Compiled by Ann Harwell Gay 2001


Slaves were listed under the surname of the owner in the 1850 and 1860 Slave Censuses in Alabama. Only their first name, sex, and age were listed. After the Civil War Alabama did not have a system for registering slave names, whereas some states such as Mississippi did. Many slaves, but not all, took the surname of their former owner. The 1866 State Census and the 1870 Federal Census were the first to list ex-slaves by surname and given name in Alabama.

The Mortality Schedules for 1860 lists slaves by name, age, sex, and birth place. The 1870 Mortality Schedules lists everyone by full name plus information.

Much of my early work does not convert accurately to computer files. I can check my originals if inquiries are sent by E-mail

In addition to the names listed below, I have data bases for slave names, some ages and birth places for slaves of GREEN BERRY CHANEY, ELEANOR FINLEY CAMPBELL (MRS DANIEL CAMPBELL), and SAMUEL RUFFIN.


I have lists of African American members of : Mt. Pisgah (near Melvin), Providence (near Butler) and Rehoboth Baptist (near Pushmataha) and Christopher Chapel Methodist (at today’s Jachin) Before the war both whites and blacks worshipped at the same churches. After 1865, the churches split into white or black congregations and buildings.

ABNEY, JOHN went to war as a body servant of A. Abney, and applied for a CSA;pension in Lauderdale County, MS

ANDERSON, WILLIAM slaves in 1849: ALFRED, age 32; DENNIS, age 43; ABRAM, ;age 40; KISY, age 40; RACHEL, age 38; RANER, age 30. Advertisement of ;Sheriff’s sale to satisfy debt of Harriet C. Anderson in Greene County, AL- ;Choctaw Messenger and Journal July 31, 1849

ALEX, LOUISE, MARY, ORRIS, KETTER, FILLIS and slaves of JASPER BLOXMAN ;were members of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church 1862?

BOON, SCIPIO has charge of the bath house at Bladon Springs. He says that he will;give anyone a first class scrubbing for a minimum sum.- Choctaw Herald May 26, 1887

BOYKIN, LANDE’s negro was condemned to be hung on Friday the 6th of April (1860) Eleanor Finlay Campbell’s daybook

BROWN, WILLIAM, apprenticed to G. W. Zitterow- Probate Court Minutes 1874-1877 page 284

BRYAN, W. F. redemption of runaway slave HENRY September 16, 1862 Probate Fee Books 1862-1868

CAMPBELL, MRS. DANIEL slaves: 29 names birth dates; e-mail Ann for specifics Plantation was in SW Choctaw County, near MS state line

CATO, D. M. was to sell a man named HENRY for debts owed Anderson and Powers and M. Harman. Ad in The Southern Democrat November 24, 1860

CHANEY/CHANY female, black, died of heart disease at age 65 on May 17, 1889 buried in Choctaw Co. Sumter Co., AL by Stegall and Arrington page 56

CHANEY, GREEN BERRY slaves: 99 names; e-mail for name and location; this did not include his slaves in Marengo, Sumter and Washington counties. Chancery Court Order Book B, 1853

CHRISTOPHER slaves: 1854, ROSE, SALLY; 1857 ELIZA. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, at today’s Jachin

COLEMAN slaves: 1854: JANE, SAM, LEWIS; 1857 PHILLIS. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, at today’s Jachin

DANIEL/BROCK? , DICY female slave, sold by James Daniel c. 1842 to Lewis Brock, Sumter County, AL then ARK

DANIEL/CURREY?, ISAAC, male slave, sold by James Daniel c. 1842 to David Currey in Marengo County- AL Genealogical Quarterly July 1979 taken from Choctaw County Chancery Court Book A

DELOACH slaves 1854: JACOB, MARTHA, PHILLIS, LIBBY, CAROLINE; 1857, CATHERINE. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, today’s Jachin

DUNN, DRURY slaves: 1854, POLLY, CAROLINE, PINK, JOE. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

ELLEN, a woman owned by WILLIAM P. POWE, to be sold for debts owed Thomas Bonner. The Southern Democrat November 24, 1860

