As Advertised in Colbert County,
 Alabama Newspapers.

NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian
9 Dec 1836, p. 3
Negroes for Sale.
         I have SIX likely and valuable NEGROES for sale, on a credit of one and two years, or for cash, to suit the purchaser---(with interest from the date, if sold on a credit.)
         Among them are two Blacksmiths---one an excellent workman, being well acquainted with the various kinds of work belonging to the trade; the other has nearly completed the trade, and, by a little more instruction, will be fully competent to execute any work appertaining to the business. There are three young Women, two of whom as good cotton Pickers, and the other a very good House Servant, (perhaps inferior to none)---and one Child.
        I have also, for private Hire, SEVEN very valuable Negroes---consisting of two men, Carpenters, a first-rate house Woman, another woman, (a pretty good house-servant and excellent field-hand,) and three Girls.
          Those wishing to purchase will make application to the subscriber, living one and a half miles northwest of La Grange.
December 9, 1836. 

The North Alabamian
9 Dec 1836, p. 3
Administrator's Sale.
On Thursday the 12th day of January, 1837, I will expose to sale, at the late residence of Col. Theophilus W. Cockburn, dec. from 15 to 20 Likely NEGRO SLAVES, together with a very handsome family Carriage, Stock of every description (consisting of Horses, Cattle, &c.--among them a yoke of good and well-broke Oxen.) Plantation Tools, &c.
           The purchasers of the Negroes will be required to give their notes with good security, payable at the Bank of the State of Alabama at Decatur. The terms for the other property will be made known at the sale.
Adm'r. of T. W. Cockburn, dec'd.
December 9, 1936.

The North Alabamian
9 Dec 1836
Executors' Sale of
On Monday the 9th day of January, 1837, we will offer for sale to the highest bidder, on a credit of 1 and 2 years, that Valuable FARM, (1 mile east of Tuscumbia,) the late residence of Capt. Arthur Jones, dec'd., containing 720 Acres--about 400 acres under cultivation---with comfortable Improvements, a 2-story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, with all the necessary out-houses. It is thought unnecessary to give a further description, as those wishing to purchase will doubtless view the premises before the day of sale.
          Also, at the same time and place, we will offer for sale, FORTY-EIGHT LIKELY NEGROES, on a credit of 12 months.
          Also, at the same time and place, will be offered 150 PORK HOGS, & from 80 to 100 Bales of COTTON.
          Bonds with approved security will be required of the purchasers.
JOHN W. JONES, }  Execu-
J. HAIGH,                }    tors.
Tuscumbia, Nov. 18, 1836.

The North Alabamian
9 Dec 1836
Whereas, about the month of January last I executed my Note to Oscar Roaf, for the sum of $325, due about the end of this year, for the hire of a negro man named Tom, on which note Thomas Keenan became my security--Now, be it known, that I will not pay said note, as said Roaf has taken said negro from me. All persons are therefore cautioned against trading for said note.
July 30, 1836.

The North Alabamian
16 Dec 1836
WILL be Sold to the highest bidder, in front of the Rail-Road Hotel, in the town of Tuscumbia, on Saturday the 14th day of January next, on a credit of six months, 12 or 15 Likely Negroes, consisting of Men, Women, and Boys  Bond and approved security will be required.
Adm'r. of Bolling Dunn, dec'd.
December 16, 1836.

The North Alabamian
Friday 27 Jan 1837
WILL be Sold, for cash, a likely Negro Woman, 21 years of age, and her three Children. a good bargain will be given, by immediate application at this Office or to Martin & Cassity, at the Franklin House.
January 27, 1837.-----4t29

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