Index A to Probate Files

Choctaw County, Alabama

These files are located in archival safe folders and boxes in the right hand room of the Probate vault, in alphabetical order by last name.

                                                                                                                          FILE OR.
          NAME                                                        COMMENT                           CASE NO.

Abney,  Helen & Joel            Estate of            201
Abney, J. P                     Estate of            201
Alford, Laura Jane              Estate of            201
Armstrong, Mary P.              Estate of            201
Addison, F. A.                  Estate of            201
Allen, Ella                     Estate of            201
Atkins, Will                    Estate of            201
Allen, Wessie                   Estate of            201
Allen, T. W.                    Estate of            201
Allen, R. Hughley               Estate of            201
Allen, Gray                     Estate of            201
Allen, W. C., Al, & J. E.       Estate of            201
Allen, J. Wesley                Estate of            201
Allen, J. W.                    Estate of            201
Allen, Richmond                 Estate of            201
Atkinson, W. H.                 Estate of            201
Ackley Lumber Company           Declaration of
                                Incorporation        201
Application for License         Peddler              236
Application for Relief          Soldiers & Sailors   237
Application for Relief          Soldiers & Sailors   238
Applications for CSA Pensions   Report Board         238
Appointment to Medical College                       240
Apprentice Paper                                     249
Application to Erect Mill Dams                       249
Artesian Well                   Butler Petition      249
Adoptions                                            249
Application to Purchase Stall Land                   250
Application to Register Widows                       250
Application to Redeem Land                           249
Abstract of Agreement                                250
Acid Iron Earth                  Objections          249
Alliance Choctaw Incorporation                       250
Application to Change Name       Lucas to Jackson    250
Anderson, Isbellas               Estate of           201
Anderson, J. T.                  Administrator       201
Adoption                    Ben Cherry by J. D. Rowe 275
Abston, Martin                   Estate of           244
Abston, Lillie                   Minor               244
Ala., Tenn. & Northern R. R. vs Mrs. Cola Mosley     244
Atkinson, W. L.                  Estate of       No File No.
Automobile License                               No File No.
Allen, Albert A.                 Estate of           244
Allen, Thomas W.                 Estate of           201
Adams, J. R.                     Guardian        No File No.
Alman, Dr. Sam                   Estate of           271
Allison Lumber Co. vs E. Littlepage              No File No.
Allen, Aubrey, Minor   Estate of & Final Receipt     271
Allen, Ella                      Estate of           387
Abston, Henderson D.             Estate of           387
Abston, Allen                    Estate of           387
Ala., Tenn, and Northern R. R. vs A. K.(R?) Hardin   387
Allen, B. E.                     Estate of           387
Allen, T. C.                     Estate of           387
Allen, Chas. M.                  Estate of           387
Allison Lumber Co.               Irving Turnage      387
Allison Lumber Co. Petition for sale of land for Div.387
Allison Lumber Co.               D. W. Boyd          387
Allison Lumber Co.               Mrs. Leona Hearn    387
Allman, Edward et al Minors      Estate of           387
Anderson, G. W.                  Estate of           387
Atkinson, Jno. H.                Estate of           387
Atkinson, Martha                 Estate of           387
Ausby, Roy et al, Minor  Estate of Cola White, Gdn.  387
Allen, J. Lee                    Estate of           387
Allen, Wiley C.                  Estate of           387
Allen, W. M.                     Estate of           387
Allen, J. J.                   Praying for Exemption 387
Applications Marriage License & Doctor's Cert. 1937  314
Allen, Sally B. Deceased         Will                314
Abson, Katherine                 Minor               314
Allen, Helena V.                 Deceased            314
Austin, Evelyn N.                Juvenile Delinquent 314
Allen, V. G.                     Estate of           313
Allen, J. Lee et al              To Sell Land        387
Allen, Watters V.                Estate of           280
Allen, H. G. and G. W.        Sale of Land for Div.  281
Allen, Miss Willie               Deceased            334
Abston, Grover et al  Minors     Estate of           334
Alabama Power Company       Condemnation Proceedings 286
Allen, J. Lee Deceased           Estate of           286
Atkinson, Mrs. Henrietta         Estate of           286
Allen, Willie    Sale of Land for Payment of Debts   286
Allen, Willie                    Final Settlement    286
Atkinson, Mrs. Henrietta         Final Settlement    286
Adams, Mrs. Annie    Petition to Set aside Homestead 290
Ayers, Ulmer R. and Annin Lorne  Petition dismissed
                                 on adoption         291
Alohosia, Pamer Mortgage         Rec. 151 Page 60    312
Allen, L. C. Deceased   Will & Letters of Testimony
Alexander, Allen T. Deceased     Estate of           313
Allday, Willie Ray       Adoption of Judith Ann Cox  310
Allen, Johnny Edgar           Petition for Adoption  314
Armistead, Willard D.            Peace Proceedings   343
Armistead, Gladys   Petition for Custody of Children 368
Ala. Power Co, vs Grover Smith et al Condemnation
                                     Proceedings     368
Abston, Phillip                  Adoption            344
Allen, Elsie M.                  Estate of           347
Abston, Houston                  Peace Proceedings   347
Ayers, Ulmer Sykes,et Adoption of Geo. Gibson Gowdy  347
Avant, Florida                   Will Proceedings    348
Ala. Power Co.vs Ward Estate Condemnation Proceedings353
Allen, Jo Lane and Mary Nell     Adoption by J. D.
                                 and Roselean Wright 338
Ala. Public Service Comm. W.M. Cramby                343

