Red Springs Baptist Church History

Choctaw Co., AL

September 1965 February 2008

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In September 1965, Rev. H.P. Barrington (Association Missionary), Rev. Bobby Shipp (pastor of First Baptist Church in Butler, Alabama), and a group from the Red Springs community established the Red Springs Baptist Mission. This faithful group worked together and multiplied in faith and number until in 1972, the Red Springs School building was purchased from the Choctaw County Board Of Education to be used as a Southern Baptist Church. On October of the same year, plans were made to remodel the building and to establish a cemetery near the church. The remodeling was completed in 1974 and the cemetery was completed in 1975. The first business meeting was called to order on September 10, 1972. In September 1973, Sam Strickland and W.A. Barney were elected as deacons. Trustees for the church were Sam Strickland, W. A. Barney, and George Sealey. Red Springs Baptist Church celebrated our first Homecoming service on September 9, 1973. During our second Homecoming service on September 8, 1974, the church was dedicated to the Lord.

In June of 1994, we renovated a back room that was not being used and turned it into a ladies Sunday School class room. In October 1998, we installed a baptistry in our auditorium. Donna D. Wilson was the first person to be baptized in it. In May 2000, we renovated our auditorium with new ceiling tiles, new chandeliers, and new window coverings. In July 2000, we mounted a steeple on our church, and in August 2000, we replaced our roof. In December of 2001, we remodeled our auditorium again, putting in new paneling and new doors. We also put a light in the steeple. In April of 2002, we carpeted the door steps on the outside of our church. In April of 2003, we remodeled and extended our fellowship hall with new vinyl flooring, paneling, cabinets, counter tops, ceiling tiles, doors, light fixtures, electric stove, and new tables and chairs. In November of 2003, we built a wheel chair ramp. On September 25, 2004, we installed a new church sign on the front lawn. In March of 2007 we installed rain gutters and purchased a digital piano in June of the same year. On October 10, 2007 Pastor Raymond Williamson died in his home after a long battle with cancer. He was unable to preach from his pulpit for several months before his death. He was pastor for 19 years. In February of 2008 we completely renovated our restrooms.

As of today, February 28, 2008, Red Springs Baptist Church has a total of 81 members on our membership roll, and we are still growing in faith and number.

Pastors who have served the church are as follows:

Chip Phillips 09/10/72 02/77
Raymond Williamson 04/10/77 - 03/26/78
James Richardson 09/10/78 - 03/25/79
Randy Daniels 01/07/80 - 05/04/80
Lester Griffin 01/18/81 - 11/29/81
Ronnie Cooper 01/17/82 - 10/30/83
Ronnie Cooper 12/11/83 - 05/26/85
Steve Avera 06/27/85 - 10/05/85
Robert Moore 01/86 - 04/87
Steve Avera 05/31/87 - 06/88
Raymond Williamson 10/88 10/10/2007
Eugene Cobb 11/11/2007 --

Charter members of Red Springs Baptist Church are:

Ann Adams, Mary Adams, Alma Barney, W.A. Barney, Helen Campbell, Betty Chance, Henry Chance, Rosa Dykes, Annette Jimmerson, Larmar Jimmerson, Sherry Jimmerson, Velma Jimmerson, Greg Lovette, Ollie Lovette, Rev. Chip Phillips, Sally Ann Phillips, Shelby Pruitt, Argie Ruth Sealey, George Sealey, G.A. Sealey, June Sims, Thomas Sims, Corene Strickland, Sam Strickland, Iris Tyson, Nannette Tyson, Margaret Wallace, Paul Wallace, Sadie Wallace, Virginia Wallace, and Marilyn Williamson


Henry Chance, Shelby Pruitt, Sam Strickland, Betty Chance Andrews, George Sealey, Harmon Wilson, Wanda Turner, Ollie Lovette, Phillip Strickland, Sadie Wallace, Carol Wallace, and C.B. Gilbert, Jr., Oliver Turner, Jr., Helen Campbell, Raymond Williamson

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