Allen Cemetery

Choctaw County, AL

by Sarah Mozingo, September, 1998

This is an abandoned, family cemetery located in the woods, on
the property of Rudder Hill Hunting Club.

M. A. Allen
b. Apr. 17, 1881
d. Nov. 15, 1898

W. G. Allen
b. Mar. 15, 1873
d. Jan. 20, 1886

Baby Allen

J. J. Allen
b. Feb. 16, 1830
d. Feb. 14, 1883
Confederate Soldier

Mrs. M. A. Allen
Wife of J. J. Allen
b. Nov. 1, 1850
d. Apr. 14, 1928

J. I. Allen
b. June 27, 1877
d. Dec. 8, 1898

John G. Allen
Co. E
8 Ala. Calvary

Ella R. Cochran
b. Illegible
d. July 16, 1813

There are three home-made stones with Cochran; dates illegible, but appear to be in the early 1800's.

Thomas Hand
Dates Illegible

Ida Hand
Dates Illegible

Baby Hand
No Dates

Baby Hand
No Dates

Johnnie Keahey
b. Jan. 24, 1896
d. Nov. 21, 1917

E. S. Morgan
b. 1846
d. 1875

Nellie Rudder
Wife of J. W. Rudder
b. Oct. 7, 1869
d. June 12, 1925

Francis Lyon Tillman
Son of George and Mary Tillman
b. July 17, 1852
d. Sept. 30, 1857

William Earle Tillman
Son of George and Mary Tillman
b. Nov. 2, 1848
d. Aug. 8, 1856

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