These files are found in the file drawers located on the South Wall of the West Section of the Records Room in the Probate Office.

Allen, Arrah                     Estate of          M-40
Allman, Rex, Sr.                 Will               M-77
Adams, Dan                       Estate of         M-113
Allen, J. T., Sr.                Probate of Will   M-150
Abston, Lige                     Estate of         M-197
Abston, Clifton                  Incompetent       M-266
Allen, Willie J.                 Estate of         M-267
Ash, Charlie         Declaration of Legitimation   M-275
Anderson, Roosevelt  Declaration of Legitimation   M-354
Anderson, Roosevelt  Declaration of Legitimation   M-381
Adams, Amos J.                   Estate of         M-396
Adams, Doss                      Peace Proceedings M-400
Austill, Jere, Jr.               Sale for Division M-356
Abandoned Infant              Petition for Custody M-401
Allen, Buna                      Estate of         M-441
Anderson, Sylvester  Declaration of Legitimation   M-454
Atkinson, Arabell                Estate of         M-464
Allen, Leona Ruth                Estate of         M-466
Allen, Truman E.                 Estate of         M-468
Abston, Clifton      Guardianship Final Settlement M-530
Allman, AlmaL.                   Probate of Will   M-595
Abston, Joey and Goldie          Guardianship      M-570
Abston, Allen C.                 Probate of Will   M-644
Anderson, Arden A. vs Richard C. Beck et al
                                 Sale for Division M-656
Anderson, Arden A. vs Robert J. Mesyars et al
                                 Sale for Division M-657
Anderson, Arden A. vs Arthur E. Cobb et al
                                 Sale for Division M-658
Anderson, Arden A. vs Dr. Wm. Y. Bennett et al
                                 Sale of Division  M-659
Anderson, Arden A. vs David B. Aronson et al
                                 Sale for Division M-660
Atchinson, Clarence              Peace Proceedings M-664
Allman, Sam, Jr.                 Foreign Will      M-703
Ala. Power Co. vs Charles S. Lenoir et al No Page or File No.
Allen, Deward Miller             Estate of        M-1076
Anthony, James                   Non-Support      M-1093
Abston, Marvin                 Lunacy Proceedings M-1097
Adams, Marie Gray              Probate of Will    M-1126
Anderson, Mac Arthur             Non-Support      M-1133
Allen, Gerald                    Estate of        M-1238
Anthony, Clemisteen         Writ of Habeas Corpus M-1247
Allen, Esther Pelham             Guardianship     M-1290
Atkinson, Booker T.              Estate of        M-1357
Ala. Power Co. vs C.L. Thompson, et al Condemnation M-1470
Ala. Power Co. vs A.T. Rudder, et al Condemnation M-1471
Anderson, Mac Arthur             Non-Support      M-1489
Allen, David W.                  Foreign Will     M-1493
Anderson, Douglas M.             Estate of        M-1499
Atkinson, Estell                 Probate of Will  M-1509

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