Index B to Probate Files

Choctaw County, Alabama

These files are located in archival safe folders and boxes in the right hand room of the Probate vault, in alphabetical order by last name.

                                                                                                                                   FILE OR
          NAME                                                             COMMENT                              CASE NO.

Bozone, W. A.                     Estate of              202
Blakeney, John G.                 Estate of              202
Blakeney, S. L.                   Estate of              202
Blakeney, W. J.                   Estate of              202
Brownrigg, Wiley                  Estate of              202
Blakeney, Jane                    Estate of              202
Barefield, Abram L. (Minor)       Estate of              202
Bonner, Josiah                    Estate of              202
Brown, Mary A.                    Estate of              202
Bonner, Josiah E. et al (Minor)   Estate of              202
Bush, John Abner                  Estate of              202
Bell, Base                        Will                   202
Bruister, E. E & S. N.            Estate of              203
Buntyn, Oscar                     Estate of              203
Burns, B. G.                      Estate of              203
Bryant, Ben                       Marriage               203
Belsher, L. L.                    Estate of              203
Brown, John                       Estate of              203
Brock, A. D. & S. E. et al        Estate of              203
Boney, Owen                       Estate of              203
Bass, Henry                       Estate of              203
Boykin, B. B.                     Estate of              203
Brock, Ed. W.                     Estate of              203
Britton, Lizzie L.                Estate of              203
Baskin, Nancy                     Estate of              203
Baskin, C. A.                     Estate of              203
Blackman, Slater (Minor)          Estate of              203
Blackman, Plint (Minor)           Estate of              203
Burns, Bertha E. (Minor)          Estate of              204
Brown, Martin L.                  Deed                   204
Broswell, Jessie (Minor)          Estate of              204
Barney, J. H.                     Estate of              204
Bonner, F. A.                     Estate of              204
Bonner, E. E. & L. G.                                    204
Bonner, Ben  (Minor)                                     204
Boney, John                       Estate of              204
Barefield, A. T.                  Will, etc.             204
Bonner, E. E.                     Joint Owner            204
B. B. Broswell                    Estate of              204
Burns, Luther R. et al                                   204
Bolton, P. W.                                            204
Bazone, Lora & Rosa Lee (Minors)                         204
Bolton, J. P.                                            204
Burns, R. L.                      Estate of              204
Barber, N. M.                     Estate of              204
Bonner, Geo. W.                   Perfecting Title       204
Barlow, Clarance                  Incompetent    No File No.
Belsher, M. E.                    Her Will, etc. No File No.
Boney, James M.         Petition to Sell Land for Div.   388
Boney, J. R.                      Estate of              388
Boney, Mary                       Estate of              388
Bass, D. B.                       Estate of              388
Boswell, Annie Mae                Estate of              388
Boykin, H. C.                     Estate of              388
Boswell, D. M.                    Lessor                 388
Boswell, J. A.                    Estate of              388
Bozone, Edwin  (Minor)            Estate of              388
Broadhead, James M.               Estate of              388
Brookins, Charley      Petition of/for Habeas Corpus     388
Brown, L. B. N.            Petition For Sale of Land     388
Brown, S. P.                      His Will               388
Bruister, Mary C.                 Estate of              388
Board of Education vs School Estate of J. A. Watters     388
Boney, Ellen                                             204
Buckalew, C. V.                                          204
Britt, Annie E. (Minor)           Estate of              204
Brock, Charles et al (Minor)      Estate of              204
Bonner, Jas. H.                   Estate of              204
Belsher, A. C.                    Estate of              204
Burgess, Adam                     Will                   204
Bailey, Warner                                           204
Burns, Sarah Ann (Minor)                                 204
Bass, Ella J.                     Will                   204
Brock, Mary A.                                           204
Bonner, Thomas                                           204
Boney, Fanny (Minor)                                     204
Biggs, Willis (Minor)                                    204
Biggs, W. P. (Minor)                                     204
Boney, Edward (Minor)                                    204
Bryant, J. W.                                            204
Boyett, Mary G.                                          204
Butler, Town of                  Incorporation Papers    204
Buckalew, J. A.                  Estate of               204
Belsher, E. M.                   Estate of               204
Britt, M. D. et al                                       204
