Choctaw County, Alabama

Contributed by Bennie White

All info on this page was extracted from my microfilm copy of Choctaw Co., AL Records (Roll#S2005-0347, Alabama Dept of Archives & History).[BWW]

ALSTON, Caroline CHANEY, 19 Nov 1858

No Bk or Pg number shown
Wife of William J. ALSTON; sons G. B. CHANEY and William J. GILMORE 
appointed Executors (Note: Believe the Gilmore was a son-in-law, see info later in 
will--BWW); I give my husband, William J. ALSTON, a good and suffiicent support 
during his life;  my two youngest children, Caroline CHANEY and Albert B. 
CHANEY, be supported and educated out of the estate until they marry or reach 21 years 
of age; I give my whole estate to my four youngest children, G. B. CHANEY, 
Isabella GILMORE, wife of William J. GILMORE, Caroline CHANEY, and 
Albert B. CHANEY to be equally divided between them; all my other children have 
already a large amount of property and have had advantages above my four younget children.  
(Note: The "other" children were not named - BWW)
                                                        19th day of November 1858
                                                        Caroline ALSTON  (Seal)
Signed and sealed in
the presence of, and 
attested by:
          J. A. RUSSELL
          W. H. SIMMONS
          John N. McNEELY

On 12 Jan 1867, Judge Bailey certified validity of will of Caroline ALSTON, dec'd. 
Note:  The above is a very brief abstraction of pertinent info contained in this 
document, which covered seven or eight pages.-BWW

HURST, Irvin, 16 Nov 1910
Will Bk A, Pgs 252-254
To son, Samuel HURST, all my real property now owned by me or which I may be 
seized and possessed of at my death, including all houses and buildings of every kind 
as well as all appurtenances belonging thereto and also male? mule named "Kit" and I 
will that he pay my burial expenses and put a tombstone at my grave.
To daughter, Ellen HURST, all my personal property of every kind and description 
whether of money, cattle, stock, household furniture or any other personal property 
I may own at the time of my death, provided, however, that out of what money I may 
have at the time of my death, my debts shall be paid by my Executor, including medical 
attention during last illness.

I appoint my son, Samuel HURST, as Executor of this my last will and testament.

Witnesses:  S. A. TURNER          G. F. LITTLEPAGE 
                                                                 16 Nov 1910

Recorded 30 Jan 1911, W. H. LINDSEY, Probate Court Judge
Probate Minutes, Bk E, 23 Dec 1910
HURST, Irvin, Deceased
In the matter of the probate of his will
......decedent left surviving named children (all over 21):  Richard HURST, 
Linton, MS; Robert M. HURST, Butler, AL; Ellen HURST, Butler, AL; 
David HURST, Laurel, MS; William HURST, Stonewall, MS (Note: This is 
probably Willis H. HURST who married Alice GOREE, my HURST connection 
- BWW); James HURST, Arno, Choctaw Co., AL; Margaret MORGAN, Meridian, 
MS. (Note: Samuel HURST was also a surviving child and Executor - BWW)

MAY, Pleasant, 1864
No Will Bk or Pg shown
I will that my property shall be kept together and used and enjoyed in common by 
my wife & children and the plantation to be kept up and managed as in the judgment of 
my Executors and as my children become of age their portion of my property be given 
them.  I will that my estate be equally divided between my wife and each of my 
children.  I will that all my Negroes be kept together and worked on the plantation 
for the mutual and equal benefit of my wife, Joanna E. MAY, and my children, 
Selley/Salley, Sydney, and Frances, and such others as 
may hereafter be born of my body.
I appoint my brothers-in-law, James A. MOORE and Platt S. CROWN/COWAN? 
                                                         /s/ Pleasant MAY (Seal)

Witnesses:  R. S. TINKER
            Samuel SLAY
            G. P. TINKER

                 (Note: No day and month was indicated when will was made, 
                  but year was shown - 1864 - BWW)

I, Warren BAILEY, Judge of Probate, certify that the above ......last will and 
testament of Pleasant MAY, late of said county, deceased......
Given under my hand, 25 day of May 1868
                                                           /s/ W. BAILEY, Judge

