Sections H, 1A, OS, P(auper), & X

Surveyed and Contributed
July 2006 by
Bob Torbert

NAME                              BIRTH       DEATH     SECTION-   NOTES
MARTIN, Jean Wilson              31JA1920                 H-01    w of George
MARTIN, George Arthur            03MH1917    25JE1995     H-01    Cgr USN WW-II
MARTIN, Norman McDonald          10AU1939    11FE2005     H-02    h of Ann
MARTIN, Ann Jackson              11JA1941    29MH1999     H-02
MARTIN, Robert B. Jr.            17AU1936    11MH1996     H-02
ALMON, Louise Howell             18JL1899    15FE1952    1A-03    w of Clopper
ALMON, Clopper                   31JL1895    10AP1988    1A-03
ALMON, Martha Nathan             22FE1897    11NO1960    1A-03
ROBERTS, Ophelia                     1896        1963     H-04    w of PM
ROBERTS, P.M.                        1890        1953     H-04
INGRAM, Luciel V.                15FE1921    22JE1974    OS-01
HARDEN, Josie Tyler                  1907        1967    OS-01
TYLER, B.J.                      15NO1863    09NO1958    OS-01    Mason
TYLER, Pinkie P.                 08OC1874    15JL1961    OS-01    w of BJ
TYLER, Carrie                    17NO1896    10DE1945    OS-02
TYLER, Martha C.                 02MY1892    07JA1961    OS-02
TYLER, A.C.                      12DE1893    29JE1971    OS-02
TYLER, James S.                  10AU1903    07SE1979    OS-02
TYLER, William Eric              20FE1920    26JE1985    OS-02    Cpl USA WW-II
TYLER, Charlotte                 02AU1881    21SE1962    OS-02
NOLAN, Bobbie Tyler                          24SE1974    OS-02
COBAN, Delia T.                      1904        1977    OS-02
LEWIS, H.Y. (Rev)                10SE1887    24OC1943    OS-05
STERLING, B.J.                                           OS-05    no dates
MOORE, C.H.                      10AP1870    04JL1926    OS-08
COKER, E.                          JL1926                OS-08    only one date
JONES, Harvey A.                 24DE1885    26AP1934    OS-08
SHELBY, Joe                                  15SE1940    OS-08    h of Emma
SHELBY, Emma                                 04MH1944    OS-08
LONG, Lawson C. Isaiah           06DE1910    08MY1923    OS-09
SWOOPES, Hellon L.                           05MY1955    OS-09
COX, Ralph                                               OS-09    s of Joe & Daisy
COX, Tinnie                       cir1867    25AU1942    OS-09    Age 75 yrs
MULLENS, Celess                  15AP1873    21MH1923    OS-09
PARKER, Emma                                 27AP1935    OS-09
ANDERSON, James                  04MH1874    28AP1925    OS-10    Unity Lodge 46
ROBINSON, Eliza Anderson         10OC1875    07MY1951    OS-10
TRAMMELL, T.J.                               17JL1926    OS-10
TUCKER, Sarah                    18AP1857    18OC1933    OS-10
SUGGS, George W. (Rev)           02AP1889    05SE1975    OS-11    Pfc USA WW-I
INGRAM, Annie L.                     1905        1968    OS-11    w of WB
INGRAM, Willie Blair                 1895        1933    OS-11
TAYLOR, Jean E.                  01MY1908    03SE1933    OS-11
SANDERS, Ed                                  05NO1931    OS-11
JOHNSON, Elizabeth                  1832?        1922    OS-11    dates may be reversed
VICKERS, Mary                    20OC1898    14JL1932    OS-11
MCCRAY, Mattie A.                16JL1882    29SE1985    OS-12
INGRAM, Mary F.                              16OC1928    OS-12    w of Mack
INGRAM, Mack                                 21DE1927    OS-12
BENNETT, Nelson                                FE1942    OS-12    Lodge 46 AF&AM