Brock, J. W. et al                                       204
Barefield, Abram                  Estate of              204
Brantley, Thomas & Chester (Minors)                      210
Buntyn, Oscar & R. M. Smith                              218
Bond - Jail Contractor                                   221
Bastardy                     Flossie Wilson (Minor)      223
Bailey, Mrs. H. W.                                       236
Butler Educational Association                           240
Butler, Town of                  Incorporation           240
Berganot Mercantile Association                          240
Bonds & Oaths                     1888 to 1907           240
Back Tax Notice                                          240
Bailey, W. & H. D. to Choctaw County                     240
Bailey, John C.                   Estate of              240
Baskins, John                     Estate of              244
Brown, M. L.                      Adverse Possession
                                  NW 1/4 of NE 1/4       245
Bonds & Oaths                     1871 to 1887           246
Bonds, Officers                   1908                   246
Burgess, Cornelius                Estate of              248
Bozone, Edwin                     Estate of              248
Bozone, Rosalie & Laura (Minors)  Estate of              248
Butler Artesian Well                                     249
Bond Notice as to Insufficiency of                       249
Back Tax Papers                                          250
Bishop, M. E. et al              Petition to Sell Land   250
Bond of G. B. Bush - Treasurer of High School            266
Bailey, John C.                   Estate of              244
Bush, B. B.                       Estate of              244
Beville, Zillie E.                Estate of              288
Beville,Walter G. & Mary Holland   Estate of             288
Brunson, Tommie & Candid                                 256
Butler, Town of                   Incorporation          257
Bush, Lon B.                      Guardian               267
Broadhead, J. M.                  Homestead              266
Barnes, Alfreda                   Estate of              266
Broadhead, James M.               Estate of              244
Barefield, A. L.                  Estate of              258
Brockway, William                 Apprentice             258
Brittling, Joseph                 Estate of              204
Barefield, John W.                                       288
Bruister, Geo. W.                 Minor Heirs            266
Brown, Myrtle & Nancy (Minors)                           204
Boswell, Mrs. M. E.               Estate of              247
Bruister, H. J.                   Estate of              247
Broadhead, James M.               Estate of              247
Bryan, John C.           Petition For Sale of Land       247
Brown, Geo. C. (Minor)                           No File No.
Brown, G. D.                      Homestead      No File No.
Bonds, Official                                  No File No.
Burford, Johnnie                  Adoption of    No File No.
Burford, Irene                    Adoption of    No File No.
Bush, Alma                        Adoption of    No File No.
Buckeley Children                                        275
Bonds, Gilmer Curtis                                     246
Bonds, Official                                          246
Broadhead, J. M.                                         289
Bush, Frank S.                     Estate of             289
Birth Registrations                                      289
Bennett, T. B.                     Bond Tax Collector    289
Brown, J. T.                       Estate of             289
Boswell, T. M.                     Sale of Land          289
Boney, Mary                        Estate of             246
Beard, John C.  (minor)                                  246
Bennett, T. B.                     Bond Tax Collector    283
Beard, J. M.                       Estate of             283
Bonds, Official                                          297
Butler, Town of                    Incorporation         319
Barefield, Roy N.                  Incompetent           388
Broswell, Jeff                     Incompetent           388
Bank Settlements                   Monthly Account       314
Boykin, J. Hugh                    Estate of             388
Birth Records                      1938-1939             294
Barefield, Roy N.                  Annual Settlement     388
Bonds, Official                                          298
Brown, Delia                                             298
Bruister, Jack                     Estate of             298
Bonner, W. R.                                                                    Estate of             298
Busby, Frank G.                    Estate of             298
Bozone, Simon    (Minor)           Estate of             298
Barefield, Roy N.                  Annual Settlement     388
Bruister, W. J.    Deceased        Estate of             388
Beard, Julian Dumas                Estate of             402
Banks, Elbert J. Deceased          Estate of             388
Blair, Helen Clark                 Guardian              388
Banks, Booker T.                   Estate of             388
Barefield, B. L.   (Minor)                               388
Barnes, Robert                     Estate of             388
Bennett, T. B.                 Tax Collector Report      388
Brooks, Amos                       Adoption              388
Births,                     Records of Beat 1    No File No.
