1989 Wedding Anniversaries

Contributed 15 May 2005
Darlene (Campbell) Scott

Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 50 Yrs. 
Arnold, Buford and Katherine 50 Yrs. 
Askew, Hollis and Carrie 50 Yrs. 
Atchley, Mr. and Mrs. John D. 50 Yrs. 
Bacon, Jimmy and Jewel 25 Yrs. 
Bailey, Hassel and Sula 50 Yrs. 
Black, Archie and Alma 57 Yrs. 
Boddie, Margaret and Jeffie 50 Yrs.
Bolding, Aubrey and Pearl 50 Yrs. 
Bolen, Don and Gladys 25 Yrs. 
Bond, James S. and Gladys P. 50 Yrs. 
Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Bert F. 50 Yrs. 
Burbank, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas 25 Yrs. 
Butler, George and Georgia 50 Yrs.
Cabler, Ed and Mary Lee 50 Yrs. 
Cain, Mr. and Mrs. Pete 50 Yrs. 
Crabb, Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. 50 Yrs. 
Crowe, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 50 Yrs. 
Culmer, J. T. and Olive Ruth 50 Yrs. 
Curtis, William and Margaret Pearl House 60 Yrs. 
Dean, Hassell and Virginia 50 Yrs. 
Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. 50 Yrs. 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie 25 Yrs. 
Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. 25 Yrs. 
Flint, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. 50 Yrs. 
Fleming, Donald and Jane 25 Yrs. 
Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. 50 Yrs. 
Fretwell, James and Lassie 50 Yrs.
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sr. 50 Yrs. 
Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn 50 Yrs. 
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Howard 50 Yrs. 
Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. Almon 50 Yrs. 
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. 25 Yrs. 
Grissom, Rev. and Mrs. Emmett A.  50 Yrs. 
Hand, Earnest and Ada 50 Yrs. 
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 60 Yrs. 
Hammond, Sam and Montez 50 Yrs. 
Homan, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 60 Yrs. 
Hicks, Herschel and Opal 50 Yrs. 
Holt, Ray and Ruth 50 Yrs. 
Hubbard, E. J. and Betty 25 Yrs. 
Hughey, Paul and Wilda 50 Yrs. 
Hunt, Roy and Evelyn 50 Yrs. 
Johnson, Bill and Britt 50 Yrs. 
Jones, Almon and Mary Lee 50 Yrs. 
Killian, Luke and Bess 50 Yrs. Cresent City, Fla. 
Kiser, Mr. and Mrs. Dave 63 Yrs. 
McManus, Julian and Oma 50 Yrs. 
Mansell, Charles and Dessie 50 Yrs. 
Mauldin, Mr. and Mrs. William C. 50 Yrs. 
Masonia, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Leonard Sr. 50 Yrs. 
May, Frank and Louise 50 Yrs. 
McClanahan, Mr. and Mrs J. C. 64 Yrs. 
Nash, Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Cullman 50 Yrs. 
Oaks, Hiram and Hazel 50 Yrs. 
Osborn, Paul and Syble 50 Yrs. 
Palmer, James E. and Edith 50 Yrs. 
Palmer, Clarence and Wanda 25 Yrs. 
Peppers, Monroe and Ila 73 Yrs. 
Pool, Carl and Gurtha 50 Yrs. 
Posey, Clarence and Elizabeth 50 Yrs. 
Purser, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo H. 25 Yrs. 
Renfore, Jerry and Karen 25 Yrs. 
Rhodes, Neal T. and Linda 25 Yrs. 
Rickard, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. 50 Yrs. 
Rutland, Fred and Laverne 50 Yrs. 
Scott, Kenneth and Joyce 25 Yrs. 
Sharo, J. R. and Sandra 25 Yrs. 
Sharp, David and Virginia 50 Yrs. 
Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey 50 Yrs. 
Stancell, Fay and Beatrice 50 Yrs. 
Strait, Ellis and Kathryn 50 Yrs. 
Summers, Jerry and Linda 25 Yrs. 
Thorne, Murphy and Louise 50 Yrs. 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. 25 Yrs. 
Thorn, Mr and Mrs. Elmer 50 Yrs. 
Trapp, Lloyd and Opal 50 Yrs. 
Trousdale, Mr. and Mrs. Almon 50 Yrs. 
Truman, Jesse and Ruth Mary Borden 50 Yrs. 
Vardaman, Jimmy and Frances 25 Yrs. 
Waddell, Ann and Bill 50 Yrs. 
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. 55 Yrs. 
Watkins, Jerry and Dimple 25 Yrs. 
Wear,Mr. and Mrs. Clifton 50 Yrs. 
Wesson, Thamas B. and Nola 50 Yrs. 
Wilk, Howard and Evelyn 50 Yrs. 
Willis, James and Clara 25 Yrs. 
White, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. 50 Yrs. 
Whitehead, Buddy and Shirley 25 Yrs. 
Wright, Arvelyn and Nelda 50 Yrs. 
Wylie, Odias and Cecil 50 Yrs. 

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