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     William Watts was born in Colbert County, AL, to Charlie and Harriet Watts. William's sisters were: Mattie Watts, Jones, Priscilla Watts Kellem, Elizabeth Watts Burns, Ruth Watts Gilchrist, and Hattie Watts Stovall.

     Josephine Pearsall Watts, was born in Colbert County, AL to Laura (Lara) and Richard Pearsall. Josephine's siblings were: Mary Sue Pearsall, Annie Bell Pearsall King, Laura Pearsall Ricks, Viola Pearsall Ricks, and Richard Pearsall.

     Richard Pearsall, along with his brothers Thomas and John, farmed 160 acres together. They purchased the 160 acres of land from William H. Jarman Feb. 12, 1876 for $2400.00 filed 17th January, 1925, book 50, page 40l. 2.5 acres of the 160 acres is where Mt. Olieva School was located and Mt. Olieva Church is now. There were two separate buildings.

     William Watts and Josephine Pearsall were married February 12, 1905 at Pearsall Place by Rev. L. L. Warren, MG. William (Bud)'s occupation was a farmer and Josephine kept house. [MG=Minister of the Gospel.]

     William Watts and Josephine Pearsall Watts are buried at Pearsall's Cemetery, Muscle Shoals, AL.

William and Josephine's children were:
Mattie D. Watts, Oscar O. Watts, Sr. Connie Mae Watts, Naomi Watts. and Dement Watts

Mattie D. Watts married James Hampton. Their Children (2):
Jamesetta Hampton and Willie Urlich Hampton.
     Jamesetta Hampton married George Wright. Their children (3)
          Herman Hampton - Herman's daughter is Paki-Morris Hampton
          Michael Wright
          Belinda Wright - Belinda's son - Cedric Wright.
     Willie Urlich Hampton married Bertha - their children (4)
          Jean Hampton, Josephine Hampton, Jacqueline Hampton, and Joyce Hampton

Oscar Olis Watts, Sr. married Mollie Mae Johnson - Their children (10)
Oscar Olis Watts, Jr., Arthur Watts, Barbara Faye Watts Applewhite Davis, Billy Ray Watts,
Janice Aileen Watts Jarman, Jacqueline Yvonne Watts Poole, Dayle Adrene Watts Turner,
Gaile Dredene Watts Mullens, Sarah Darnell Watts Mitchell,  and David Parnell Watts.

     Oscar Olis Watts, Jr., married Joyce Brown - (deceased) Their children (2)
          Oscar Olis III - married Peggy Goodloe - Their children (2)
               Stephanie Watts and Stacia Watts
          Dexter Brown Watts - married Monica Sewell
     Arthur Watts married Doris (deceased) - Their children (2)
          Christantinopia Watts Gist - married Jacob Watkins - their child, Akia Gist.
          Debbie Card - Children: (4) Oriah Card, Reah Card, Ivory Card, Debriah Card.
     Barbara Faye Watts Applewhite-Davis married Edgar Earl Davis - Their children (2)
     Stacia Bolden - married Mark Bolden - their children (2):
          Solomon Bolden, Joshua Bolden
          Dia D. Applewhite - Dia's son Isaiah Bryant
     Billy Ray Watts (deceased) - married Adell. Their Children (2)
          Keith Watts - Keith's son: Keiffer Watts
          Spencer Watts - (deceased)
     Janice Aileen Watts - married Willie Jarman, Sr. Their Children (2)
          Willie Jarman, Jr
          Zachary Jarman, Sr. His children (2)
          O'Shanna Jarman and Zachary Jarman, Jr. (deceased)
     Jacqueline Yvonne Watts - married Lawrence McFirm Poole, Sr. Their Children (4)
          Lawrence Poole, II - His children (2) Jaylen Poole and Keira Nicole Poole
          David Christopher Poole
          Jazmon Sade Poole
          Yvonne Cherise Poole Poe - married Shon Poe - their child, Isaiah Shon Poe.
     Gaile Dredene Watts - married Willie Frank Mullens, Sr. Their children (4)
          Willie Frank Mullens, II - married Tammy Mullens
          Duan Hollis Mullens
          Daniel Collis Mullens - married Margaret Mullens
          Nicholas Adon Mullens - married Miranda Mullens
               Gail's grandchildren are: Jerrel Simpson, Willie Frank Mullens, II,
                         Deion Mullens, Davion Eggleston.
               Gail's great-grandchildren are: Daniel Collis Mullens, II, Keleigh Alexa Mullens,
     Dayle Adrene Watts - married Jimmy Turner, Jr. Their children (2)
          Marquita Kim Turner and Jimmy Turner, III
               Dayle's grandchildren: Maya Turner, McKenzie Turner, Jimmy Turner, IV;
                         Jaylon Turner, Sargent Turner
     Sarah Darnell Watts - married Arthur Charles Mitchell, Sr. Their children (4)
          Arthur Charles Mitchell, Jr. - His children: Amari Charles Mitchell and Morgan Mitchell
          Charlsa Renee Mitchell
          Latosha Mitchell Kelley - married Patrick Kelley - Their child: Christian Kelley
          Tameka Griggs - Married Damon Griggs - Their child: Isaiah Griggs
     David Parnell Watts - married Jenise Scales - Their children (3):
          David Michah Watts
          Brandon Allen Webb
          Stephen Lamont Webb
               Parnell's grandchild - Tyree Webb