(Note: The full will consisted of five handwritten pages. Pleasant MAY went into 
detail on how everything would be handled in various circumstances; in addition, 
there were another 13 handwritten pages involving a court case filed 27 May 1868 - 
CROWN vs. G. F. SMITH, et al.  The first sentence of the document reads:  
"To the Hon. J. L. LOOMIS, Chancellor of the Middle Division of the State of 
Alabama, 3 District. The separate answer of Geo. F. SMITH to the bill of complaint 
filed in this Hon. court by Syd MAY & Platt S. CROWN/COWAN, Complainants, 
against this defendant and others." - BWW)

WILSON, George W., Col'd, 25 Oct 1911
Will Bk A, Pgs 263-264
To Susan RUFFIN, all my household and kitchen furniture and five acres of land, 
lying west of Butler and Livingston Road, togeather (sic) with all improvements, 
including my dwelling house and stable, to be used and controled (sic)by her as a 
means of support, for and during the terms of her natural life and at her death the 
said property shall be divided between and among my heirs. 
All property, Real, Personal, and Mixed between my children:  Jesse J. WILSON; 
T. J. WILSON; John W. WILSON; Sarah ADKINS, wife of John ADKINS, 
and the children of my son, G. W. WILSON, now deceased; share and share alike.
I appoint my son, Jesse J. WILSON, as Executor.

Witnesses:  A. G. WILSON             Geo. RAY 

                                                               25 Oct 1911

Filed 24 Jan 1912, W. H. LINDSEY, Probate Judge

Petition For Probate of Will, 15 Feb 1912

George W. WILSON departed this life at his home near Butler, AL, 30 Oct 1911. 
Next of kin - T. J. WILSON, 63, son, Meridian, MS; Jessie J. WILSON, about 
62, son, near Butler, AL; John W. WILSON, about 59, somewhere in LA; Sarah 
ATKINS, about 55, daughter, with husband near Butler, AL; heirs at law of George 
W. WILSON, Jr., deceased, a son of testator: Fannie LEE, wife of George W. 
WILSON, Jr., near Butler, AL; Alex WILSON, son of George W. WILSON, Jr., 
grandson of testator, near Butler, AL; Lucy WILSON, daughter of George W. 
WILSON, Jr., granddaughter of testator, near Butler, AL; Jeff WILSON, son of 
George W. WILSON, Jr., grandson of testator, near Causeyville, MS; George 
WILSON, son of George W. WILSON, Jr., grandson of testator, Birmingham, AL; 
Jesse WILSON, son of George W. WILSON, Jr., grandson of testator, near 
Butler, AL; all six children of George, Jr. are over 21 years old. 

                                                  (Signed) Jesse J. WILSON
Subscribed and sworn before me this 15th day of Feb 1912 W. H. LINDSEY, Judge 
Probate Court

Filed in the office of Probate Judge this 15th day of Feb 1912 and the 25th day of 
March 1912 set for hearing          W. H. LINDSEY, Judge Probate Court
Recorded in Inventory Record H, Pg 251, 13 Jul 1912
Following additional papers included in settlement (on microfilm):
1. Order For Hearing Petition For Probate of Will, 15 Feb 1912 (Inventory Record H, 
   Pg 253)
2. Subpoena on Probate of Will, 15 Feb 1912
   Executed 20 Feb 1912 by serving a copy on the within parties, Fannie LEE, 
   Alex WILSON, Lucy WILSON, Fannie WILSON, Jessie WILSON, 
   George RAY
3. Affidavit to Estate Claim of Dr. H. H. MASON, 21 Feb 1912
   Two pages of doctor visits from 26 Jun 1911 through 30 Oct 1911, about 57 entries, 
   most were $3 each; total bill - $169.15
   Sworn and Subscribed before Heyward TAYLOR?, a Notary Public, 21 Feb 1912
   (Signed) H. H. MASON, Dr.
   Filed 22 Feb 1912, W. H. LINDSEY, Judge Probate Court
4. Petition For Letters Testamentary, 25 Mar 1912
   Shows Real Estate valued at $800  (Inventory Record H, Pg 254)
5. Proof of Will, 25 Mar 1912  (Will Bk A, Pg 264)
6. Order Admitting Will to Probate and Record, 25 Mar 1912  (Inventory Record H, Pg 254)
7. Choctaw Circuit Court sheet shows case appeared in these records:
   Will Record A, Pgs 264-265
   Minutes E, Pgs 289-290
   Inventories H, Pgs 251-255
   (Note: "#244" written at bottom, may be packet file # - BWW)

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