If you have written a biography about your Colbert County, Alabama family 
that you would like to put on this web site, please email me. Pat M. Mahan


Robert Towns Abernathy, MD
Edward Benton Almon
Major E. L. Bickley
Archibald Hill Carmichael
Amelia Anne Williams Carrithers
John Calvin Caruthers
William P. Chitwood
Robert Cloud
Ida Carrithers Bryant Cooke
Lyndal B. Cooper
S. J. Cooper, M. D.
William Cooper
John H. Fisher
A. L. Garner
James Shelby Grisham
David W. Hicks
Samuel Hindman
James Jackson
William James Family
John and Sylvester Jarmon Family
[ African American ]
William R. Johnston, MD
James E. Keenan
Arthur Henley Keller
B. R. King, M. D.
Burchet (Curtis) King
Francis R. King
Paul S. King
James T. Kirk
Dr. George E. Kumpe
Robert Burns Lindsay
Benjamin F. Little
Guide Lueddemann
John A. McWilliams
Orlando Merrill
Amos L. Moody
Joshua Burns Moore
Felix Grundy Norman, Sr.
Charles R. Palmer
James A. Patterson
Edward P. Rand, MD
Parker N. G. Rand
Richard L. Ross
Thomas R. Roulhac
J. N. Sampson
James H. Simpson
T. F. Simpson
Thomas Spencer
John Anthony Steele
Trimigan Washington Thompson
Lewis B. Thornton
William Watts & Josephine Pearsall Family [African American]


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