Brown, C. B.                                             388
Batson, L. B.                      Deceased              388
Bennett, Eugene S.                                       388
Brown, Miss Ronnie                 Estate of             390
Burford, J. B.                     Deceased              391
Bruister, B. L.                    Deceased              391
Boney, J. M.       Petition to Sell Land for Division    391
Barkley, G. D.                     Deceased              391
Boykin, H. H.                      Deceased              391
Bolton, Ethel                                            391
Bonner. S. L.      Petition to Sell Land for Division    391
Bonds                                                    391
Barefield, Roy N.                  Incompetent           391
Barefield, Marie                   Deceased              391
Bureford, Martha                                         391
Brookins, Cleopatric                                     409
Bruister, J. D.                    Deceased              279
Bryan, Norris C.                   Deceased              279
Bonds                                                    306
Bledsoe, C. E.        Resignation as Constable Beat 1    279
Beard, J. L.                       Deceased              293
Bledsoe, Manon Shamburger     Petition to Sell Land      281
Brookin, R. L. Dec.-   Petition to Sell Land for Div.    281
Brookin, Shephard      Petition to Sell Land for Div.    281
Brown, Alba Elijah                 Adoption              281
Bledsoe, Manon D.             Gdn. for Emma J. and
                              Daniel H. Shamburger       281
Barefield, Roy N.             Partial Settlement         281
Busby, Ollie May (Minor)      Petition for Gdn. to
                              Execute Land               283
Bush, Gladys Doggett (Dec.)        Estate of             283
Baker, Phillip Estate              Deceased              334
Bledsoe, Manon D.             Gdn. for Daniel H. and
                              Emma Jean Shamburger       283
Busby, Emmet Mills  (Minor)   Sale of Land               283
Bird, Mrs. Siddie J.               Estate of             284
Butler, J. B. (Deceased)           Estate of             284
Bonner, Mrs. Lizzie           Gdn. Earl E. Loftin, Jr.   284
Bush, Renel        (Deceased)      Estate of             284
Bonner, Andrew Lee, Jr.            Estate of             285
Burns, Mrs. Carrie                 Estate of             285
Bryant, Jeanne Allen et al         Juvenile Court        283
Boney, James M.                    Estate of             285
Barefield, R. N.    Incompetent Annual Settlement 1944   283
Boney, Mrs. Clara L.               Estate of             285
Barnwell, Grover                   Estate of             285
Barefield, Allen T.        Petition for Guardianship     284
Barefield, Roy N.               Incompetent 1945-1946    286
Broswell, Catherine                Deceased              286
Barnwell, Grover             Final Settlement    No File No.
Brown, Miss Ronnie             Estate to Sell    No File No.
Barefield Roy N.                   Incompetent   No File No.
Blanks, Horace, Jr.                Estate of     No File No.
Bonds for County Officers                                306
Buntyn, Geo. F.                    Estate of             290
Bolden, Bennie Ruth                Adoption              291
Barefield, Allen T.                Annual Settlement     284
Broadhead, W. H.                   Peace Proceedings     308
Bryant, Theodore              Withdraw Money From Bank   291
Broadhead, W. F.    Petition to Sell Land to Pay Debts   291
Broswell, Catherine       Affidavit & Bond Withholding   288
Barefield, Roy N.                  Annual Settlement     291
Barefield, Allen T.                Annual Settlement     291
Bush, J. P.  Deceased           Estate Administration    291
Broadhead, W. Robert               Estate of             314
Barefield, Roy N.              Annual Settlement 1948    312
Barefield, Allen T.            Annual Settlement 1948    312
Burns, Burrell Kennedy             Estate of             311
Bennett, Miss Nora                 Estate of             310
Burford, Inez                      Estate of             312
Broadhead, W. F.               Gdn. of Mrs. W. F.
                               Broadhead's children      312
Brown, John C.                     Estate of             322
Brown, Mrs. O. E.              Last Will & Testament     322
Bryan, Ben                     Last Will & Testament     322
Barefield, Allen L.N.C.M.      Partial Settlement 1949   321
Burns, Mary Etta               Adoption                  315
Brown, Alba                    Custody                   313
Barber, Osmer                  Lemory Hearing, etc.      313
Blanks, John Lee               Non Support               360
Bishop, J. B.                  Criminal                  360
Brown, Elijah O.               Custody                   360
Barber, B. A.   Deceased       Petition Letters of Adm.  310