HAMBRY, Rosezend                 25DE1900    03OC1928    OS-12
MCCLURE, Lucy                                07AP1920    OS-13
LONG, Rachel                     13NO1877    21NO1920    OS-13
TAYLOR, Mary Ella                05JE1891    11JE1923    OS-14
MOORE, L.B. (Mrs)                04JE1885    04MY1923    OS-15
HOOD, Maggie                     11JL1880    22AU1922    OS-15
PRIDE, Mollie                    19JE1880    08MY1922    OS-15
STRONG, Keith                                11JL1921    OS-15
ROSS, Annie G.                   27MH1884    18JA1975    OS-15
GIBSON, Mary Jane                    1860        1918    OS-15
ROSS, Bud                        02DE1876    12JE1951    OS-15
ROSS, Fred L.                    13NO1904    09FE1961    OS-15
THOMAS, Will                         1874    20JL1923    OS-16
HALIBURT, Addie                  10FE1868    23MH1923    OS-16
FORT, Henry                      12MY1916    25AP1970    OS-16
FORT, Benjamin F.                23JL1909    08AU1967    OS-16
LYNCH, Robert Gary Sr.           15FE1951    25SE1997    OS-16    Pfc USMC Vietnam
DAVIS, Wyatt O.                  07JL1909    02JE1960    OS-17    275 Sig Const Co WW-II
STRONG, C.C.                     05MH1884    06OC1918    OS-17
GRAY, Charles W.                     1909        1928    OS-19
GRAY, Will                                   03NO1924    OS-19
GRAY, Hattie                     15AU1872    17JE1912    OS-19    w of W.L.
GRAY, William T.                 26OC1897    27JA1901    OS-19    s of Will & HL
ANDERSON, Wilson Irvine              1913        1913    OS-19
TYLER, Bob                       01JL1878    09DE1922    OS-19    Evening Star Chamber 797
CAMPBELL, H.L. (Mrs)                           NO1940    OS-21
MOODY, Sisley                    06MY1856    09NO1914    OS-21    Alexander Chamber 2043
PRICE, Zella E.                  21DE1875    18JE1915    OS-21    Alexander Chamber 2043
CHANDLER, Mattie                             16OC1915    OS-21    Evening Star Chamber 797
JARMAN, Lucretia                             21DE1916    OS-21    L.L. Powell Chamber 859
BLACK, Dinnah                                13DE1916    OS-22    Harmony Chamber 2136
WRIGHT, Beulah                               09AP1917    OS-22    Evening Star Chamber 797
RICHARDSON, Margaret                         02JE1916    OS-22    Evening Star Chamber 797
KING, James                      09MY1871    08MH1926    OS-23    Nitrate Temple 1303
MCCRAY, Glover W.                17MH1877    29OC1961    OS-23
HOGAN, Robert                    10MY1884    11MH1917    OS-23
EAST, Mary                       07MH1886    13NO1917    OS-23    L.L. Powell Chamber 859
ABERNATHY, Emma                  24DE1872    17JE1912    OS-23    w of A.
COTTRELL, Eddie                      1872    03AU1917    OS-24    Harmony Chamber 2136
HOOD, Sallie                                 29MY1918    OS-24    Evening Star Chamber 797
REEDUS, T.H.                         1863    15AU1914    OS-24    Harmony Chamber 2705
KING, Ellen Jenkins                          05NO1913    OS-24    Evening Star Chamber 797
CRAWFORD, D.C.                               22MY1903    OS-26    Age 49 yrs
WEDINGTON, Willie L.             07NO1891    11OC1908    OS-26
SMITH,                           10AU1897    31DE1925    OS-26
WALLACE, Frank                   25SE1852    05AU1909    OS-27    Mason; Baptist Minister
CARTER, L.R.                                 09NO1893    OS-28    Age 23 yrs; w of WT
ABERNATHY, Lillie                04AP1871    31DE1926    OS-28    Evening Star Chamber 797
