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Thanks,  Pat M. Mahan

From: Denise Flynn
Date: 5 Jan 2006
I am seeking information on SMITH AND MOBLEY. I don't have much information at this time....the names I have are:
Lucille MOBLEY born 29 March 1906 she married Walter WINBURN
The information I have has Rosalitta SMITH Mobley as her mother.......and that she was from the Sheffield and/or Florence Alabama area.
Thanks in advance,
Denise Flynn

From: Peggy Newsom
Date: 4 Feb 2006
I could use some help with documenting parents for William T (Jan 1841 AL -
bef 1910) and Fannie Avery (Feb 1844 TX - 10 Aug 1928 AL) REYNOLDS CRAIG.
They had settled in Colbert County to raise their family, I believe it was
in Riverton. I'm a descendent of their son, Edgar Hiram ( 2 Sep 1872 AL -
11 Dec 1928 LA). Any information on this family would be appreciated.

From: Michelle Cabaniss
Date: 22 Mar 2006
          Looking for the surname Moon. I understand there is a Mary Mhoon b. 10/5/1758 and d. 11/11/1861 buried in Mhoontown Cemetery in Colbert Co. AL. This Mary Mhoon was the daughter of James E and Mary A Mhoon. Believe she was the daughter of Moses Spivey and Jemina out of Bertie Cty, NC.
          There was also a John Mhoon b. 10/11/1832. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me. Michelle Cabaniss

From Stephen Nicklas
Date: 31 Mar 2006
Looking for more information on the parents of Plina Jane Collum
I believe both death cert. are on file some place in Colbert. Both are
burried in Mhoontown Cemetery:
          Collum, Amanda M., b. 15 Apr 1850, d. 30 Nov 1914.
          Collum, John Thomas., b. 28 Dec 1844, d. 3 Jul 1924
Thanks a whole bunch - Steve Nicklas

From:  Robin Pollard,
Date:  April 3, 2006
     I am seeking any information on the POLLARD family
that resided in Tuscumbia (Colbert or Franklin
          Name: George POLLARD
          Race: African American
          Born: 1849
His parents are listed on the 1880 census as born in
the state of Alabama.
           Wife: Susan Pollard (possibly maiden name "BROWN")
           Race: Cherokee
           Born: 1855
Her parents are listed on the 1880 census as born in
the state of Virginia.  However, Susan is listed as
"C" or "N."
     If anyone has any additional information or advice in
helping me unravel this mystery it would be greatly
appreciated.  If you have any information regarding
the settlement of Native Americans, the POLLARD family
and/or descendants in Tuscumbia, I could use that too.
     Best wishes and good luck to all who tirelessly search
the Internet for the key to their heritage!
     Robin Pollard

Date: 14 Apr 2006
Edgar Grover Greene, b. Abt. 1921 met my grandmother Thelma Ferrell in Mobile, AL at a boarding house in the mid 1940's. When she became pregnant with his child, they moved in with her parents Milton and Ruth Ferrell of Sheffield (Colbert Co.), AL. Charlotte Ann Greene was born 1/20/1945, but father Edgar (nickname was Tony) left before she was born. He was never seen nor heard from again. Would love to see a picture of him or learn of his ancestry! Nothing is known much of him, except he said he was from NC. He was good-looking and had blond hair at the time. Any info appreciated!!

From: Bill Gray
Date: 13 Apr 2006
     My maternal family name is HALL.  Most were from the Riverton, Alabama area.  I have not been able to go back further than Green E. Hall, born 1830 in Riverton, Alabama.  I will truly appreciate any help or info anyone has on this family --- particularly GREEN E. HALL and his parents.
     My direct e-mail address is
Thank you,   Bill Gray

From: Jennifer Slusher
Date: 18 Apr 2006
I'm looking for information on the surname Dutton.  All I have is a name, Serena America Dutton, and that she was born in Cherokee, Colbert County, AL.