ELLIS, JOSIAH, a free negro, W. R. Ellis, Guardian 1865- Probate Fee Books 1862-1868

EZELL?____ Charles Thomas Ezell took a family servant with him to war as a mess boy or cook/body servant

EZELL, JAMES J. slaves: 1854, ISOM, SOLOMON; 1857, MARY ANN, CLARA,BILL; 1860 MATILDA, DAN. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

FIELDER slaves: 1857, MARTHA, WILLIAM; 1860, AMANDA, CLARISSA Christopher Chapel Methodist Church at today’s Jachin

FITCH slaves: 1854 AMY, MILES, DICK, CHARLOTTE; 1857 HENRY, WASH. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

GERRALD/JARREL slaves: 1854: MEDA, CATO, GEORGE, ADALINE Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, at today’s Jachin

GRIFFIN slaves: 1857, BOB, PRINCE; 1860, AMANDA, FANNY, MITTE, LOUEY? Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

HALL slaves: 1853, EDNA; 1863, TED, FRED. Providence Baptist, near Butler

HAYDEN slaves: 1860: LOM?, POLLY. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

HICKS?, MARY, a black woman belonging to Thomas Hicks, received a member by experience and baptism July 1854- Hurricane Baptist Church

HILL,?, ___ John Hill from Pushmataha had a slave with him according to an 1861 letter home from the war, written by John P. Cook.

HILL slaves: 1854, SARAH; 1857, MARY, MINTY, PHYLLIS, WILLIAM; 1860 JANE, PETER. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

HINTON, HARRY, ex-slave, follower of The Prophet Bob Sims, lynched in the Sims War, January 1892

HOLLAND, HENRY’s slaves: DICK, BEADY, GUILFORD, 1852, Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha

HOPKINS, DEVEREUX’s slaves: FANNY, 1853; HENDERSON, AUSTIN, JIM, ALLEN, ELLEN, 1852; BECKIE, LELIA, FRANCES, 1864. Rehoboth Baptist Church members, Pushmataha.

HORN, W. T.’s slaves: DEMPSEY, HENRY, 1864; POLLY, 1860; AMANDA, 1865 Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha

HORTON?, CELIA (colored) baptized 1867- Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha AL

JACK, a slave The State vs. Jack, a slave- Circuit Court Record Book F page 557

JAMES, F. H. . slave: 1863 SUKEY from VA; Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha

JAMES, COL. slaves: 1865, ANN, NED, LUCY, MATILDA. Rehoboth Baptist Church

JONES, EDMOND, alias of Harry Hinton. See entry under Hinton

JONES, SIMON & ELLIC, were members of Mt. Pisgah Church in 1861

KILLOUGH slaves: 1854, NELSON, ANNA, MARIA, LITTLE MARIA; 1860, MARY, JULIA ANN. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, today’s Jachin

KNIGHTON slaves: 1853, HENRY; 1854, HARRY, POLLY; 1864, ARTHUR; 1865, FRANCIS, JULIA. Rehoboth Baptist Church

KORNEGAY?, FRIDAY slave of Lewis Kornegay 1849 AL Genealogical Quarterly July 1979

LINDSEY slaves: 1854, ALFRED, ELIZABETH, PATSY, TIP; 1857, TILLMAN. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church, at today’s Jachin

LITTLEPAGE, ROBERT’s slaves: ANN, AGGA, CHARLES, JUNE/JANE?, LEALA, MILLY, NED, PHILLIS, SIMON, FRANK, LYDIA, 1852; SARAH, 1860. Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha.

LOCKHARD, CAROLINE, family slave; died at about age 110; buried in Lockhard cemetery, just South of Sumter Co. line, E. of Highway 17

LUCY, a woman owned by WILLIAM S. SMITH to be sold for debts owed to F.T. Kimble, Clarinda Moore, and R. T. Roper. The Southern Democrat November 24, 1860

MARSH, CHUNK went to war with Capt. Edmund Marsh from Pushmataha, and had the unhappy duty of bringing home the bodies of Capt. Marsh and his brother Darius, both killed in Georgia in May 1864.