HOOD, Dave                         JE1879    01FE1926    OS-29    Evening Star Chamber 797
TATE, Lucy                                   31AU1924    OS-29    Alexander Chamber 2043
MYRICK, J.                       26MH1872    25FE1905    OS-29
SMITH, Mary                                  20MY1925    OS-30    Harmony Chamber 2136
JENKINS+A6318, Abron             19FE1887                OS-30    dates buried
COBB, Ollie                      20JL1896    15AP1906    OS-30    d of Rosie
LEATHERWOOD, George              30DE1888    05JE1906    OS-30
FIELDS, Carrie                   06MY1881    02MH1902    OS-31
WEBB, Forest Jr.                 25AP1898    19FE1993    OS-32    USA WW-I & II
LEBOO, Rachel                                    1915    OS-32    one date
LEBOO, Andrew                                    1918    OS-32    one date
GARNER, Hannah                                   1912    OS-32    one date
GRAY, Georgia                                    1913    OS-32    one date
GRAY, Georgia                                    1913    OS-32    one date; same stone as Hannah
DIX, Avis                        06OC1904    03MY1926    OS-32    L.L. Powell Chamber 859
WILLIAMS, Jennie G.                  1850        1905    OS-33    born Sardis, MS
PARHAM, Bennie                       1885        1969    OS-33    h of Nettie
PARHAM, Nettie                                   1970    OS-33
PARHAM, Jeff                                 19FE1902    OS-34
ROBINETT, Rylee Houston          03MH2000    18DE2001     P-01
CUNNINGHAM, Neil (Rev)               1893        1976     P-01
JONES, George E.                 01FE1907    03SE1976     P-01
COLEMAN, Frink                   12DE1898    29NO1978     P-01    USA  WW-I
EVANS, Clarence White            28AU1935    21JA1975     P-01
NEWSOM, Chester Lee              10MH1929    01MH1962     P-01
MCGAUGHY, Charles A.             13FE1938    07JA1959     P-01
COGGINS, Lucy                    06MH1879    04DE1948     P-01
BENGE, Roscoe                    28AU1926    29SE1937     P-02
RENNO, A.L.                      14OC1845    20JA1926     P-02
SIMPSON, Elizabeth               24FE1931    24HA1932     P-02    adopted by JP & MC
BUTTS, Eliza N. Burks            10AP1870    22JL1931     P-02
SIMPSON, J.C.                    25OC1927    19NO1927     P-02    s of SO
SCOTT, Patricia Gale             07SE1957    24AU1960     P-02    d of Elzie
SCOTT, Julia Mae                 10FE1920    19MH1973     P-02
SCOTT, William Lloyd             14SE1950    13JE1977     P-02
SPEEGLE, Robert Earl             26FE1966    07AU1999     P-02
MCGAUGHY, Adell                  28JE1914    26MY1963     P-02    F2 USNR WW-II
MCGAUGHY, Maggie                 09MY1916    12JA1996     P-02    w of Adell; m 25NO1935
GRAFF, William Hal               27DE1932    20MH1975     P-02    Pfc USA Korea
KILBURN, infant                  26FE1980    26FE1980     P-02    s of Richard & Evelyn
KILBURN, infant                  21MH1981    21MH1981     P-02    s of Richard & Evelyn
KILBURN, Richard L.              08JL1952    14NO1987     P-02    h of Evelyn
KILBURN, Evelyn D.               05MY1940    24FE2003     P-02
CLEMMONS, W.T.                   28MH1931    23MH2002     P-02
MULLINS, Robert Charles          02SE1940    04FE2000     P-02
STORY, Jafus Howard              26JL1943    11JA2000     P-02
BOWLING, Christian D'Nico        02MY2000    02MY2000     P-03
PIPKINS, Robert DeWayne                      09MY2000     P-03    inf s of Amy & Joseph
BASSHAM, Roy Samuel              09JE1919    29JL1981     P-03    Tec4 USA WW-II
HAHN, Edward F.                  23NO1876    27NO1918     P-03
