Voter List, Bagby's Mill, 1836

Sumter County, AL
(Area became part of Choctaw Co., AL in 1847)

compiled by Joseph F. Stegall

Armstrong, J.
Bagby, Wm.
Bally, Wm. S.
Bridges, Jos.
Buckalew, Richard
Chery?, Hansford
Coleman, Andrew
Curry, Cornelius
Davis, J. J.
Garver, Benjamin
Haris, John
Harman, Harvy
Henders?, Daniel
Hightower, R.
Ingram, John
Irons, James
Kemp, Washington
Linneer, John
Lu___ , Adam S.
McClendon, Simon
McGrew, Henry
McMillan, Wm.
McWilliams, R.
Mill, Richard
Mims, S. W.
Mullen, John
Neel, West
Norwood, Mark
Pace, A. R.
Pace, Burel
Pace, Gilliam
Pawley, Edmaman
Perkins, John W.
Powell, Wm.
Richburg, Wm. N.
Runnels, John
Smith, Calvin
Smith, James
Smith, John
Stevens, Thomas
Threadgill, Allen
Threadgill, T. B.
Williams, Wm.
Sumter Co., AL Election Returns
comp. by Joseph F. Stegall
pub. by the author 2001

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By Gail W. Rolison

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