Location per WPA: 6 mi SW of Tuscumbia-Underwood Road

           NAME                 BORN          DIED                      COMMENTS
Binnion, Alexander           12 Mar 1833    4 Sep 1892 [Binnick?]
            A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
8 graves on North side, no markers.
Jackson, G. T.               27 Aug 1891   28 May 1920 W.O.W.; Gone but not forgotten
Jackson, Thelma              12 Apr 1912   15 May 1912 Gone to become an Angel
10 graves, East side, no markers
Cheatham, J. M.               7 Mar 1823   22 Jul 1898
Cheatham, C. J.              29 Sep 1823   13 May 1894 Gone but not forgotten
2 graves, East, no markers
McBrayer, J. M               30 Dec 1875   29 Aug 1894
            Weep not father and mother for me, for I am waiting in glory for thee.
Huff, Sophronia E.                  1853          1933
McBrayer, J. L.              29 Jul 1939   10 Dec 1891 He died as he lived, a Christian
Burchan, Eavy Nora            1 Jan 1844   23 Jul 1905 wife of Robert Burchan
            Every joy to us is dead since Mother is not here.
2 graves on South side, no markers.
Davis, James H.              26 Jun 1910    6 Dec 1910 son of J. C. & A. G. Davis
            Sleep on sweet child, and take thy rest, God called thee home He thought it best.
Davis, Homer Clad            16 Mar 1910   17 Jun 1911
            God blessed in an early death and take the infant unto himself
1 grave on North side, no markers.
Andrews, Chas. O.            13 Sep 1907   23 Feb 1908 son of W. H. & C. L. Andrews
                                                       Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.
Andrews, Catherine           29 Jan 1842   23 Aug 1910 wife of W. L. Andrews; Her end was peace.
Andrews, Wm. L.               1 Aug 1823   26 Apr 1901 A loving husband, a Father dear,
                                                       A faithful friend lies buried here.
33 graves, no markers
Witt, Jno. P.                16 Nov 1816   23 May 1893 At rest in peace.
Cheatham, A. J.              23 Jan 1848   17 Jul 1874 To the Memory of my son; Gone but not forgotten
            While I was young in my bloom, I was allowed to meet the awful tomb,
            But where here on earth my body lies My soul dwells in Paradise.
6 graves no markers.

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