BURKS, N.B.                      09MY1855    05AU1923     P-03
FISH, Nona L.                        1886    22SE1932     P-03    w of Thomas
FISH, Thomas B.                      1870        1956     P-03
CLOUGH, Dorsey R.                09AU1935    30JA1936     P-04
JOHNSON, Henry Lee               15JA1921    12AP1999     P-04    TN USN WW-II
GILCHRIST, Hershel               24FE1926    17JA1999     P-05    brother of Eugene
GILCHRIST, Eugene                28MY1928    20JA1999     P-05
SMITH, Chip                      11OC1969    09JE2000     P-06
WATKINS, Mary                    10AU1922    06OC1998     P-06
RAMSEY, Lloyd E.                 26AU1940    17NO1998     P-06
SIMBECK, Gene Merrill            13DE1938    29NO1998     P-06    Pvt USA
WILBANKS, Jamson Alain                       30JE1997     P-07    s of Larry & Jennifer
GOODLOE, Alice                   04JE1920    07JL1994     P-07
BONNER, Jimmy Lee                28SE1942    08SE1996     P-07
MCCLUNEY, James R.               16OC1901    15SE1918     P-07
GILOUGH, Jimmie R.               27JE1934    30JL1036     P-07
SCOTT, John F.                   12AU1869    07SE1937     P-07
HULSEY, Kinney F.                04DE1882    29FE1904     P-08
BALLEW, G.C.                     30JE1889    04OC1918     P-08
POTTS, Betty J.                  29JA1932    14OC1980     P-09
JONES, Ushel                     14OC1924    28NO1993     P-10
BONNER, Ricky J.                 28MY1969    19FE1993     P-10
GILCHRIST, Mintie H.             15JA1900    09NO1993     P-10
EASTLAND, Estelle Kindle         18FE1931    08JE2001     P-10
PRESTON, Bessie F.               02MH1905    21MH1989     P-11
EVANS, Robert                    28SE1931    27MH1990     P-12
HARVEY, Maylon Shawn II          05OC1988    22JA1989     P-12
HARVEY, William S.               14JL1965    07OC1996     P-12
FOSTER, Lula                     11MH1899    11AU1989     P-12
DAVIS, Ruben Lester                  1913        1989     P-13    USA
PERKINS+A6430, Roxie             15SE1892    18DE1958    S1-01
BRACKIN, Mattie S.                   1898        1961    S1-03
THOMPSON, Joe L.                 22MY1936    19OC1961    S1-04
THOMPSON, Perry                      1889        1946    S1-04
MITCHELL, Minnie                     1887        1954    S1-05    w of Geo
MITCHELL, George                     1874        1951    S1-05
HILL, Alberta                        1895        1965    S1-07
VINSON, Jesse Clyde              26JE1910    10DE1963    S1-07
EASTLAND, Frank T.               14AU1882    29JA1947    S1-07
PEET, M.L. (Rev)                 22SE1902    27DE1946    S1-07
WOODS, Lizzie                    02JA1892    08MH1947    S1-09
NAWHAW, Edgar                    13AP1887    14AP1981    S1-10
fallen stone - face down                                 S1-10
MOSELEY, Lou                     11MH1857    31MH1947    S1-10
LESTER, Ozie                     04JE1906    07AU1947    S1-11
ROSS, Lewis E.                   27SE1944    06JA1948    S1-12
ROSS, Fredrick L.                28JA1941    06JA1948    S1-12
OLIVER, Henry Jr.                    1913        1972    S1-12
DAVIS, Georgia                   22JA1903    26FE1972    S1-13
VINSON, Pauline Lightfoot        06SE1915    24AP1948    S1-13
DOUGLASS, Martha Louise          25DE1929    16NO1992    S2-11
SURRETT, Helen Adams             09MH1943    06OC1983    S2-12
ADAMS, William A.                    1910        1978    S2-12

The following graves were listed in the WPA survey during the early 1930s.
These graves were not located during this survey.