Date: 1 May 2006
I am looking for any info on BURNETT and MICHAEL.
Elizabeth "Lizzy" BURNETT b/1892 married Robert Lee MICHAEL b/1889
Lizzy's parents are Dock and Delia BURNETT
Lee's parents are JAMES NATHANIEL MICHAEL and ELLEN???
I have little info on each family and a lot of gaps to fill. If you have any info on either side, please contact me at  and I will share what info I do have.

From: Celina Hamm
Date: 8 May 2006
          I am looking for information on Hugh Gadd and Hattie Johnson. Also, on their daughter Ellen Gadd who married Toney (Tony) Thomas. The time frame is late 1800's and early 1900's (exact dates not known). Tony and Ellen are my great grandparents.
          If you can help me please email me at: Celina Hamm   Thank you so much with any help.     Celina

From: marie
Date: 27 Jun 2006
     I am looking for information on Susan Dicy CORNELIUS married to Stephen Douglas MORRIS.  Marie Gibson

From: Stan Carson
Date: 27 July 2006
I believe that I am the descendant of slaves owned by the Mhoon family of Colbert County, AL. Does anyone know of any records, probate, taxes, etc. that might list the names of slaves owned by James G. or his son James E. Mhoon.  
Stan Carson

From: Linda Wood
Date: 27 July 2006
Researching the Downey Family in and around Colbert county. Franklin county and Walker counties. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
     Thank you,  Linda (Downey) Wood

From: Diane
Date: 5 Aug 2006
I am searching for information on Jonas McDonald, who married a Miss ???? Williams.  I know Jonas had at least two children, Thomas Huston (b:  8/25/1860 in Bear Creek, Marion Co., AL, d:  6/8/1928 in Tuscumbia, Colbert Co., AL) and James E. (b:  Apr. 1862 in Alabama, d:  1909 in McNairy or Hardeman Co., TN).  I suspect there may have been at least one other, a daughter named Maggie.  Jonas was reportedly born in Alabama.  If you have any information regarding any of these individuals, I would be most anxious to communicate with you.  I am the great, great granddaughter of Jonas McDonald.  It has taken me three years just to find out his name.  I look forward to hearing from someone else who may be searching for Jonas. Diane Chandler

From: ~dotcrazee~
Date: 1 Sep 2006
I am looking for any information on James Vandiver and Nellie Berryhill Vandiver, Hobert Richard Reeves who married Editha Joy Carmack, John Carmack who married Mary Lou Thompson parents of Editha Joy Carmack, and William Reeves. If anyone has any information on any of these people, all info would be greatly appreciated. John Carmack and Mary Lou Thompson were married in Colbert County between 1867 and 1874. I think Hobert Reeves and Editha Carmack are buried at Pine Grove Cemetary. Also think that John Carmack and Mary Lou Thompson Carmack are buried at Crooked Oak Cemetary. Any info is appreciated.      Kim Brooks

Date: 15 Sep 2006
     Seeking a relative of Frank Thomas Nave, b/1912-1915 in Riverton, Colbert Co. Alabama. He was the son of Thomas Falls Nave and Helen Sales Nave and the grandson of Thomas Nave b.1826
     Frank Nave died on the USS GRUNION during WWII, today the sub USS GRUNION has been located and we wish to share this news with as many of the crew men families as we can. Anyone with information of Frank Thomas Nave, please contact me or post to   Vickie Rodgers

From: Margaret Baldock
Date: 17 Dec 2006
     I'm looking for information on P.M. LeMay b. 1810 who married Mary/May F. Carter, daughter of Samuel Scott Carter.  They were married about 1877 probably in Lawrence Co.  Supposedly, P.M. LeMay died in Brickville, but have found nothing to verify that info.  I would like to know where he and May/Mary were buried.  (According to other researchers, P.M. was married numerous times.)
     In 1902, a P. M. LeMay was listed as a landowner in Colbert Co. just south of
     I would appreciate any info you might be able to share with me.
Thanks,  Margaret

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