Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Records

Choctaw County, Alabama

Note: I have been told that the present church (2007) is situated on the Choctaw County, AL and Clarke County, MS county line....part of the church in Choctaw and part in Clarke, MS. I do not have proof of this. ---Bennie White

September 24, 1858 - September 23, 1866 at Nicholson's Store, later Melvin

September 24, 1858
A. Daughety and William Campbell representing the Presbytery, met at an arbour near Nicholson's Store and constituted this church of the following members:

  • Christopher Owen, Deacon
  • John Hulett
  • R. B. Kennedy
  • S. M. Cummings (Sam)
  • J. J. Hulett
  • Isaac Owen
  • Wilda Owen
  • Mary A. Hulett
  • Sarah A. Kennedy
  • Louisa Cummings
  • Mary Kennedy
  • Martha Owen
  • Mary Ann Owen
  • Martha Legrand

Brother S. M. Cummings was elected Clerk of the church.

Brother William Campbell was unanimously elected to preach for the rest of the year. He accepted the call.

A committee was appointed to select a site for the church building. John Hulett, C. Owen and S. M. Cummings represented the church, and Alfred Yates, W. L. Mitchell, Charles Nicholson and J. S. Yarborough represented the neighborhood.

December 25, 1858

R. B. Kennedy was added to the Building committee. James L. Palmer served as Moderator Pro Tem R. B. Kennedy, Clerk

May 21, 1859

J. W. Radford, who had admitted in March that he had been intoxicated and used language unbecoming to a Christian, and had been forgiven this offense in March, was excluded from fellowship of the church.

July 23, 1859

John H. Evans was appointed to replace John Hulett, who had requested release, on the Building Committee.It was agreed to become part of the LIBERTY BAPTIST ASSOCIATION.

October 22, 1859

James L. Palmer and William C. Mickley requested letters of dismission, which was (sic) granted. Elder William Campbell was elected to serve as minister for the ensueing (sic) year.

February 24, 1860

Elder J. M. Warrick was requested to attend the next conference of the church.

February 23, 1861

Brother W. D. Northrup was requested to attend next conference of the church. Elder W. D. Northrup was elected to preach for the ensueing year and accepted, August 24, 1861

January 23, 1863

Brother Northrup stated that he had a great deal to attend to for the Soldiers families...

March 28, 1864

Elder W. D. Northrup preached the funeral sermon for Brother S. M. Cummings, after which the Masonic Lodge performed the burial ceremonies at the grave.

May 3, 1864

Sister Sarah Hinson was charged with dancing. Charges forgiven at her request August 27, 1864.

August 27, 1864

Sister Frances A. Radford was charged with adultery. After much discussion and several votes at different meetings, charge was dismissed November 26, 1864.

January February 1865

Brother Northrup was providentially hindered from being present, no Prayer meeting was held.


John W. Radford, Frances A. Radford, Mary Nicholson and Nancy Owen, received for baptism, September 26, 1858

W. C. Michler, January 22, 1859

James L. Palmer, July 23, 1859

S. M. and Louisa Cummings, Oct. 27, 1860

Albert Bloxom and his wife Amanda and Sister Lyzia Bloxom, along with "persons of colour, property of Jasper Bloxom: Alex, Orris, Mary and Louisa, July 25, 1861

Simon and Ellick, coloured persons, September 27, 1861

Martha Allen, November 23, 1861

A. B. Tardy, March 22, 1862

Mary Jane Roberts, received for baptism, April 26, 1862

Axom Roberts, and Miss Sarah Hinson, for baptism, and Ketter and Fillis, coloured persons, for baptism, and Ellic Jones and Simon Jones, coloured persons, all May 25, 1862

Joseph Allen and wife Elizabeth, for baptism, June 22, 1862

Elizabeth Champion and Laura Owen, baptism, May 24, 1863

Sarah Evans, August 23, 1863

Henry Roberts, Sr. and Thomas A. Owen, for baptism, September 28,1863

Miss Mary Robinson, for baptism, September 28, 1863

Charles J. Batemen, March 25, 1866

William Foster and wife Ailsey, May 27, 1866

Miels Yates, freedman, received for baptism, September 23, 1866


S. M. and Louisa Cummings, December 25, 1858

John W. Radford, excluded, May 21, 1859

James L. Palmer, December 24, 1859

J. J. Hulett, January 21, 1860

A. B. Tardy, excommunicated at his request, March 25, 1865

Brother Jones, freedman, dismissed at his request, January 27, 1866

DEATHS: S. M. Cummings funeral March 28, 1864


William Campbell, Sept. 1858

James L. Palmer, February 1859

W. D. Northrup, August 1861-July 1866

Charles J. Bateman, August 1866


Church Histories of Choctaw County, Choctaw County Historical Society, 1980, has a complete history of this church, written by I. D. Smith

S. M. Cummings and wife were dismissed December 25, 1858, then re-joined the church October 27, 1860.

Mary Ann Stanton Owen and William Owen were parents of Christopher and Isaac Owen. Wilda Owen was wife of Christopher Owen. Sarah A. Kennedy and Louisa Cummings were daughters of William and Mary Ann Owen.

William Campbell, Baptist minister, was in the area as early as the late 1840's and helped establish many of the Baptist churches in Choctaw County.

Source: Minutes, Baptist Church of Christ, Mt. Pisgah, Choctaw County, Alabama, compiled by Lauderdale County Department of Archives and History, Meridian, MS, 1996?

Re-organized by Ann H. Gay, Butler, AL June 20, 1996

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