Slaves of James G. Slater & Family

Contributed 17 Apr 2008 by Ann Gay

SLAVES OF JAMES G. SLATER & FAMILY 1856 Choctaw County, Alabama Abstracted from loose papers: Eli S. Thornton vs. James G. Slater by Ann H. Gay January 3, 2002
James G. Slater married Jane Turner, sister of Beloved Love Turner. B.L. Turner in 1841 in Washington County, AL gave a deed of trust for certain slaves to Trustee Eli S. Thornton for the benefit of Turner’s sister Jane and her children. Jane T. Slater died 1 January 1856, and her widower James G. Slater sold some of the slaves. Thornton as Trustee sued J.G. Slater for the benefit of the children in 1856. James G. Slater married Jane Turner their children: Eliza married Jesse Scruggs; age in 1856 23? Nancy Jane married James S. Evans age 21 Sarah M. Slater age 15 Susan Huberta Slater age 11 J. E. Slater age 11 James A. Slater age 9 Mary Allah Slater age 7 George G. Slater age 5 (Names and ages of the children given by Boswell Turner.) SLAVES named in the lawsuit, their ages and valuation as given by the Commissioners appointed to divide them among the children: Fanny, age 20, and her child Marshall, 18 months $1100 Mary, age 28 and child Abram, 16 months 1100 Margaret, age 18, and child Vina/Viny, 18 months 1200 Barbary, age 20 and child Edmond/Edward, 8 mo. 1100 Anarchy, age 23, and child Henry, one year old 1100 Martha, no age given 1000 Dicey, age 40 and her 7 children: 600 Martha, age 20 Harriet, age 18 ($900) Lydia, age 15 Len/Lem?, age 12 ($700) Fed, age 10 Jesse, age 8 ($600) Eliza, age 2 ($200) (Another witness named Frank & his wife Dicey & her children, Martha, Harriet & Emily) Sukey, age 30 and her children, ($800) Lizzy age 3 and ($300) & Rufus, 16 months Betsey, no age given, & her children Bob, age 9, and ($500) Caroline, age 6 ($400) Aaron, age 40 ($600) Amy, age 11 ($600) President, age 5 ($300) Sam ($800) Samuel, age 17 (same as Sam above?) Sydie?, no age given ($800) William, no age ($200) Willis, no age ($600) A different source named KATY & her 6 children: SUKEY, BETSEY, FREDERICK, ANARCHY, BARBARA, & SAMUEL Eliza SCRUGGS already had a slave named PELINA, age 17, & her child BEN, age 1 REUBEN COX in Clarke County, AL bought these slaves: FREDONIA, MARIAH, & LOUISA Witness heard it said that Cox later sold Mariah to someone in Mobile James G. Pace said these were sold to Reuben Cox: Maria, about 40 years old Dempsey, 23 or 24 Fredonia, 20 Louisa, 14 Nelly, 7 He described them as field hands J.A. TURNER , Clarke County, AL bought DEMPSEY for $1200, and NELLY, 8 years old, child of Mariah for $450 Gross Scruggs’s statement was that FANNY and MARGARET are good cooks, seam- stresses, washers and ironers and that DEMPSEY, aged 20 or 21, was in good health FRANK, ALEXANDER and BETSEY are now DEAD (1856) James G.S. Pace added these to the list of dead: FREDERICK, KATY, EMILY Dr. D. M. Dunlap’s statement was that several of the slaves were susceptible to consumption, and the boy FRED had died of this disease while at the home of and under the treatment of Dr. Dunlap. J. W. Thornton said that CHARLOTTE, the mother of Maria, died of comsumption Martha Kaene said that the mother of Maria (Charlotte?) died with consumption, as well as Maria’s uncle Frederick, her aunt Katy, and her cousins Betsey, & Frederick Commissioners appointed by the court, Oliver H. Powe, Constantine P. Mills, and J. C. Philon, divided the slaves, who possibly might have adopted the last names of Scruggs or Evans or the married names of the other daughters after 1865: SCRUGGS, ELIZA SLATER (Mrs. Jesse Scruggs) HARRIET, PRESIDENT, BEN, and PELINA & CHILD EVANS, NANCY SLATER (Mrs. James S. Evans) FANNY & child MARSHALL SUKEY, LIZZIE; and WILLIS SLATER, JAMES MARY & child ABRAM; AARON, and AMY SLATER, HUBERTA MARGARET & child VINA; LEN, and CAROLINE SLATER, ALLAH BARBARY & child EDMOND; SAM, ELIZA and WILLIAM SLATER, GEORGE MARTHA, LYDIA, and BOB SLATER, SARAH ANARCHY & child HENRY; JESSE, and DICEY, These papers are very confusing, as different people named different slaves, and put valuations on them. Some of the slaves listed may be duplications.

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