Rehoboth Baptist Church

Pushmataha, Choctaw Co., AL

Organized November 18, 1851

This incomplete information is from the original church record book in the Choctaw County Baptist Association office, Butler, Alabama and Church Histories of Choctaw County by the Choctaw County Historical Society, 1980, "Rehoboth Baptist Church" by J. B. Rainer, reorganized here by ANN H. GAY, BUTLER, ALABAMA, 1999. This record stops around 1875.

B= Baptized L= Member by Letter D=letter of dismission P= Profession of faith m=male f=female

Charter Members

W. H. Atkinson and wife
W. Jacob Parker
James W., Stephen A. and Sarah Blanks
Caroline Price
Clara A. Colbert
Lucinda Shackelford
Preston and Mary Gilder
Tenor (f) and Hannah, servants of Thomas Cobbs
Mary Jane, servant of Dr. DuBrutz
Dick, Beady and Guilford, servants of Henry Holland
Austin, Allen, Ellen, Jim & Henderson, servants/Devereux Hopkins,
Albina and Fanny, servants of Samuel Ruffin and
Jane, servant of R. Shackelford

1865 membership: 44 white, 156 colored, total 200

1866 membership: 34 white, 168 colored, total 202

There was a separate worship service for the black members, on Sunday afternoon usually. Black members greatly outnumbered the white, although in 1850 blacks were less than half of the county population.

In 1868 colored members were asked to take their letters and organize into a separate body. They were to be allowed use of the church building for three months, while they built their own place.

In July 1874, letters of dismission were granted to the colored members.

Date White Members

1864/66 Isabella Adair

1857 John B. Alford

G. A. Allen

1855 Richard & Malinda Allen- L

1872 Robert Allen- P

1872 Ada Atkinson- P

Cammie, Ella, G.H., Hannah, Harmental C.? (f), L. M. (m) and Mattie/Martha Atkinson

1871 Ida Atkinson-P

1871 Janey? Atkinson- P

1864 Jno. Atkinson & wife Henrietta

1860 Rebecca Atkinson

1855 S. M. Atkinson & wife Sarah-L; D1866

1851 W. H. Atkinson

1864 Ann (Anna?) Eliza Baskin- B

1857 Henrietta Baskins

1855 John Baskins, wife Nancy and daughter Sealia (Celia?)

Lucy Baskin

Mrs. Joe Belsher

1851 James W., Stephen A. and Mary Blanks

Sarah Blanks

Carrie Bolling

Henry and Elizabeth Boswell

1864 E.V. Braswell (f)- D

Annie L. Brock

1869 Sister Bruce

1867/69 C.W. and Susan C. Buck- L. from Hopewell Church

C. N. Butler

1853 James B. Calloway

1864 Miss E. P. Carlisle

1857 W. D. Carter, received by letter

1871 Jeff Clark- P

1853 S. B. Cobbs (f)

1851 Clara A. Colbert

1864 Sallie Colbert

William M. Colbert

J.D., Annie, Mrs. ___ M. Cook

1864 John W. and Martha L/S? Cook- L

1896 Joseph E. Cook

1893 Sue & Wallis Cook

1896? B. M. Culpepper

1869 M. S. Daniel (f)- L

1853 Mrs. R. Davidson

1854 W. R. Davidson, dismissed

Mary Davis

1853 Mrs. Ann V. Dennis

1860 Ann P. Dennis

1853 E. H. Dennis (m)

1851? E. F. Dennis, clerk

1857 E. Virginia Dennis

1853 Francis H. Dennis

1867 Henry D. Dennis

James H. Dennis

1860 John W. Dennis

1860 Thomas H. Dennis

1854 Mrs. Dennington/Dennison?

Laura Dennison?

1872 Griffin Duma/Dunam?- P

Thomas Dozier

1857 B.C.E. Estes, recantation

1857 Susan Estes

1855 E. H. Evans (m)-D

1856 T. H. Evans-L; dismissed 1859

1864 Misses Adaline & Sarah Jane Felts

1868 Caswell Felts- B

1857 William H. Felts

1860 Elizabeth Fielder-L; D. 1865

1864 Eugenia (B), Lottie, Mary & Mattie Ford

1864 Frances S. Ford (f)-L from Marengo Co.Fellowship Church

Isaiah Gardner

1869 Richard & Bidy(Bedy) Gardner- L

1860 John Gilbert excluded; he joined the Methodist church

1851 Preston and Mary Gilder

1857 C. C. Graham

1865 C.C. & Rebecca Graham- D

1857 C. F. Graham, reinstated

1857 Charlotte Graham

1853 Frances G. Graham

1859 Frank Graham, expelled

1867 Henrietta Graham- D

1858 Lottie Graham, dismissed

1857 W. L. Graham Capt. Gray, E.J. (f), Lula N. & J. L. Gray

O. L. Gray in 1892 membership list

Gretton?, Lula

J. D. Guy

Rebecca Hall

1855 Samuel Halsell & wife Eliza- L; D 1865

Frances Halsell(f)

