Emancipation of Slaves

NOTE: The North Alabamian was a newspaper published weekly, on Fridays, in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, AL. It was established about 1832, and at that time, Tuscumbia was located in Franklin County, AL. The owner and publisher was Asa Messenger.

The North Alabamian
Friday, 5 May 1837, p. 3
Notice is Hereby Given,
an application will be made, by the undersigned, to the Judge of the County court of Franklin County, Alabama, on the first Monday in July next, at the courthouse in the Town of Russellville, for leave and authority, according to law, to Emancipate and Set Free the following Negro Slaves, to wit:
Dennis, a man, about 45 years of age;
Frank, about the same age;
Tempey a woman, about 28 years old;
Eustacia, a woman, about 25 years of age;
Mahala,a girlof 15 years of age;
Celia, a girl 9 years old;
Thurza, a girl 7 years old;
Lewis, a boy 12 years of age;
Erasmus, a man, about 25 years old;
Dicey, a woman, 28 or 30 years old:
Joe, a boy 8 or 9 ears old;
Charlotte, a girl 5 or 6 years old;
Martha, a girl 3 or 4 years of age;
George, a boy about 2 years old;
Jackson, a boy about 2 months old;
Nancy, a girl 7 or 8 years of age;
Polly, a girl 5 or 6 years old;
Fanny, a girl 2 or 3 years old;
American, a woman 18 or 20 years of age, and her child Albert, about 6 months old.
April 14, 1837.  

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