Connie Mae Watts - Married Britton Thompson - Their children (3):
     Ronnie Thompson
     Clara Bell Thompson - married Booker Thomas Cowley - Their son - Eric Cowley
     Carl Gene Thompson, Sr. - Married Nora. - Their children (5)
          Michael Eugene Thompson,
          Jeffrey Lamont Thompson
          Charles Dwayne Thompson
          Carl Gene Thompson, II
          Adrianna Thompson

Naomi Watts - Married Oliver Hampton - Their Children (7)
     Ella Juanita Hampton - married Paul James Moss (deceased) - Their Children (2)
          Kenneth Bernard Moss, and Michael Andrew Moss
     Edward Lee Hampton, Sr. (deceased) - married Alma Day - Their Children (4)
          Durrell Goode, Sr. - son: Durrell Goode, Jr.
          Edward Lee Hampton, Jr. - Married Anglea Brooks - Their Children (2)
               Devin Jackson, Destanie Jackson
          William Lavender - Married Besrenia - Their Children (2)
               Brandon Lavendar, Brittany Lavendar
          Ronald Lavendar
     Thomas Leon Hampton - Married David Carnell Bynum - Their child (1)
          Travis Hampton - His son: Thomas Joseph Hampton
     Mary Gladys Hampton - Married Bennie James Mastin - Their Children (3)
          Bernard Mastin, Jr. - Married Monique - Their children (3)
                 Bernard Mastin, Jr., Joshua Mastin, and Britnea Mastin
          Warrick Mastin, Sr. - Married Jacinta Brown - Their children (4)
               Warrick Mastin, Jr., Benjamin Mastin, Zachary Mastin, and Nakiea Mastin
          Chrsitopher Mastin - Married Bridgett Saxon - Their children (2)
               Shakira Savage and Kristen Mastin
     Carolyn Hampton - Married John Alford - Their children (2)
          Quinton Alford - Married Domina Alford - Their children (2)
                Coleman Alford and Linden Alford
          Johnita Alford - Her duaghter: Courtney Mattice Moon
     Walter Lee Hampton - Married Mildred Baugh - Their children (3)
          Danielle Adams - Married Stanley Davis - Their Children:
               Alexis Davis, Alyssa Davis, Shay Davis
          Corey Johnson
          Roscea "Bo" Gadd
     Prame Odell Hampton - Married Virfinia Roach - Their children (4)
          Wayne Hampton - His children: Alicia D. Hampton (deceased),
                Darwuez Montgomery-Hampton, Octarious Hampton, Twin
                daughters: Xynia and Zynia Hampton, Lakisha Hampton, Carnecia
          Tyrone Hampton - Married Tracy Hampton - Their children
                Domic Hampton and Jesse Hampton
          Danny Hampton
          Terry Hampton

Dement DePriest Watts - Married Sadie Lou Morris - Their daughter:
     Phyllis DePriest Watts - Eugene Lawrence Cain -
          Their son: Juba Bassel Watts Cain

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