1865 Margaret Halsell- D 1865

1853 Benjamin Hardin & wife

1858 Mrs. S. P. Harris- P

G. L. Harry? (m)

1853 William Hawes

1858 Sister Higgins- L

1864 Miss Anna Hopkins

1853 Mrs. E. W. Hopkins

1864 Miss Carrie Horn- B

Amos & Susanna Horton- D 1865

1867 Celia Horton (colored)-B

1860 J. L. Horton

James Horton- D 1865

1869 John Horton- B

Howse, William- excluded

Hurst, Jack

1864 Easter/Esther James

1872 Emma P. James

1853 James C. Jay

1853 Julia A. F. Jay

1866 Isabella Jenkins- D

1857 Albert Johnson- L

Alsey, Midian, R.C. (all f), Mary & Drury Jones

1868 J.S. & wife P. J. Jones- D

Annie Knighton

1869 Alex Lankford- B

1867 Ann & Lucy Levey - D

1868 F. M. Levey - excluded

1860 James M. Levey

1859 Joseph Levey & wife

1857 Fannie J. Littlepage

1853 Robert & Mary Littlepage

Annie, Fannie J, Pearl A. Littlepage

1870 Lizzie Littlepage- L

1854 Brother Love? Levey?

1858 Fannie Littlepage Marsh, excluded for dancing

1857 Dr. McCalebb, watch care of the church

1863 Ed McCall, church clerk

1871 Mollie/Mallie McCall- P

1872 Maggie?Margie McCall- P

Annie and Mattie McCall

1862 Sister McCarty, received from Mobile

1869 Mrs. J. B., Jane, Maggie & Wm. J. McDougal - all B

Marion (m) and William McDougal

Caroline and Mary McLean

1869 Jno. & William McLean- B

1863 Martha Mclean- L

1871 Susan McLean- P

Lula & Brother Massey

Mathews?, E. (m)

1864 Miss Jane Miller

J. Minnie Miller

1872 Martin V. B. Miller

1853 Elizabeth Mitchell- L

1857 William Mitchell

Mooney?, Mrs. E. S

Mooney, L. J., dead on 1896 membership list

Mooney?, Nora

1851 W. Jacob Parker, Charter Member, 1st Pastor,

Letter from Concord Church

Jno. Paschal, and 2 female members

1868 Sue & William Paschal- B

__ W. and Sophronia Patterson

1872 Maggie Phillips- P

Frank Pierce

1853 Miles W. Pond

1853 Sarah Pond- L

Mrs. H. V. Pope

1851 Caroline Price

1851 Lucinda Shackelford Price

Miss Josephine Pruett

C. M. Puckett

1857 Mary Puckett- L

1854 Watis Puckett- L

C. F. & George Rainer- 1892 membership list

Mrs. H. C., Mary, Nora & Sallie Rainer

Rand, Sarah

1864 Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings

1869 Miss Maggie Reeves- B

1871 Miss Reeves- P; and Mrs. Reeves

1869 Mary A. E. Rhodes- B

1866 Sister H. Riner- L; see Rainer

1860 Cullin & wife Elizabeth Roberts

1864 Levin C. Roberts; D 1867

Mary Jane Robertson

1864 Matilda Robertson

1857 Dr. Darius H. Ryan

1857 John King Ryan, Moderator

1864 William H. Scott

1864 Robert Seymour- excluded 1866 dancing & profanity

1851 Lucinda Shackelford

1857 W. D. Sheffield

Sister Sparkman- joined the Episcopalians 1870

1860 Benjamin Spear

1860 G. N. Thomas

1860 Harriet Thomas

1854 Joel P. Thompson, dismissed

1854 Eudora Thompson, dismissed

1857 Joseph A. Thompson

Amasa and Mrs. Travis?

Jack Vaughn

1868 John Vaughn- B

J. W., Margaret & Wm. H. Ward

1872 Bob (B.M.?) Westbrook - P

Caroline, Julian & W. A. Westbrook

Lafayette Williams

18 B. F. Willis, Moderator

Elizabeth, & H.R. Willis

A.L., J. T/F?, & S. R. Willis (all m)

Billy Wilson

1860 Jerusha Wilson, received by letter

1872 J. C. and Mrs. Woodward

Jan. 4, 1858 "Bro. Sheffield has again resumed his old profession, that of Teaching Dancing School (in Jackson, MS) which we consider derogatory to a church member..." Later excluded.

Fannie Littlepage Marsh was reported violating church rules by dancing and dismissed from membership in 1858. Others, called to accountability over drunkenness, profanity, dishonesty, adultery and other unChristian conduct were also excluded: James W. Blanks, Ema Carlisle, William H. Felts, F. G. Graham, William Howse, J. C. Jay, F. M. Levey, William Mitchell, W. D. Sheffield, Joseph A. Thompson and others.

Bro. Gilbert joined the Methodist Church of his own free will and was excluded in April 1860; also Jennie Braswell in March 1865.


1854 Sarah servant of W. H. Atkinson

1865 Jane & Harriet Bro. Baskin

Phoeby Bro.Baskin

Harriet F. Bunn

Matilda J. C.

