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John and Sylvester Jarmon Family

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          I first heard of my great-grandparents through conversations with my father, Ira Jarmon, Aunt Lillie Bell Jarmon Ingram and Uncle John Jarmon, Jr.
          John Jarmon was born and raised in Colbert County, Alabama. He was a farmer and owned many acres of land in Colbert County adjacent to Dick Alexanderís property. He also owned land near Mt. Pleasant Church on County Line Rd # 48 and Jarmon Lane, Leighton, Alabama.
          Ira, Shug and Jab Jarmon purchased land previously owned by their grandfather, John.
          John and Sylvester were the parents of ten children: Their names were John, Jr., James, Albert, Marcellus, Mae Lou, Lula, Hal, Marnerva, Mariah and Isom.

          John Jr., the oldest son, was married to Victoria Jarmon and they had six children: namely: Harry, Willie, Jerry D. John T., Angeloe, and Chester Arthur.
               Harry, John Jr.ís son, had one child, Ida Mae.
               Willie had 2 children, names unknown.
               Jerry D. no children,
               John T., no children.
               Chester Arthur had 5 children;
                         Luther, Aurilla, Olila, Azalia, and Carver Dillard.
               Chester Arthur was married to Gerthude Brown.

          James (Gean), another child of John and Sylvester, had 2 children;
               Pink Jarmon and Zannie Lewis.

          Albert Jarmon, John and Sylvesterís son was married to Cora Hampton and they had 6 children: Ira, Lucinda, Elsworth (Jab), Johnny (Shug), Lillie Bell and Cornelia. Cornelia died at age l6.
               Ira, Albertís oldest son, had 13 children: Albert, Willie, Fannie
               Mae, Ira Lee, Levert, Alex, Harold, Pearlean, Margaret,
               Nazerine, Elsworth, Edna Lee and Naomi. Ira was married to
               Lula Mae Vinson.
                  Lucinda, Albertís oldest daughter, had ten children: Arthur
                  Lee, Nannie Mae, Lucille, Emily, Earlene, Carl, Thelma,
                  Harry, Jr., Oliver, and Gertrude.
                        Lucinda was married to Harry Hayes.
               Elsworth, Albertís son, had three children: Cleave, Pearley
               and Delphia.
               Shug, Albertís son, had 8 children: Hightower, Cornelia,
               Mattie Lynch, Susie Blanch, Cora B., Alfonza, Commorthy and
               Oscar Earl. Shug was married to Emma Kate Bates.
               Lillie Bell, Albertís daughter, had two adopted children: Lillie
               Pearl and Leslie. Lillie Bell married Fred Ingram.

          John and Sylvesterís son, Marcellus Jarmon had one daughter,

          Mae Lou, one of John and Sylvesterís daughters, had three
          children : Rosa, a daughter, name unknown, and a son named
          Count T. Rosa had a son named Earl.

          Lula , another daughter of John and Sylvester, had six children:
          She was married to Sherman Fenney. Their children were:
          Christine, (Tennie), Charity Evelyna, Viola, Laura Mae,
          Theodore, and Robert.
               Christine, Lulaís daughter, had three children: Flora Lee,
               Lue Ella and Gertrude. Christine was married to Alex Vinson.
               After Alexís death she married Mick Wright.
               Evelyna, Lulaís daughter, had four children: Frank, Jr.,
               Gwendolyn, Richard and George. A stepson, Tommy Franklin
               Pruitt. Evelyna married Frank Pruitt.
               Viola, Lulaís daughter, had one child: Irene.
               Laura Mae, Lulaís daughter, had four children: Fannie Lucille,
               twin boys, a daughter, names unknown. Laura Mae married
               Tom Lett Baine.
               Theodore, Lulaís son, had two children: Marie and Evelyna.
               Theodore was married to Helen Freeman.
               Robert, Lulaís son, had no children

          Mariah, John and Sylvesterís daughter, had five children;
          namely: Leslie, Nazerene, Marnerva, Percell and Gertrude.
          Mariah married Gable Johnson.

          Marnerva, John and Sylvesterís daughter, had children, but
          names are unknown.

          Isom, another son of John & Sylvester, had a son named George. George had nine children: namely: Birdie, Jimmie, Jack, Henry, Johnnie, Lucille, Lucell, Sallie Mae and Earl. George was married to Henretta Jarmon.

          Hal Jarmon, John & Sylvesterís son: Children: Henry, Marnerva, Oliver, Benford, Baylee, Mariah, Nellie Mae, Clyde, Evalina, Beatrice, and Jabo. Halís first wife was Lula Abernathy . After Lulaís death, he married Ida Fussell.
              Henry , Halís oldest son, had 12 children: Lula Mae, Earnest,
              Fred, Elizabeth, Easter, James, Alma, Helen, Susie, Ethel Lee,
              Eva and Phyllis. Henry was married to Minnie Ingram.
              Marnerva, Halís oldest daughter, had five children: Lela Mae,
              Walter, Charlie,. Argusta and Rose Ella. Marnerva was
              married to James Bean. She later married Will Carter.
              Oliver Jarmon, Halís son , was married to Sadie Maxwell.
              Children: Milton, Sarah, Ida Mae, Ester, Evelyn, Charles,
               Marjorie, Alberta, Bobbie Nell, Marva, Doris Jean, Ernestine
              and Lawrence. Half sisters and brother are Loretta, Anita and
               Benford, Halís son, had two children: Bennie Ruth and
               Baylee, Halís son, had no children.
               Nellie Mae, Halís daughter, was married to Robert Booker, Sr.
               They had seven children: Namely: Annie Beatrice, Ida Louise,
               Dorothy, Mary Alice, Katherine, Lucille and Robert.
               Clyde, Halís son, had no children.
               Evalina, Halís daughter, had no children.
               Beatrice, Halís daughter, had one daughter, Corene.
               Jabo, Halís son, had no children.
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