908    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Theresa Mary Magol.     14Jun1908    Confirmation
DiRAGO, James                       18May1910   1st Communion
REBMAN, Henry                       18May1910   1st Communion
BOWSER, Margaret                    18May1910   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Ruth                      18May1910   1st Communion
KIRCHER, Della                      18May1910   1st Communion
DiRAGO, James Edward Patrick        29May1910    Confirmation
REBMAN, Henry Joseph                29May1910    Confirmation
CALLAHAN, Thomas Francis            29May1910    Confirmation
KISER, Walter Edward                29May1910    Confirmation
HASTINGS, Ruth Frances Gertrude     29May1910    Confirmation
BOWSER, Margaret Mary Grace         29May1910    Confirmation
KIRCHER, Della Elizabeth            29May1910    Confirmation
GATTMAN, John                       14May1911   1st Communion
BRUMBACH, Willie                    14May1911   1st Communion
KIRCHER, Joe                        14May1911   1st Communion
MANUSH, Harry                       14May1911   1st Communion
MANUSH, Henry                       14May1911   1st Communion
BOWSER, Lancelote                   14May1911   1st Communion
LARKIN, Frank (Mrs)                 14May1911   1st Communion
LARKIN, James (Mrs)                 14May1911   1st Communion
BROWN, George (Mrs)                 14May1911   1st Communion
LARKIN, Annie Catherine             14May1911   1st Communion
LARKIN, Pearl                       14May1911   1st Communion
DiRAGO, Rosie                       14May1911   1st Communion
BROWN, Helen                        14May1911   1st Communion
ROGGENBUCK, Aurelia                 14May1911   1st Communion
BRUMBACH, Josephine                 14May1911   1st Communion
DAVIS, Winnie                       14May1911   1st Communion
DAVIS, Louise                       14May1911   1st Communion
BOWSER, Francis Lancelot            16Jun1912    Confirmation
BRUMBACH, William                   16Jun1912    Confirmation
MANUSH, Henry John                  16Jun1912    Confirmation
MANUSH, Harry Joseph                16Jun1912    Confirmation
MEIRS, William                      16Jun1912    Confirmation
HATHCOCK, Flovian                   16Jun1912    Confirmation
GATTMANN, John William              16Jun1912    Confirmation
BRUMBACH, Josephine Frances         16Jun1912    Confirmation
DAVIS, Louise Frances               16Jun1912    Confirmation
DAVIS, Winnie Mary Grace            16Jun1912    Confirmation
BROWN, Helen Gertrude               16Jun1912    Confirmation
LARKIN, Pearl Frances               16Jun1912    Confirmation
LARKIN, Holly Mary                  16Jun1912    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Aurelia Pauline         16Jun1912    Confirmation
DiRAGO, Rosa Maria                  16Jun1912    Confirmation
HATHCOCK, Annie Mae                 16Jun1912    Confirmation
FUNKE, Martha Frances               16Jun1912    Confirmation
MEIERS, Laura                       16Jun1912    Confirmation
GORMAN, Frank                       26Apr1914   1st Communion
SCHARNAGEL, Edward                  26Apr1914   1st Communion
HAYDEN, George                      26Apr1914   1st Communion
HAYDEN, Gertrude                    26Apr1914   1st Communion
SCHARNAGEL, Mary                    26Apr1914   1st Communion
HAYDEN, Benedict George             12Jul1914    Confirmation
GORMAN, Placidus Frank              12Jul1914    Confirmation
SCHARNAGEL, Bernard Edward          12Jul1914    Confirmation
HAYDEN, Cecilia Gertrude Mary       12Jul1914    Confirmation
SCHARNAGEL, Teresia Mary            12Jul1914    Confirmation
ROGGENBUCK, Paul Francis            14May1916   1st Communion
ROGGENBUCK, Margaret Cecilia        14May1916   1st Communion
GATTMANN, Clarence Bernard          14May1916   1st Communion
HASTING, John James                 14May1916   1st Communion
BRUNGART, Theodor                   14May1916   1st Communion
ROGGENBUCK, Paul Frank              21May1916    Confirmation
GATTMAN, Clarence Bernard           21May1916    Confirmation
HASTINGS, James                     21May1916    Confirmation
BRUNGART, Catharina                 21May1916    Confirmation
BRUNGART,                           21May1916    Confirmation
HASTINGS, Lititia E.                01Apr1920   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Harmon                    04Apr1920   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Patrick                   04Apr1920   1st Communion
TURBERVILLE, Malcom                 04Apr1920   1st Communion
HASTINGS, Mary Margaret             04Apr1920   1st Communion
TURBERVILLE, Mary Margaret          04Apr1920   1st Communion
KALT, Valeria                       04Apr1920   1st Communion
TURBERVILLE, Sarah Alice            04Apr1920   1st Communion
ALLEN, Edward P.                    21May1921    Confirmation
HASTINGS, Letitia Elisabeth         21May1921    Confirmation
RODEN, Herman Robert                21May1921    Confirmation

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