1860 Unnamed servant of Mrs. Canty

Ila and Nancy Mrs. Canty

1852 Hannah Thomas Cobbs

1852 Tenor Thomas Cobbs

1856 Fellis(Phyllis?) R. E. Coleman

1854 Unnamed Mr. Cook

1865 Pleasant George Cousins

1864 Sam B. F. Crowell

1854 Mose John Curry

1860 Harriet Dr. DuBrutz

1852 Mary Jane Dr. DuBrutz

1860 Rosena Henry Eatman

1860 Caroline Wm. D. Gaines

1864 Sallie W. L. Graham

1854 Toney Mr. (Wm.?) Griffin

Abraham R.H.

1860 Harriet Brother S. Halsell

1853 Jack Benjamin Hardin

1856 Isaac S. P. Harris

1863 Will S. P. Harris

1864 Jack A. Harrison

Fanny Mrs. Higgins

1853 Abram Robert Hill

1852 Dick Henry Holland

1852 Beady Henry Holland

1852 Guilford Henry Holland

1864 Beckie, Lelia & Frances Devereux Hopkins

1853 Fanny D. H. Hopkins

1852 Henderson D. H. Hopkins

1852 Austin D. H. Hopkins

1852 Jim D. H. Hopkins

1852 Allen D. H. Hopkins

1852 Ellen D. H. Hopkins

1864 Hawk?, Henry & Rachel Hardy Horn

1865 Amanda W. T. Horn

1864 Dempsey W. T. Horn

Henry Bro. Horn

1860 Polly W. T. Horn

1865 Ann, Lucy & Ned Col. James

1863 Sukey, from VA F. H. James

1864 Arthur Knighton

1865 Francis & Julia Knighton

1854 Harry Thos. Knighton

1853 Henry Thomas Knighton

1854 Polly Thos. Knighton

1856 Lawrence Mr. Levey

1852 Ann Robert Littlepage

1852 Agga Robert Littlepage

1852 Charles Robert Littlepage

1852 June(Jane?) Robert Littlepage

1852 Leala Robert Littlepage

Jane Robert Littlepage

1852 June Robert Littlepage

1852 Milly Robert Littlepage

Ned Robert Littlepage

1852 Phillis Robert Littlepage

1860 Sarah Sister Littlepage

1852 Simeon Robert Littlepage

Frank & Lydia Littlepage

Simon J. B. Newell

Ann O'Hara

1860 Lethean Mrs. O'Hara

1860 Sarah Dr. Pearson

1860 Zilia Dr. Pearson

William Dr. Pearson

1863 Amanda Margaret Pearson

1865 Eveline Sister Phillips

1860 Mary Brother Ponds

Aaron Mrs. Pope

1860 Ann Mr. Pope

Goode J. J. Pope

Amanda J. P.

1852 Albina Samuel Ruffin

1853 Alfred Samuel Ruffin

1852 Fanny Samuel Ruffin

1854 Jim & Nancy, dismissed J. B. Shackelford

1852 Jane R. H. Shackelford

1863 Betty Sister Sparksman

1860 Rose Sister Sparkman

1864 Winnie Sarah Stewart

Lucy Henry R. Thornton

1856 Unnamed Alfred Tims

Emily D.C. W.

1854 Unnamed Daniel C. Wallace

1865 Hitty & Mary Mrs. J. T. Williams

Many unnamed slaves were also members, listed as Blacks: 3 for baptism (R. E. Coleman & Halsell)

3 by letter (Mrs. Canty and Harris)

1 ristored (sic) (Jno. Brown)

1 Watch Care of the chr.(church?) (Littlepage) on August 22, 1857

Ex-slave Members, all received by baptism, no date given

Ann, George & Harriet Baskin

Grey Fuller Bina & Martha Johnson

Henry Fulton Rose McCall

Henry Halsell Mario. Perry

Jane, Harriet, & W. E. Harris Vina Roberts

Celia Horton Ned Robertson

Sarah James

In 1869 colored member B. Coleman asked for a license to exhort and hold prayer meetings. A Committee to check his character reported unfavorably, so the matter was to be referred to the colored members themselves for a decision.

Rehoboth Baptist Church members

1853 & 1854 (unknown date= u)


Albinia Maria (u)

Alfred Marsa

Aline (u) Martha

Arabella Mary- 1864

Beckie- 1864 Moses

Ben- 1864 Oliver- 1864

Betsy- 1864 Peter

Bill Perry

Calvin- 1864 Pheriby?

Charity Polly (u)

Cherry Rachel- 1864

Clary Richard

Creacy (u) Riddick/Reddick?

Cready Rozena

Edmund- 1864 Sally

Eliza-1864 Sarah- 1864

Ellen Spencer- 1864

Esther Tom

Old Esther Tracy- 1864

Fanny Westley

George Wiley

Haywood William- 1864

Harriet Young



Henderson- 1864

Hilliard (u)

Isaac- 1864


Isabella (u)


Jacob- 1864

Jinny (u)



Julia- 1864



Lewis- 1864



Mandy, Big

Mandy, Little

copy of Church record book at Choctaw County Public Library, Butler, AL indexed by Ann H. Gay July 3, 2000
Also consulted Church Histories of Choctaw County, AL

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