MATT, a slave- The State vs. Matt, a slave- Circuit Court Record Book F page 556

MCCALL slaves: 1857, AMY, CELIA, MAY, MOSES, SAM; 1860: CHARITY, GEORGE, ZITTER, MARY. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church


MUNGER, Alfred Hatch vs. Wheaton Williams; Williams sold a slave named Munger Chancery Court papers Case file #27, filed 31 January 1859

NORWOOD, JAMES, servant of Jesse Norwood, served in the 22nd Alabama Infantry under Capt. Abner Gaines; applied for CSA pension in Lauderdale County, MS

PEARSON, DR.’s slaves: SARAH, ZILIA, WILLIAM, 1860; AMANDA, 1863. Rehoboth Baptist Church, Pushmataha

PERRY, SUKEY, free mulatto in 1849 Personal Property Taxpayers list. Sukey refused to disclose her holdings, what spunk and independence!

POWELL, RICHARD possibly Choctaw’s last surviving ex-slave died 1942 at age 90. Choctaw Advocate March 17, 1942.

PRESTAGE, CAEZAR- born Alabama about 1830; died of typhoid fever pneumonia 23 April, 1885; buried in Choctaw County. Sumter Co., AL by Stegall and Arrington page 86

RUFFIN, SAMUEL slaves- 67 names; e-mail for specifics

SAID, NICHOLAS, teacher at a school for black children in Bladon Springs 1873

SMITH, WASHINGTON B. skilled slave of Green Berry CHANEY, and after his death Chaney’s daughter Olivia Chaney Denson (Mrs. F. S. Denson); Washington was valued at $2000 in estate of G.B. Chaney in 1853 - other male slaves were valued at $900 to $1,000 depending on age and health. Chancery Court Order Book B

THOMPSON slaves: 1854: BRIGGS, HAGER, HARDY, MARY; 1860, MARGARET Christopher Chapel Methodist Church at today’s Jachin

TOM, "Committed to the Jail of Choctaw county, Alabama on the 22d day of July, 1859, a runaway negro man who says his name is TOM. Said negro is about 5 feet 8 inches high, weighs about 150 pounds, is about 33 years old, and of black color.He says he belongs to John Moody, of Northampton County, Virginia. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay costs and charges and take him away or he will be dealt with according to the statute in such cases made and provided. JAS. G. SLATER, Sheriff, H. H. Smith, Jailor July 25, 1859. The Southern Democrat, Butler, AL, Vol.2 page 3 1859

TURNER, JACK, ex-slave lynched by mob on courthouse square in 1884 for engaging in Radical Republican politics. Followers of Turner and the full story are in the book August Reckoning by Rogers and Ward.

WALTON slaves: 1857, ADALINE, MEDA; 1860, RANDALL, SUSAN. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church

WATTERS, ADAM- was left in charge of Capt. Allen Watters’ plantation when Allen went to war. Uncle Adam died in 1916 at the age of 108 or 109.

WILLIAMS slaves: 1865, THOMAS, MARGARET, Providence Baptist Church; 1865 HITTY, MARY. Rehoboth Baptist Church

WIMBERLY, J. W. redemption of runaway slave GILBERT September 29, 1862

Probate Fee Books 1862-1868

YARBROUGH?, MILLY ROBIN, Bro. Yarbrough requested letter of dismission from Hurricane Baptist Church for himself, wife and 2 slaves named ROBIN and MILLY- Hurricane Baptist Church Minutes 1853.

YATES, MILES, a freedman, was baptized September 23, 1866, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church

YATES, SAM, 1866, Brother Sam Yates, a freedman, preached in the bounds of Hurricane Baptist Church, bounds extended to include Mt. Pisgah church Hurricane Baptist Church Minutes

YOUNG slaves: 1854, MANA, JUDGE, MARY, PASCHAL; 1857 MYMAY. Christopher Chapel Methodist Church