Broadhead, W. F.               Sale of Minor's Property  314
Boswell, Ada E.                Petition to Sell Land     314
Boswell, Ada E.           Petition to Sell Owen Property 368
Boswell, Ada E.         Petition to Sell Harrow Property 368
Brown, John C.                 Estate of                 368
Barefield, Allen T.                                      313
Buckalew,                      Estate of                 313
Brown, W. E.                   Estate of                 307
Boon, Willie                   Non Support               315
Butler Cemetery                Commission                307
Bonner, Lillie Mae             Deceased                  342
Bailey, J. L.     Deceased     Estate of                 370
Bishop, Fred                   Adoption                  370
Barefield, Allen T.            Partial Settlement 1952   370
Barber, B. A.                  Final Settlement          370
Baskin, Albert                 Estate of                 370
Buckalew, Kenneth Ralph        Adoption                  322
Barber, Osmer                  N.C.M.                    322
Baskin, Albert                 Final Settlement          322
Brown, W. E.                   Probate of Will           307
Bonner, James, F.D., & Gladys  Complaint                 346
Bonner, Mrs. Lillie Mae      Final Settlement of Estate  343
Brown, Eddie                   Estate of                 323
Broadhead, Belzonia T.         Estate of                 323
Blanks, J. Lee                 Non Support               343
Ala. Public Service Com.       W. M. Cramby              343
Bruister, J. H.                Estate of                 343
Barbour, Jeptha F.             Will                      444
Barefield, Allen T.            Annual Settlement         344
Bell, Base                     Petition Sale of Land     344
Buckalew, J. H.                Estate of                 347
Brock, Mrs. F. E.              Estate of                 347
Barber, Lucy S.                Petition for Guardianship 347
Baskin, Jeremiah               Non Support               347
Blair, H. W.                   Estate of                 347
Bolinger, J. C.                Estate of                 347
Barefield, Allen T.            Annual Settlement         350
Bonner, Carl W.                Estate of                 323
Bolinger, J. C.                Final Settlement          323
Bolden, Johnny & John Lee      Legitimation Proceeding   323
Bush, Walter, Jr.              Minor                     323
Bonner, S. L.                  Inquisition               347
Bonner, S. L.                  Guardianship              347
Brown, L. B.  Estate           Probate of Will           347
Broadhead, Mrs. Ada            Condemnation Proceeding   352
Babbs, Eugene                  Non Support               348
Barnwell, M. C.                Estate of                 351
Barber, Dr. W. J.           Transferred to Circuit Court
Bonner, S. L.  Deceased        Estate of                 351
Barber, Mrs. Mattie B.      Estate of - Probate of Will  351
Bonner, S. L.                  Gdn. & Final Settlement   325
Barnette, Ida Mae              Gdn. & Final Settlement   325
Bonds,                         Insane                    294
Board of Comm.       Petition to Close Road to Marathon  325
Barefield, Allen T.            Annual Settlement         348
Barnwell, M. C.                Final Settlement          348
Brock, Frank M.         Order & Bond to Money from Bank  346
Bonner, S. R.                Estate of-Final Settlement  344
Barefield, Allen T.            Annual Settlement         354
Brown, Robert Lee              Delinquent Child          355
Bolden, Johnny & John Lee      Legitimation of           323
Broadhead, Ernest              Non Support               325
Broadhead, Mrs. Alma      Application to Bryce Hospital  325
Brown, John Edward             Juvenile Delinquent       325
Bryant, Joe Frank              Non Support               325
Bush, Donnie              Application to Searcy Hospital 325
Bozeman, Lettie Mae       Application to Insane Hospital 325
Barber, Dr. William J.         Petition for Discharge    325
Bonner, S. E.                  Estate of                 352
Benton, Virginia Ruffin et al vs John Emory Moss et al   346
Barefield, Allen T.            Partial Settlement        346
Brown, F. L.                   Estate of                 346
Bonds,                   Officers, Notary Publics, etc.  306
Bozeman, Michael Richard       Adoption by Wm. E. Hoose  338
Bruister, Mrs. Helen E.        Estate of                 338
Bush, Donnie                   Guardianship              338
Brunson, O. C.                 Non Support               381
Brown, McArthur & Robert Earl                            381
Bruister, J. Herbert Estate    Final Settlement
                               and Discharge of Admix.   343
Bailey, Annie M.               Probation of Will         314

These files are found in the file drawers located on the South Wall of the West Section of the Records Room in the Probate Office.

