Dunn Family

Bolling (Bolin) Dunn, born abt 1806, NC; Died 1866 Choctaw County, AL

John B Dunn, born 1844, Anson Cty, NC; Died 12/24/1864 Ship Island, MS POW Camp. Lived in Tompkinsville, Choctaw Cty, Al at the time of his enlistment.

Simon Edward Dunn, born 1829 Anson Cty, NC; Died 5-7-1863 Ft Morgan, AL. Lived in Tompkinsville, Choctaw County, AL at the time of his enlistment.

William Hampton Dunn, born 1840, Anson Cty, NC; lived in Choctaw Cty in Tompkinsville, AL at the time of enlistment; Died 2-15-1913. Mountain Creek Soldiers Home, AL

Jesse Dunn, born 1846, Anson Cty, NC; lived in Choctaw Cty in Tomkinsville, Al a the time of enlistment; Died- unknown

Margaret Dunn, born 1849; died Choctaw Cty unknown

Dora Estelle Dunn, born 1859 Choctaw Cty; died unknown

William Preston Dunn, born 5-26-1861; died 1-29-1940 in Doylene, LA

M. A. Dunn, born 1850 in Anson Cty, NC; died unknown, but was in 1860 census with the rest of the family, then lost track of her.

Laura (Thompson) Dunn, born 3-10-1835 in Onslow Cty, NC; died-13-1878 in Meridian, MS; Wife of Simon Dunn

Thank you for posting this. Most of the family died during the war and there are just a few records to show they ever existed.

TerryAnn Dunn

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