J. N. SAMPSON was born in Palmyra, N. Y., in 1843, where he received a common-school education. He served in Company A, One Hundred and Eleventh New York, from July, 1862, to the close of the war.

Immediately after the war he came south and located at Nashville, Tenn., where he worked for the Adams Express Co. In 1869 he removed to Tuscumbia, and engaged in mercantile business. In 1885, in connection with other parties, he purchased a brick yard and planing mill, which they run [sic] one year, and in December, 1886, was merged into the Eureka Brick & Lumber Co. This company was organized with G. Lueddemann, as president, but shortly afterwards H. Habbeller was made its president. The other officers are Charles Beck, of Florence, Ala., secretary, and J. N. Sampson, treasurer. The above named officers, together with M. I. Moses and E. Tray, of Cincinnati, compose the board of directors. The capacity of the brick yard is twenty thousand brick per day. This company established the first planing mill in the town.

Mr. Sampson was married in his native State.

[SOURCE: Northern Alabama Historical and Biographical. Illustrated. Smith and De Land, Birmingham, Ala. 1888., p. 441] Typed for inclusion here by Linda Ledlow.

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