Moody Cemetery

Choctaw County, AL

by Sarah Mozingo - April, 1999

This very small, fenced in, neglected cemetery is located on a dirt road south of Highway 84, across from the Isney Church and Cemetery, near a Chicken Farm. I found no one who could tell me the name, if there ever was one. Therefore, I called it the Moody Cemetery because Mr. Moody's d.o.d. is the earliest one there. Mr. Lonnie Brown was kind enough to show me the location.

Josiah Evans
Native of South Carolina
b. Apr. 18, 1783
d. Feb. 10, 1851

Cynthia B. W. Evans
Wife of Josiah Evans
Native of Georgia
b. Jan. 16, 1803
d. Nov. 16, 1851

James Moody
b. Jan. 24, 1771
d. Sept. 29, 1834
A consistent member of the M. E. Church

Amy Moody
Consort of James Moody
b. Dec. 6, 1779
d. Apr. 13, 1857
A consistent member of the M. E. Church

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