Henry Boswell Cemetery

Choctaw County, AL

by Sarah Mozingo - February, 2000

Located in woods near Cyril, Alabama. There is a plaque nailed on a post which states: Mr. Henry was born in Alabama. He shows up in Lauderdale County, MS with a wife, Julia A. Culpepper, and several children. Around 1855, he moved to Cyril. James F. and Simion A. are his oldest sons. They both had children before they died. Mary is daughter of James F. Mr. Henry had nine children. There are some unmarked graves here. In 1908, Mr. Henry moved from Hendon with his second wife, Elizabeth Haygood, and son John, and family to the Elwood community, Clarke County, MS.

Children - Spouse

James F. (Jim) - Nancy A. Brown
Simion A. - Sarah Eller
Elizabeth W. - Sam Fuller
Mary J. - Tim Brown
John W. - Georgia Neal
K. M. (Kizzie) - J. D. Powell

Joseph - Hulda Stone
Winnie A. - Bill Avery
William Elbert - Ida Scott

Mr. John Boswell has two daughters living. One is at Elwood and the other at Jackson, MS. This was written by James M. Sulley, August 12, 1983.

Although there is evidence of many unmarked graves, there were only a few tombstones.

S. A. Boswell
d. Jan. 9, 1882

Julia A. Boswell
Wife of Henry Boswell
d. Jan. 30, 1884
Age 59 years

James F. Boswell
b. Nov. 8, 1847
d. Dec. 17, 1881

Mary L. Boswell
b. Feb. 14, 1880
d. Nov. 2, 1882

NOTE: In the Bethel Cemetery there is found: One Monument containing the following: "Buried in unmarked graves back of the Boswell Tombstones in Henry Boswell's private cemetery, Cyril, Alabama."

Thomas Long
b. Oct. 22, 1808
d. Apr. 18, 1900

Eliz. A. McDonald Long
b. Jan. 29, 1817
d. Feb. 13, 1885

Evalina M. Long
b. Mar. 7, 1846
d. Sept. 27, 1855

Helen A. Long
b. Jan. 14, 1854
d. Sept. 29, 1855

Clementine Long
b. July 12, 1862
d. Oct. 13, 1863
NOTE: Above names on one marker

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