Tompkinsville Cemetery

Choctaw County, AL

by Sarah Mozingo - March, 1998

This is another abandomed cemetery which was once used by both blacks and whites, located east of Pennington, Alabama, near the Tombigbee River. The black section is still in use, but the white section has been allowed to grow up in trees and bushes. The graves have caved in, stones destroyed, and very few can be identified.

It appears to have been a very large cemetery at one time, judging from the distance between some of the graves. This is to be expected as Tompkinsville was once a thriving River Port during the youth of Choctaw County.

It was only after crawling around in briars and bushes, expecting to meet a slithering creature eyeball to eyeball, that I was able to obtain these few names.

Alex A. ?
Born in Nash County, N.C.
b. Jan. 16, 1803
d. Mar. 5, 1853

L. B. N. Brown, Sr.
b. Mar. 30, 1840
d. July 13, 1921

Chippie Lee Brown
b. June 26, 1871
d. Dec. 17, 1932

M. E. Buntyn
d. July 1, 1889
Age 71 Years

W. T. Buntyn
d. Mar. 10, 1885
Age 52 Years

Preston Burnette
b. 1857
d. 1914

M. A. R. Cahoon
Dates Illegible

Peter C. Dickinson
b. Sept. 12, 1809
d. Feb. 20, 1852

William H. Giles
b. Dec. 12, 1846
d. Aug. 6, 1914

Mary A. McGehee
d. Oct. 28, 1848
Age 33 years
By her side rests her only child
Ann Elizabeth McGhee who expired 1 day previous
Age 7 years and 20 days
Erected by husband and father, W. J. McGehee

Frank M. Hill
b. June 30, 1830
d. Nov. 23, 1880

W. R. Johnson
Son of S. J. and R. Johnson
b. Jan. 10, 1836
d. Nov. 8, 1870

Francis T. McNeely
Dates Illegible

William H. Simmons
b. Dec. 6, 1827
d. Apr. 14, 1898

James M. Ward
b. Oct. 16, 1863
d. May 20, 1864

Chas. W. Ward
b. Mar. 4, 1857
d. May 2, 1864

Lizzie Ann Ward
Wife of F. M. Ward
b. Jan. 15, 1838
d. May 4, 1864

There are broken stones inside a wrought iron fence. The
only thing legible is "Morgan" on one of the pieces.

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