Johnny Stewart Cemetery

Choctaw County, AL

by Sarah Mozingo - January, 1999

Located only a short distance from the other Stewart Cemetery already recorded, out in the woods. It appears to have been a large cemetery at one time. There are many grave sites marked with only a pine board or concrete block--no names or dates. Mr. Heyward Jenkins, who led me to this cemetery, told me that the other cemetery was originally called the Frank Stewart Cemetery. Johnny and Frank were brothers. That cemetery is well kept, whereas this one has been abandoned.

Rennie Carlisle
b. 1870
d. 1908

Roselia Carlisle
b. 1874
d. 1905

Mattie Waltman Carlisle
Wife of A. B. (Sug) Carlisle
b. 1859
d. 1892

Little Jack Dansby
Son of W. O. and L. M. Dansby
Dates Illegible

Minnie A. Mills
b. May 13, 1851
d. June 22, 1920

Allie Mozingo
Daughter of Sug and Mattie Carlisle
b. Mar. 4, 1888
d. Dec. 12, 1909

Luther Nealey
b. Dec. 26, 1872
d. Jan. 31, 1941

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