Burns, Ada C.                  Estate of                M-19
Bynum, Floyd G.                Guardianship             M-34
Barefield, Allen T.  Guardianship & Partial Settlement  M-56
Blanks, John Lee               Non Support              M-61
Bush, Donnie                   Guardianship             M-73
Banks, Annie D.                Estate of                M-75
Bell, Willard  et al           Sale for Division       M-119
Brown, Roland B.               Estate of               M-134
Bell, Presier                  Peace Proceedings       M-136
Brookins, Obie                                         M-153
Bonner, William Lowery         Petition for Custody    M-161
Ball, Ray Austin, Jr.                                  M-164
Ball, Lynda Lee Barron                                 M-164
Brookins, Obie                 Estate of               M-188
Bryant, E. N.                  Probate of Will         M-192
Brooks, Eugene                 Non Support             M-196
Busby, Emmitt                  Non Support             M-204
Blount, Matt L.                Probate of Will         M-211
Buckalew, John E.              Estate of               M-228
Barber, Osmer                  Guardianship            M-288
Bell, Willard  et al           Arthur Barre et al      M-222
Boswell, Ada D.                Probate of Will         M-263
Brooks, Eugene                 Non Support             M-224
Bowen, Roy W.                  Foreign Will            M-243
Bush, Walter               Petition of Guardianship    M-168
Boykin, Luther J.          Petition for Inquisition    M-316
Brown, Mary F.                 Sale for Division       M-333
Boykin, Luther, Jr.            Estate of               M-339
Bryan, Lettie M.               Estate of               M-361
Barnett, Elizabeth Coleman     Estate of               M-362
Blanks, Roosevelt, Jr.         Non Support             M-393
Boykin, Un-named Child         Custody                 M-404
Babb, Eugene                   Non Support             M-412
Brooks, Clazer                 Non Support             M-430
Busby, L. J.                   Estate of               M-455
Blount, Sharon Leigh           Guardianship            M-478
Butler Industries, Inc.        To Disolve Corporation  M-482
Bruister, Helen J.             Estate of               M-485
Barney, (Earline) Leroy        Non Support             M-498
Bush, L. A.                    Juvenile                M-507
Boyd, Glendene                 Estate of               M-536
Bozeman, William S.            Peace Proceedings       M-547
Barefield, Allen T.            Guardianship            M-563
Bozeman, William J.            Peace Proceedings       M-572
Brown, J. D.                   Peace Proceedings       M-577
Baskins, David Joseph          Adoption                M-598
Beard, Simon S.                Estate of               M-600
Barefield, Allen T.            Estate of               M-620
Boswell, O. M.                 Probate of Will         M-621
Barney, Leroy                  Non Support             M-670
Boykin, Larry DeWayne          Adoption                M-676
Bozeman, James E.              Peace Proceedings       M-685
Bonner, Eddie V.               Estate of               M-686
Bonner, Sharon     et al       Petition for Custody    M-689
Bice, Beverly Ann & David Waye Petition for Custody    M-694
Barnes, Mary Joyce             Petition for Custody    M-667
Barnes, Jesse Cape             Estate of               M-706
Brown, Brenda  et al           Custody                 M-730
Bonner, Hank Penny             Custody                 M-731
Barrett, J. W.                 Probate of Will         M-741
Busby, James                   Non Support             M-757
Britt, W. E.                   Probate of Will         M-768
Bethany, W. W.                 Probate of Will         M-775
Brown, McArthur                Non Support             M-982
Blackman, Minnie               Estate of              M-1285
Bledsoe, Manon D.              Probate of Will        M-1234
Blevins, Thomas L., Jr.        Adoption               M-1151
Boney, Ida Peace               Probate of Will        M-1336
Bryan, W. C.                   Probate of Will        M-1004
Barber, Osmer                  Petition to Execute
                               Oil & Mineral Rights   M-1013
Bennett, John C.               Estate of              M-1016
Bozeman, James David & Teressa Lynn   Adoption        M-1021
Bethany, James Alvin           Probate of Will        M-1024
Barr, David DeWayne            Adoption               M-1042
Barefield, Mary Inez           Probate of Will        M-4044
Brooks, Wesley Eugene          Adoption               M-1058
Brooks, Michael Douglas        Adoption               M-1059
Bozeman, William S.            Writ of Habeas Corpus  M-1068
Beard, Earlie W.               Probate of Will        M-1090
Burns, Emil S.                 Probate of Will        M-1147
Broadhead, J. W.               Probate of Will        M-1149
Blevins, Thomas Leroy Jr.      Adoption               M-1151
Barber, John H.                Probate of Will        M-1152
Beard, William L.              Probate of Will        M-1157
Blanks, John                   Estate of              M-1162
Bare, Belinda N.& Lisa C.      Custody                M-1164
Borden, Matthew Ben            Estate of              M-1168
Broadhead, Sam E.              Foreign Will           M-1173
Bailey, Byron T.               Probate of Will        M-1183
Bolinger, Wallace B.           Foreign Will           M-1204
Balcon, Isa Bolinger           Foreign Will           M-1205
Britton, Mrs. Myrtle E.        Probate of Will        M-1207
Brown, Meuell Gray             Probate of Will        M-1216
Boney, Selz                    Probate of Will        M-1217
Bledsoe, Manon D.              Probate of Will        M-1234
Burge, Lorrie K.               Adoption               M-1344
Booker, Sondra Michelle        Adoption               M-1421
Boykin, Joseph                 Non Support            M-1497

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