Reverend Allan Washington Etheredge Bible Records

Reverend Allan Washington Etheredge (a.k.a. Rev Wash & Washie) wife, Virginia Judson Jenny Johnson

Rev. Wash was a circuit riding Baptist Preacher in Clarke County AL. This is a listing of the baptisms and marriages he performed during his service to the ministry. The following information was copied by Mrs. Leslie Huggins (Sadie Bell) of Coffeeville, AL directly from Rev. Wash's Bible records. The bible has since been lost. The names are listed as they appeared in the bible records. No dates are given.

Notice that Rev. Wash died a month after his wife, Jenny; he performed the service for her funeral. They are both buried at Ulcanush Baptist Church in Coffeeville, Clarke County AL.

Rev. Etherdge and V.J. Johnson were married December 10, 1876

A.W. Etheredge borned April 6, 1854 Viginia Etheredge borned Nov 24, 1858

Children: Lilia G. Etheredge borned Dec. 7, 1878

Ada A. Etheredge borned Dec. 17, 1880

Mellie V. Etherdge borned Aug. 17, 1883

E. Dessie Etheredge borned Jan. 15, 1887

Maude D. Etheredge borned Aug. 21, 1889

Mabel C. Etheredge borned Feb. 25, 1892

Clarence C. Etheredge borned July 18, 1895

Earl C. Etheredge borned Sept. 26, 1897

Luther Clifford Etheredge borned March 9, 1903

Deaths: listed by unknown person

A.W. Etheredge died July 23, 1933

Virginia Etheredge died June 22, 1933

Lelia Huggins died March 26, 1938

Ada Deas died February 13, 1946

Contributed by and used here with permission from: Sylvia Dees,


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