ALLEN, A.P.                       cir1854    16FE1929      X      74y8m19d
AMES, B.                          cir1860    05MY1929      X
BLAIR, Johnnie                   06SE1889    29MH1892      X
BALLENTINE, W.A.                  cir1884    09MY1930      X
BALTON, Sanders M.               07FE1867    31DE1925      X
BANGE, Martha  (6 m)                             1928      X
BARRERA, Rafael                                            X
BISHOP, Louise                   18DE1903    22AU1924      X
BLEVINS, Claud William           23JA1893    18NO1894      X      s of WA & LE
BLEW, G.C.                       30JE1889    04OC1918      X
BOSHAM, Velma  (5 y)                         01JE1932      X
BRABSON, J.W.                    04JA1844    13JL1912      X
BURR, Louis                          1844        1904      X
BYRD. George Dewey                           12SE1933      X
CAMBILL, C. Merrett              02JA1914    06FE1917      X      s of LG & Lenora
CAMBILL, infant of JB & Rosa                 18JA1902      X
CAMBILL, James B.                    1864        1924      X
COOPER, Juanita Mae                                        X
CRITTENDEN, Oclumma                          09DE1931      X
DENNIS, W.R. (Dr)                14AP1846    01OC1918      X
ELAM, Charles                                              X
ENOS, infant of F & RM           12MH1905    12MH1905      X
ESSLINGER, Bobby                                 1924      X
GARNER, Louise                                   1913      X
GELSER, Caroline W.               cir1849    01AP1933      X
GRANT, Robert                    27JE1860    10AU1930      X
GRAVES, Isaac                    14FE1853      AU1897      X
GRAY, H.O.                                   12OC1918      X
GRAY, James R.                    cir1895    27OC1918      X
GRICE, Robert                                              X
GRIST, Robert                    20FE1888    15AP1907      X
HAGLER, Annie                     cir1890    26NO1932      X
HARPER, Lillian M.                cir1903    17OC1927      X
HEBARD, Porter                               15MH1925      X
HINTON, J.H.                     24AP1885    21SE1886      X
HINTON, J.W.                     29DE1879    17AU1892      X
IVIE, Susan E.                    cir1851    09JA1930      X
JEFFERY, infant of M & R                         1925      X
JEFFERY, Marvin Jr.                              1923      X
JOHNSON, Harrison (Rev)              1854        1906      X
JONES, Raymond A.                10NO1902    04JL1904      X
KELLIS, Margaret                                           X
KIMBROUGH, Rosa N.               21MH1882                  X      W OF DJ
KING, Andrew                      cir1873    15NO1923      X
LANCASTER, C.                                14SE1929      X      8m 16d
LEE, Joe D.                       cir1902    01AP1920      X
LEMAY, Elizabeth S.               cir1885    05AP1933      X
LITTLE, W.C.                      cir1863    17JA1931      X
MCDAN, P.W.                                  25OC1918      X
MCGREGOR, L.L.                       1839        1892      X
MEEKS, T.D.                      04DE1932    04DE1932      X
MILAN, Laura E.                      1849        1928      X
MOORE, Joseph P. Jr.                         21JA1922      X      16 d
MORGAN, Annie                                              X
MORRIS, Ida Caroline             08MH1891    23JL1892      X      d of CT & MI
MOSS, William                                              X
MOSS, Hattie                                               X
NEWSOME, Sim (Mrs)               25SE1867    25OC1906      X
NORRIS, Julian G.                30JE1890    03MY1902      X
O'CONNEL, W.J.                               10OC1918      X
PARTLOW, James                                             X
PARTLOW, Paul Terriel            02JA1896    22JA1896      X      s of JH & OJ
PAYTON, John                         1872        1906      X
PEGG, Joseph                     16JA1853    11AU1920      X
PEGG, W.M.                                   11JL1921      X
PEGG, W.M.S. Alice               18NO1895    14NO1896      X
RENEGAR, Alvert N.               13NO1893    25NO1906      X      s of DH & AC
RENO, James Thomas Jr.                       08AU1932      X      6 m
ROGERS, William                                            X
SANDERS, Henry                               26JL1930      X
SHARP, Fincher                   21SE1881    07OC1918      X
SHARPSTON, A.                                14FE1932      X
SHARPSTON, Betty                             30JA1931      X
SHARPSTON, Jose                              09MH1931      X
SMITH, W.A.                      15JE1854    29SE1889      X
STUDERVANT, H.H.                                           X
TURNER, Crittie                  04JL1834    04AP1906      X
VNENA, W.T.                                  10OC1918      X
WHITE, Alex                                  12OC1918      X
WINSE, Lou                        cir1871    30JL1930      X

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